These words of Mu Ling Wei caused Nan Gong Qian to frown, and also made him a little unhappy in his heart. However, the two of them did not speak, as they wanted to see how Lin Ruo Yin would perform.

Lin Ruo Yin was not stupid, sshe naturally knew that the Queen had seen everything. As he thanked her for helping him out, he also knew that this Mu Ling Wei was her own niece and always protected her short term.

"This humble girl doesn't dare." Lin Ruo Yin suddenly knelt down again, and kowtowed once more, causing a loud sound.

This kind of attitude was even more humble and delicate than before. In everyone's eyes, it seemed like Mu Ling Wei was acting like a spoiled brat who couldn't be reasoned with.

However, Mu Ling Wei didn't think that way. Seeing Lin Ruo Yin act this way, she felt as if she had just been punched in cotton, and was even more unsatisfied in her heart. She pointed at Lin Ruo Yin who was lying on the ground with her head lowered, and asked again with difficulty: "You don't dare? From what I see, you don't have the ability to back down and you don't dare to jump anymore, right? "It's simply a false reputation."

Hearing that, Lin Ruo Yin's buried face revealed a smile, and a low voice came out from the ground: "Miss Ling Wei is right, this humble girl is indeed shallow, her knowledge is inferior to Big Sis, and her dance is inferior to Second Sister's."

These words were choked with emotion and fear, causing the old lady to break out in a cold sweat for Lin Ruo Yin.

But the other party was the Queen's niece. Even though she had some relations with the Queen, at the moment, she did not have much authority. She suddenly felt that bringing Ruoyin here today was a mistake, a mistake to make her accept all of this for free.

Thinking that the culprit behind all these was his second granddaughter, he was really disappointed in Lin Ruo Yun by quite a bit.

Lin Ruo Yun who was ignored all along suddenly had her name mentioned, her heart went cold, and indeed, was followed by Lin Ruo Yin who grabbed onto both of her hands.

"Sister, are you going to save your sister?" When he said that, Lin Ruo Yin's tears also started to flow.

Lin Ruo Yin did not want to get entangled with Mu Ling Wei. What she was doing now was to shift the focus of attention towards Lin Ruo Yun, and make everyone not forget.

How would Lin Ruo Yun know about Lin Ruo Yin's sudden appearance? She was stunned, not knowing what to do.

"It's my sister who's making things difficult for my sister. It's not easy for Shui Mo Wu, not to mention the fact that she has to prepare the materials beforehand. "It was sister's negligence." Lin Ruo Yin looked at Lin Ruo Yun apologetically.

However, Lin Ruo Yun felt his heart going crazy, she wished that she could just push Lin Ruo Yin into the lake and forget about it.

At this time, Queen spoke out once again, "The two of you, stand up."

After thanking him, Lin Ruo Yun got up angrily, while Lin Ruo Yin also thanked him before slowly getting up. She even moved closer to the old lady, obviously frightened.

"It's getting late, everyone should go back and rest." Just as he finished speaking, the thousand years old Queen's voice rang from below.

After the Queen's Empress left, Lin Ruo Yin threw herself into the Old Granny's embrace and asked in a tearful voice, "Ancestor Grandmother, has Ruo Yin done something wrong?"

The madame's heart ached for her, but when she thought back to how the Queen invited her into the palace, she asked Ruoyin about her in detail. He also understood in his heart that everything that had happened tonight was probably the's experiment.

"Alright, there's no time. Let's go back and rest." The madame patted Ruoyin's hands to comfort her.

Lin Ruo Yun was still angry over what happened. She didn't want to walk together with Lin Ruo Yin, so she slowed her pace, and didn't expect to run into a similarly furious Mu Ling Wei.

"Miss Ling Wei, did you see it clearly? Lin Ruo Yin is so arrogant, relying on the fact that Queen has a good impression of her, she doesn't put you in her eyes anymore. " Lin Ruo Yun walked to Mu Ling Wei's side and continued to instigate him.

Mu Ling Wei was also infuriated by what happened just now. Her aunt was basically helping Lin Ruo Yin! She wouldn't take this lying down!

"Hmph, just you wait, is she really capable of turning the sky upside down with just Lin Ruo Yin? Sooner or later, we'll make her reveal her true face! " With these harsh words, Mu Ling Wei was a step ahead.

The next morning, Lin Ruo Yin woke up, washed up, and went to the old lady's room. Seeing Lan Xiu still standing outside, she knew that Lan Xiu was not awake yet.

"Why is the Third Miss here so early?" Lan Xiu was a little surprised. In the Palace, only the Third Miss s would greet him day in and day out, never stopping.

Initially, he thought that the Third Miss would not come once he reached this palace, but he did not expect that he would come even earlier.

"Maybe it's because I changed places to sleep and can't sleep at all. I was worried that Ancestor Grandmother would fall into this state too, so I came here earlier." He then looked into the house and laughed: "Looks like Ancestor Grandmother is sleeping well. I'll wait outside."

The moment Lan Xiu heard that the Third Miss was going to wait here with her, she remembered that it was still early, and was afraid that she might be frozen, so she said: "Third Miss should return to her room to rest first. When the Old Granny wakes up, Lan Xiu will immediately send someone to inform the Third Miss."

Lin Ruo Yin shook her head instead. The only warmth she had since her rebirth came from the madame, so she truly cared about her.

Seeing that he could not stop them, Lan Xiu said to Hong Mei who was standing beside him: "Go and get your Miss a cape."

Hong Mei responded as she turned to leave. Not long later, she came back with a cape and covered Lin Ruo Yin with it.

Before long, the old lady woke up, and knew that Lin Ruo Yin had been waiting outside the entire time, she extended her hand to feel her temperature, which was ice-cold. She was reluctant to part with her, and said: "Ruoyin, Ancestor Grandmother knows your filial piety, so from today onwards, you can't be like this, okay?"

Lin Ruo Yin hurriedly nodded, and then, together with Lan Xiu, they served the old lady as she washed her face and rinsed her mouth, then waited for her morning meal.

"Ancestor Grandmother, Ruoyin wants to know, when will we be able to return home?" Lin Ruo Yin stood behind the old mistress and helped her massage her back.

When the old lady heard it, she knew that Lin Ruo Yin must have been shocked by what happened last night. She wanted to go back, so she held her hand and allowed her to sit in front of her.

Lin Ruo Yin lowered her head in disappointment.

To be honest, she didn't want to be here for a moment. Forget about Lin Ruo Yun's hostility towards her, even if it was the Crown Prince, Mu Ling Wei wanted to marry her and become her concubine. Mu Ling Wei would definitely view her as a thorn in his side, and things like what happened last night would definitely happen again.

She didn't want to be the Crown Prince's Consort. But last night, the Queen sent someone to deliver the silk and silk cloth after the banquet, making her feel like the situation in front of her was not under her control.

"Ruoyin, what are you thinking?" The Old Mistress saw that Lin Ruo Yin had something on her mind, and asked with concern.

Lin Ruo Yin quickly regained her focus, smiled and shook her head: "I'm fine."

It just so happened that at this time, Lan Xiu ran in and said to Lin Ruo Yin: "Third Miss, Queen wants you to go to the back garden for breakfast."

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