Lin Ruo Yin unnoticeably frowned. She was already very careful, why did she still get noticed? She didn't want to cause any trouble.

"The Crown Prince has redeemed himself, this humble girl cannot do it." Lin Ruo Yin stood up, and said with her head lowered.

However, Nan Gong Qian noticed her dodging from the beginning, and was slightly unhappy in his heart. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly heard Mu Ling Wei speaking from the side.

"Fragrant Flower Bird song is a poem. Crown Prince Big Brother, is what I say right? " After all, Mu Ling Wei was by the Queen's side.

Being interrupted like that by Mu Ling Wei, Nan Gong Qian also turned around. Seeing the look of anticipation in the eyes of the people around him, he could not bear to hurt her heart, so he nodded and smiled.

Being praised like this, Mu Ling Wei's face quietly turned red.

Lin Ruo Yin saw all of this happen, and still stood there quietly with her head lowered. On the other hand, when Lin Ruo Yun saw that Lin Ruo Yin did not match face to face, she was extremely happy in her heart.

"Water-colored mountains and lights are drawn on the book, flowers and birds' song is poetry. "Good, that's right!" Just as everyone was continuing with their poetry and painting, an authoritative voice boomed from the side.

"Long live the Queen Empress!" When everyone heard the voice, they immediately got up and shook their heads and bowed to the person sitting in front of them.

Lin Ruo Yin followed behind the old lady and bowed, the impact from just now had not dissipated yet.

In her previous life, she had met the Queen Empress. Her first impression at that time was that the Queen was very prestigious, very luxurious, and very dignified. So much so that after she helped Nan Gong Jin stabilize the world and became so determined to get back at him, it was likely that she had never forgotten that at first glance.

Today, they saw Queen once again. She had the same face, the same dignified elegance, and the same imposing manner. How could she not be excited? How could she not understand?

"Both of you, rise." Queen's thin lips parted, but the words that came out of her mouth were extremely resounding. She looked around, her gaze stopped at Lin Ruo Yin who was standing behind Old Lady Lin for a moment, and then spread out her hands, and said to everyone: "Everyone take your seats."

Very quickly, everyone was sitting in the seats under the Queen's left and right hands.

Lin Ruo Yin and Lin Ruo Yun sat behind the old lady. With the old lady's protection, Lin Ruo Yin could openly look at Queen.

She was wearing a crimson red robe with her red lips lightly touching. At the moment, there was a faint smile on her lips. The steps on her head and the phoenix hairpin made her seem much more easygoing.

As Lin Ruo Yin thought about this, she heard that the people sitting in the upper seats had already begun to speak.

"Not long ago, I heard that there were hundreds of flowers blooming in this palace, so I wanted to set up a Hundred Blossom Banquet and have the officials come with their children to enjoy it. "But now, I've changed my mind. Look at these ladies, which one of them isn't more beautiful than Hundred Blossom?" Queen started laughing softly after she finished speaking, and the atmosphere became no longer depressed with her words.

Most of the officials understood what the Queen was thinking, it was just pretending to be confused. Seeing that the Queen Empress had already made it clear, they did not hide it anymore, and quickly asked their children to present their talents.

The makeshift stage was occasionally filled with musical instruments and occasionally with dances. It was truly bustling with noise and excitement. Queen watched every single show seriously, and was not stingy in giving rewards to those she liked.

The sky had already darkened, and the palace maids had already lit their lamps.

As the banquet slowly came to an end, Queen suddenly turned her gaze towards Madam Lin and asked gently: "Madam Lin, I heard that each of the thousand gold coins in the house are both exceptional in terms of talents. How about coming over here to help with the show?"

Old Madam Lin was terrified, but Lin Ruo Yun, who was behind her, suddenly stood up, and after bowing to the Queen, she said: "Empress Dowager Queen, why not let my sister perform a bit of Shui Mo Wu to cheer everyone up?"

Lin Ruo Yin glared at Lin Ruo Yun from the shadows. Anyone who knew the slightest bit about dancing would know that although this Shui Mo Wu was interesting, she took time to prepare. She was the one who had made sufficient preparations for Nan Gong Jin's arrival. How could he let her jump now?

Not to mention anything else, this Lin Ruo Yun, who knew a lot more about dancing than her, actually used this move on her.

The Queen Empress seemed to be extremely interested in Shui Mo Wu as well, and she spoke up, "I have also heard of this Shui Mo Wu before, and would like to meet him."

Hearing Queen's words, Lin Ruo Yin pondered for a while, then calmly stood up.

Just as she was about to stand steadily, for some unknown reason, Lin Ruo Yun suddenly bumped into her, and then the dishes on the table fell, staining the hem of Lin Ruo Yin's skirt dirty.

"Why, sister, are you so excited to hear that you can dance? He actually knocked over the table. He really didn't know how to behave properly. Look at how it is now. If your skirt is so dirty, how can you dance? to Queen is truly disrespectful! " After saying that, Lin Ruo Yun anxiously pulled Lin Ruo Yin to her knees, as if she was a big sister taking care of an immature little sister.

Lin Ruo Yin coldly snorted in her heart as she put on an act. Since she couldn't see in the dark, she wanted to see who would make a fool of themselves in the end.

"I beg the Queen's Empress to atone for her sins, this humble girl ? This humble woman has committed a great disrespect, I hope that the Queen can punish her. " Lin Ruo Yin's face was filled with fear, and adding on his soft and gentle voice, it really made people feel pity for him.

Queen was seated rather high and far away, so no one could see what happened just now, but she could see everything clearly. Originally, he thought that Lin Ruo Yin would counterattack, but he didn't expect her to be so calm.

Furthermore, she had accepted all the crimes. Wasn't this the same as disguising herself for her? After all, a peaceful banquet was the best outcome.

Thus, she had Lin Ruo Yin's wish, and gently said, "Lin Ruo Yin, you get up first."

Queen only called Lin Ruo Yin, but not Lin Ruo Yun. Therefore, when Lin Ruo Yin stood up, she was the only one kneeling.

"The reason why I set up this banquet is to share the joy with the people, so there is no need to worry about such a trivial matter. On the other hand, I couldn't bear to scare such a beautiful girl. "Since your skirt is dirty, I shall grant you ten silks and silks to make your own clothes." Queen said slowly.

Lin Ruo Yin kneeled to show her gratitude, using a standard set of etiquette to look good as well. In Queen's heart, her impression of this girl, who was neither humble nor haughty, increased by a few points. She actually smiled and nodded, and personally supported her.

All of this, in the eyes of Nan Gong Qian and the old lady, was naturally a beautiful thing. But in the eyes of Lin Ruo Yun and Mu Ling Wei, it was abnormally dazzling.

Especially Mu Ling Wei, seeing that his aunt was so protective of Lin Ruo Yin, she was even more unhappy in her heart. She was jealous, but she suddenly stood up and launched an attack, taunting Lin Ruo Yin: "You really have no rules, the Queen Empress wants to see you jump Shui Mo Wu, you really know how to cause such a ruckus. If it wasn't for the Queen of Queen's benevolence, I'm afraid I would have to punish you with the crime of resisting the decree. "

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