Without waiting for Lin Ruo Yun to walk forward, Mu Ling Wei instead quickly walked in front of her. Seeing her lowered her head, she felt that she was looking down at him from above.

"I ask you, is your sister really as they say?" Mu Ling Wei asked.

When Lin Ruo Yun heard her question, she was stunned for a moment before reacting to it. The one who asked was Lin Ruo Yin.

Lin Ruo Yun had always been against Lin Ruo Yin, but now that she heard what they said, he knew that the person in front of them was probably very unhappy with her sister. In her opinion, this was a good opportunity.

"Miss Ling Wei, the woman they are talking about is definitely not my sister Lin Ruo Yin." Lin Ruo Yun lifted his head, and replied with an extremely sincere smile.

Mu Ling Wei was immediately interested, "Explain in detail to me."

"Miss Ling Wei, it's good that my sister didn't say it, but she really pissed me off. On the day she returned home, my big sister and I went to welcome her, but she actually fell into the lake herself, and even accused my big sister of being the one to push her. Later on, I went to give her some porridge out of kindness, but as soon as I left, she went to my Ancestor Grandmother and said that I poured porridge onto her body and scalded her. If there were too many of these things, I wouldn't even bother to go into detail. "

After saying that, Lin Ruo Yun sneaked a glance at Mu Ling Wei, only to see her face revealing a faint look of despise, and she knew that these words had reached her heart.

"What about that thing at the stable?" Mu Ling Wei asked again. In her opinion, Crown Prince would not talk nonsense.

Lin Ruo Yun was waiting for her to ask him about this matter. After hearing her question, she hurriedly replied, "It's fine if you don't ask Miss Ling Wei, but I just remembered something."

"What is it?" Mu Ling Wei's tone became anxious.

Lin Ruo Yun shook her head, but said: "I should be overthinking it. After all, my sister wouldn't be so daring. "

"If you don't tell me, I'll take you to my aunt." Mu Ling Wei hated to speak halfway.

Lin Ruo Yun then said: "That day, I had already felt it strange that my sister would choose a short horse. Now that I think about it, maybe she knew that the horse would go crazy from the start."

Hearing that, Mu Ling Wei's face immediately changed. If that was the case, then this matter might not be simple. Remembering that her aunt often taught her to talk less and behave with caution. Seeing that Lin Ruo Yun wanted to continue, she quickly waved her hand, telling him to stop.

However, Lin Ruo Yin, who had been hiding in the dark all this time, faintly smiled. It was for no other reason but because this time, Lin Ruo Yun's words were somewhat skilled. If this Mu Ling Wei was sincere, I'm afraid her days are going to be tough.

However, she had always been paying attention to Mu Ling Wei, and at the moment, she clearly did not want to continue this topic, which also meant that she did not want to blow the matter up.

With that thought in mind, he turned around and quietly left, not caring about what else they would say.

What Lin Ruo Yin did not know, was that her actions were all seen by the people with hearts and minds.

"Is the Queen's Empress going to wear a phoenix coronet today?" The palace maid stood to one side, careful not to disturb him.

Queen glanced at the jewelry on the dressing table. With slightly raised phoenix eyes, she said, "I was just here to relax. I didn't need to be too grand.

The palace maid said yes and stood up to pick up her peach brush. He then walked to the back of Queen and began to comb through it gently.

Just as Queen, who was feeling slightly sleepy, was about to close her eyes and rest, she heard the sound of a door opening. Then came a series of footsteps, which would not be discovered unless I listened carefully.

"Queen of Queen, Jin An." As she slowly approached, she heard a soft voice.

Queen opened her eyes and did not look at the palace maids. Instead, she directly asked: "Little Peach Red, how is it?"

The palace maid called Little Peach Red stood up. She originally thought that it was a young woman, but she unexpectedly had some age. She must have served Queen for a long time.

Little Peach Red did not immediately answer, but asked for instructions instead: "Queen, why not let this servant comb it for you?"

Queen nodded slightly, and agreed.

Little Peach Red received the peach wood comb. With both hands, he skillfully tidied up Queen's hair, and said: "Reporting to the Queen's Empress, this servant did see an interesting thing just now."

Queen did not speak, as if she was not interested in anything, but she knew that this was to let her continue speaking. That was why she had heard the Miss discuss the matters of the palace, and what Mu Ling Wei had said after she appeared.

"This servant also saw Miss Lin Ruo Yin." Little Peach Red said her last sentence.

"Oh? Did she hear that too? " Only then did Queen become interested.

After all, the Queen had spent a lot of time and effort to set up a banquet in order to investigate just what kind of person Lin Ruo Yin was. As for the other Miss ladies, she had only taken a look along the way.

"That Miss Lin Ruo Yin was standing even closer than this servant. This servant could hear her, but of course she heard it too." Little Peach Red tied up Queen's long hair and tied her hair up easily.

"Then what was her reaction?" Queen looked in the mirror and nodded in satisfaction, "Dai Feng Chai and Bu Huang."

Little Peach Red naturally understood what Queen meant. She picked up the pair of golden flower steps on the dresser, and said while putting them on: "Return to Queen, only gave a light smile, and then left. No one noticed her existence, and I didn't see any servants."

Queen once again looked in the mirror and indicated that she would wear the phoenix hairpin today.

Little Peach Red quickly nodded, "That is indeed the case."

Queen did not speak further. She put on the jade bracelet and the long golden fingernails, and was supported by Little Peach Red to stand up. She then looked at herself in the bronze mirror and turned around, satisfied.

Since the banquet was about to start, Queen naturally had to leave as well. Although she was curious about the 'is that so?' Queen asked. Whether she was satisfied or not, she didn't dare to ask. She could only wait patiently until the day the answer was announced.

The banquet was set up in an empty area in the rear garden. Next to it was a large lake, which was filled with several large trees. Even though the sun still had some time before it fully set, the people waiting for the start of the banquet didn't feel too hot. On the contrary, the wind blew across the lake as the several talented women started to write poems in high spirits.

Lin Ruo Yin just quietly listened, and occasionally when everyone was laughing, she also laughed out loud. They could only try their best to avoid the gazes of the Crown Prince and Mu Ling Wei.

"Since everyone is so happy, why don't I make a pair and let everyone have a look at each other?" Nan Gong Qian's interest suddenly soared.

Mu Ling Wei was naturally the first one to agree, and said loudly: "I'll do it, I'll do it."

Nan Gong Qian smiled enigmatically, then said: "Let's match one of them with our current location. The first half is a book drawn with water colors and mountain lights." With that, he turned to Lin Ruo Yin and said, "Just now, Third Miss Lin did not seem to be interested, why not let you handle it?"

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