Lin Ruo Yin didn't want to go, but she knew that she had to listen to the Queen's orders.

"Only the Third Miss?" the madame asked suddenly. If that was the case, it seemed like 80% of the Queen had set their eyes on Ruoyin.

Lan Xiu shook her head, and replied: "Second Miss was also invited, and there seem to be a few other rich people invited as well."

The old mistress nodded in understanding and asked again, "Did the messenger come straight here?"

"No, I went to Third Miss's courtyard first. Lv Yu had come to pass on the news." Lan Xiu seemed to understand the old lady's intention, he looked at Third Miss and asked: "How about, I send Third Miss over there?"

Lan Xiu followed beside the old lady for a long time, and was able to understand a few things. Now, she understood the meaning behind the old lady's two questions.

Of course Lin Ruo Yin understood, it was just that she couldn't say it out loud, and gratefully looked at the old lady, "Ancestor Grandmother, Ruoyin will be passed on now."

The madame nodded her head in agreement, not forgetting to pass on the information, "Ruoyin, you have to think about our Lin Family."

"Ruoyin understands." Lin Ruo Yin replied warmly with a sneer in her heart. Everything was for the Lin Family?

In the past, she had done all that for the Lin Family, for Nan Gong Jin, and in the end, what had she obtained? Right now, Lin Ruo Yin who had already seen through everything, would not foolishly pay for someone who was not worth it!

However, the old mistress was an exception! Today was an exception! She, Lin Ruo Yin, had plenty of time and energy.

Along the way to the rear flower garden, Lin Ruo Yin was not at all calm, but her face was not at all revealed. Only when she vaguely saw a pavilion surrounded by a group of people did she collect her thoughts and slowly walk over.

"This humble one, Lin Ruo Yin, greets the Queen Palace Mistress and the Empress is extremely fortunate." Lin Ruo Yin kneeling outside the pavilion, had actually made the Queen wait for her because she had come late, which was already a huge violation of the rules.

The Queen Empress looked at the plain-clothed Lin Ruo Yin, and did not make it difficult for her. She only knelt down for a little bit more before letting her get up.

"Thank you, Queen." Lin Ruo Yin thanked her and stood to the side, because the Queen did not allow her to sit.

"Lin Ruo Yin, you have a really big front to make the Queen wait for your arrival." After all, Mu Ling Wei had called the Queen her aunt, and seeing that the aunt did not say anything, she knew that if she were to speak out and make things difficult for Lin Ruo Yin, he would not be blamed.

Lin Ruo Yin knew that Mu Ling Wei would not let this chance slip by, but luckily the Old Mistress had already prepared a path for her.

"Reporting to the Empress, this morning my Old Mistress is not feeling well, Third Miss has always been by her side." Without waiting for Lin Ruo Yin to speak, Lan Xiu knelt down and reported.

Although these two sentences were just a statement of the truth, how could those who understood it not understand its true meaning?

Firstly, Lin Ruo Yin paid respects to the old lady early in the morning, hence, his filial piety could be seen. Secondly, the old lady sent Lan Xiu here to help out.

From the looks of it, the old lady really loved Lin Ruo Yin dearly. The Queen understood and said to Lan Xiu: "Since Old Madam Lin is not feeling well, you should return to take care of her."

Lan Xiu responded with a low voice and quietly retreated.

"You sit down too." Queen indicated towards Lin Ruo Yin.

Seeing Lin Ruo Yin had sat down, Mu Ling Wei snorted and turned her face to the side.

Lin Ruo Yin sat beside Lin Ruo Yun, and after looking around, she realised that other than Lin Ruo Yun and Mu Ling Wei, there were a few other girls that looked good.

After all, it was an imperial breakfast, so everyone ate quietly without saying anything.

Breakfast ended under the surface of his happiness. Just when Lin Ruo Yin thought that she could go back, Queen seemed to have seen some pretty good scenery. She laughed and said, "Look, how good are the flowers in the rear garden? "This makes my heart itch."

Hearing that, Lin Ruo Yin knew that she had to go and admire the flowers, and could only sigh in her heart, and followed the rest to get up.

Queen walked in the front, followed by the palace maids and eunuchs, followed by the noble ladies. Lin Ruo Yin slowed her pace, purposely walking at the back.

"Why is Miss Ruoyin walking so slow? "Be careful not to fall behind." The teasing voice that suddenly came from beside him scared Lin Ruo Yin, she turned around and saw that it was Crown Prince.

"This humble girl greets you ?" Halfway through his blessings, Lin Ruo Yin was supported up by Nan Gong Qian. Seeing him place his hand on his arm, Lin Ruo Yin dodged slightly and lowered his head.

This action, in Nan Gong Qian's eyes, was somewhat helpless. In the past few days, Nan Gong Qian had been paying attention to Lin Ruo Yin, but her performance made him a little disappointed.

Letting out a sigh from the bottom of his heart, Nan Gong Qian turned around and instructed the people around him. That person nodded his head in agreement and turned around to take a look. He saw someone walking past and quickly shouted, "That person is calling for you, hurry over."

Xiao Bei, who was about to go to the kitchen, heard the shout and turned his head around. He immediately saw her own Third Miss and a man dressed in luxurious clothing beside her.

This man should be the Crown Prince, right? Xiao Bei hurriedly ran forward.

When Lin Ruo Yin heard the voice, she raised her head slightly. When she saw Xiao Bei, a surprised look flashed past her eyes. Then, she remembered that the Lin Family had brought a follower, so he must be one of them.

When he thought back to that night in the kitchen, he realized that the person he had saved on the spur of the moment had, just as he had said, given her food every night. Those days, guessing what kind of food he would bring, were her only pleasures.

"Your Highness, please forgive me. This humble daughter will follow the Empress to admire the flowers. It would be inconvenient for me to stay any longer." Lin Ruo Yin did not want to stay together with Nan Gong Qian, so she brought out the Queen.

Nan Gong Qian looked at her with a complicated expression before he nodded and said, "Then go."

Lin Ruo Yin turned and left. Before she left, she heard someone ask, "Which palace's eunuch are you from? If you aren't serving your master properly, why are you wandering around here? "

However, she did not have the spare heart to continue listening. She quickly walked away with quick and steady steps.

Xiao Bei was a little depressed. How did he become a young eunuch? Just as he was about to explain, he was interrupted by a servant next to Nan Gong Qian.

"Yes." Xiao Bei took his orders and left.

Waiting until Xiao Bei left, Nan Gong Qian then said to the person beside him: "Let's go, we'll wait at the pavilion."

"Yes." Although he did not understand the purpose of the Crown Prince, but he did not dare ask. He could only wait upon the Crown Prince and prepare some tea for him, waiting for the things to be delivered.

After bidding farewell to Nan Gong Qian, he wanted to catch up to the group of people in front. However, they had only walked a short distance when they were stopped by Mu Ling Wei and Lin Ruo Yun.

So it turned out that they had seen Nan Gong Qian and Lin Ruo Yin's meeting alone. Mu Ling Wei was angry, but Lin Ruo Yun said a lot of bad things. The two of them were waiting here, and sure enough, Lin Ruo Yin came over alone.

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