"On that day, my mother went to the palace to pay respects to the Empress Dowager. Coincidentally, both the Queen and the Queen were there, so my mother waited outside. Do you know what my mother heard? " The Miss that had spoken was the Eldest Miss of the general's family. Her mother was the empress dowager's niece, so he often entered the palace.

"Aiya, hurry up and say it. We're about to die from anxiousness!" This was Lin Ruo Yun's voice.

"Alright, alright, I'll just say it. Listen up, the real reason for the Queen of Queen's visit this time around is to choose a wife for the Crown Prince. " The general's daughter happily said what only she herself knew.

Selecting the Crown Prince's Consort? Lin Ruo Yin was also shocked. Before she could think about it, she heard another voice.

"Don't spout nonsense. I heard that the Empress has intentions to have her niece, Mu Ling Wei, become the Consort of the Crown Prince."

This reminder finally came to Lin Ruo Yin's mind. Indeed, the one that Crown Prince married in his previous life was Mu Ling Wei. Then what happened today?

Lin Ruo Yin raised her head slightly and looked at the general's daughter.

"Aiya, don't be in such a hurry. Let me finish." The general's daughter hastily interrupted everyone's guesses and told them everything that her mother had heard.

It turned out that one day, Crown Prince went to pay his respects to Empress Dowager. Queen was also present at the same time. Seeing that his grandson had reached the appropriate age for marriage, the Empress Dowager asked the Queen about this matter.

"Once I return to my mother, there will indeed be a candidate, and it will be me ?" Unexpectedly, Queen was interrupted by Nan Gong Qian before he could even finish his words.

"Royal Grandmother, your grandson is still young. Let's wait a little longer."

Queen was suspicious of why Nan Gong Qian said that, but did not say anything. Instead, he was curious.

"Still young? Your royal father has already married your mother at your age. " Pausing, he then asked: "Is there a candidate in Crown Prince's heart?"

Nan Gong Qian thought of Lin Ruo Yin, who was also at the horse farm. When she had saved him, he inexplicably had the thought of marrying her as the Crown Prince's Consort. Maybe it was the love bell, or maybe it was admiration for her spirit and mystery. Thus, without hiding anything, he directly said, "There is indeed someone in my heart."

"Who is it?" Queen asked in shock. She remembered that Nan Gong Qian had a good relationship with his since childhood. Just a few days ago, she was joking with her two children, and Crown Prince did not say anything.

"After returning to Mother, it's Third Miss from Lam Palace." Nan Gong Qian told her the truth and stole a glance at Queen. Seeing that her expression was good, he heaved a sigh of relief.

"Lin Family of the Lin Family?" Empress Dowager was a bit baffled, "Since when did this Lin Family have a Third Miss? How come I've never heard of it before? "

Upon hearing Empress Dowager's question, Nan Gong Qian rushed to the front of the Queen and replied: "She is the adopted daughter of Lam.

"Nonsense!" Seeing Nan Gong Qian protecting Lin Ruo Yin, the Queen bellowed.

Empress Dowager saw that the usually dignified and courteous Queen was so angry, she knew that the Crown Prince was biased, and asked, "Could it be that Queen knows this person?"

"Reporting to mother, chenqie heard that Third Miss was just an illegitimate daughter of the Lam Palace and grew up in the countryside. Although her appearance is pretty good, it is still believable, but what kind of talent can she have?" Queen revealed Lin Ruo Yin's identity and status without leaving a trace of leeway.

"What proof does the Queen Mother have? "When third brother asked me to ride the horse that day, I saw it with my own eyes. My actions were no worse than those of the imperial family, and I even used my own intelligence to resolve this disaster." Nan Gong Qian also did as he was told and did not give in at all.

From the Crown Prince's point of view, Lin Ruo Yin had saved him for a small matter, but was able to resolve the matter of the Third Prince framing him without saying a word. How could he let such a witty girl go so easily?

"Why didn't Crown Prince think of this? This was something she had planned beforehand, and it was all to attract your attention." Queen had always doted on Crown Prince's weak and sickly body since young. He had never spoken loudly to him, let alone act as overbearing and overbearing as he was now.

"The Queen Mother is too unreasonable!" Nan Gong Qian turned around slightly.

"Impudent!" How can the Crown Prince say that? " Although the Empress Dowager doted on this grandson, he couldn't be so disorderly.

"Calm down Empress Dowager." Queen and Nan Gong Qian kneeled down together.

"Queen is still clear about this matter." Empress Dowager glanced at the mother and son below, and left after instructing them.

"Yes, your son will obey." "Greetings to mother." Queen bowed her head as she accepted the order. Then, he stood up and said to Crown Prince, "I temporarily trust Crown Prince's words. After we understand everything, if it's really as Crown Prince has said, I will reconsider."

"Thank you mother." Nan Gong Qian was still kneeling, and did not raise his head. It was only when Queen was about to step out of her sleeping quarters that she shouted, "Respectfully sending off mother."

Not long after this matter, the Queen ordered a feast to be held at the temporary palace.

? ?.

"Okay, that's it. Do you understand now?" The general's daughter proudly looked at the group of stunned Shangguan Miss s.

This was too shocking! How could the Miss s who stayed in the chamber all year round know that there was suddenly an additional Third Miss in the Lin Family, and they were even selected by the Crown Prince. Who knows, they might even become the Crown Prince's concubines in the near future?

Even Lin Ruo Yin, the person in question, did not expect herself to only help because she did not want Nan Gong Jin to succeed. How did things turn out like this?

"What nonsense are you all spouting?" Just as Lin Ruo Yin was about to regret in every way, another voice sounded, filled with anger.

Lin Ruo Yin looked carefully, if it wasn't Mu Ling Wei, then who else could it be?

Queen's niece. She had lived under the wing of the Queen's Empress since she was young, so she was rather unruly. Although she did not have the temperament of a lady, he had a pretty face and a petite figure.

It was just that at that moment, Mu Ling Wei was enraged, and for no other reason other than the repulsive words the women had said just now.

Her Crown Prince Big Brother could only belong to him!

"Ah,." Mu Ling Wei did not have any royal family background, so she definitely did not have any title. Honestly speaking, he was no different from them, but as the Empress' niece, she was a lot more polite.

"You people bite the tongues of others. You have to pull the tongues of others in the palace." Mu Ling Wei crossed her arms across his chest. Seeing that they had heard her words, she was so scared that their faces had even paled.

After being frightened by this, they had no mood to continue chatting and quickly nodded their heads, preparing to leave.

"Wait, Lin Ruo Yun will stay." Mu Ling Wei called out to them again, leaving only Lin Ruo Yun behind.

Lin Ruo Yun's heart tightened. She didn't say anything just now, so she shouldn't have offended him? What did she mean?

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