"Greetings Miss Ling Wei." Lin Ruo Yin was very polite, she then turned to Lin Ruo Yun and asked, "Big sister, did you guys wait for me here?"

Lin Ruo Yun felt uncomfortable when she saw her innocent expression. Seeing that Mu Ling Wei was just staring at Lin Ruo Yin and not saying a word, she couldn't help but say: "Lin Ruo Yin, I really didn't think that you would be so outrageous. You clearly know that Crown Prince is someone of the Miss Ling Wei, yet you intentionally seduce the Crown Prince."

These words, had truly displayed all of Lin Ruo Yin's ignorance to the fullest. Mu Ling Wei lightly glanced at Lin Ruo Yun. Even though she was a little dissatisfied with her words, she still did not say a word.

"Elder sister, you ? ? What are you talking about, I. I... "No." Lin Ruo Yin's face was full of grievance, and his words were laced with tears, but his eyes still looked at Lin Ruo Yun resolutely.

Lin Ruo Yun knew that Lin Ruo Yin would do this since long ago. In her heart, wasn't what Lin Ruo Yin knew how to do the most was to act pitifully? Ancestor Grandmother was tricked, and the Second Prince and Crown Prince were enchanted by her. Wasn't it because of her pitiful appearance that made me feel pity? But she, Lin Ruo Yun, would not fall for it.

"Miss Ling Wei, you can't listen to her. She doesn't speak the truth. We saw how close she was walking with Crown Prince, and he even helped her up. " Lin Ruo Yun told her everything she saw just now.

In fact, how could Mu Ling Wei not see it? Although she was angry, hearing Lin Ruo Yun speak of the truth made her feel even more disgust towards him.

In a pavilion not too far away, Nan Gong Qian watched all of this without saying a word. The person beside him carefully asked: "Your Highness Crown Prince, are we going over?"

Nan Gong Qian cast a sidelong glance at him, and laughed as he asked: "Why did you disturb them?"

Hearing the answer, the person silently moved to the side.

Nan Gong Qian stared fixedly ahead. He really wanted to see what Lin Ruo Yin would do.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" A shout came from behind him. Nan Gong Qian turned around, and saw that the person holding the four treasures had been knocked over, and the xuan paper was about to fall to the ground. He caught the paper quickly and dragged the person away.

Xiao Bei was already in a state of shock, and when he felt someone supporting him, he was just about to thank that person when he saw that it was His Highness the Crown Prince who helped him, and immediately became terrified.

However, Nan Gong Qian did not miss the look on Xiao Bei's face that was initially filled with panic, he suddenly felt that it was interesting, and laughed lightly. He placed the xuan paper on the table, threw some of the wrinkled paper away, and said: "Get up."

"Thank you, Your Highness Crown Prince." Xiao Bei hurriedly stood at the corner, his body even slightly trembling.

However, Nan Gong Qian did not let him go down, and instead let him stay in the pavilion. He spread out the paper and started writing with the lotus flowers in the river.

Suddenly, a "plop" sound was heard. Nan Gong Qian was startled, and put down his brush to look.

Nan Gong Qian naturally saw who fell into the river. Not only him, even Xiao Bei who was standing in the corner saw it, and couldn't help but start to worry.

"Your Highness, should we go take a look?" Someone asked in a low voice.

Nan Gong Qian shook his head and continued to look at Lin Ruo Yin who was in the river, "No need."

This movement was not small, but fortunately, he did not alarm Queen who was standing at the very front to admire the flower. Mu Ling Wei never thought that Lin Ruo Yun would be so daring to actually commit murder in front of so many people, and push him down.

"Lin Ruo Yun, what are you doing?" Although Mu Ling Wei hated Lin Ruo Yin too, he had never thought of harming her.

Lin Ruo Yun was also confused. She just couldn't stand Lin Ruo Yin's hypocritical face, so she pretended to be pitiful and wanted her to take out her true face to fight with him. How could she have known it would turn out like this?

"Miss Ling Wei, I ? I didn't use any strength. It was her, Lin Ruo Yin jumped down herself. " Lin Ruo Yun hurriedly tried to explain.

Mu Ling Wei was completely disappointed by Lin Ruo Yun, and did not want to talk to her anymore.

"Miss Ling Wei, you have to believe me. Otherwise, if you ask them, they will all be able to testify." Lin Ruo Yun turned around and asked the noble ladies who surrounded them the moment she saw them quarreling.

The ladies all shook their heads and didn't say anything as they followed the principle of not causing trouble.

"Lin Ruo Yun, do you think I'm blind? I saw it clearly, and you still want to argue? It's obviously you who pushed him down. " Mu Ling Wei glared at her, turned around, and shouted at the guards who were watching the show: "What are you looking at? What are your eyes for? Don't you know how to save people? "

Lin Ruo Yin was in the river, listening to Mu Ling Wei and Lin Ruo Yun's argument, and couldn't help but raise the corner of her mouth. Actually, it was very simple. She had only repeated the same trick once. When everyone felt that she was weak, no one would notice her actions. Therefore, when Lin Ruo Yun made a move on her, she would only notice Lin Ruo Yun, not her.

Lin Ruo Yun would never have thought that with a light push, she could push Lin Ruo Yin into the river. It was just that from the very beginning, Lin Ruo Yin had already intentionally or unintentionally led Lin Ruo Yun to the side of the river, and then made her angry to the point of losing her mind.

Although Lin Ruo Yin didn't want to get involved with the matter of Crown Prince Concubine, Lin Ruo Yun had come over every single time to provoke her. It would be too unfair if he didn't teach her a lesson.

Furthermore, from Lin Ruo Yin's perspective, Mu Ling Wei was not a vicious person. On the contrary, although she had a violent temper, she was very kind. Otherwise, she wouldn't have scolded Lin Ruo Yun and made the guards come to her rescue.

Seeing that Lin Ruo Yin had been rescued, Nan Gong Qian heaved a sigh of relief. Whenhe turned around, she saw that the person who had been standing in the corner and not interested in everything was actually filled with worry.

"What do you think of this girl?" Nan Gong Qian didn't know why she asked him, but for some reason, she really wanted to hear it from him.

In just an instant, Xiao Bei's eyes became crystal clear. He often met Lin Ruo Yin, so he naturally understood her over time. Furthermore, she had saved his life before, so the admiration in his heart was natural.

He had heard a lot along the way and knew that the Crown Prince wanted Lin Ruo Yin to become her concubine. For some reason, when he thought of the day where Lin Ruo Yin would wear the wedding dress and sit on the Crown Prince's bridal sedan, he felt an unspeakable pressure in his heart.

"Why aren't you talking? But no matter what, I will not blame you. " Nan Gong Qian thought that the man was afraid of him saying the wrong things, so he did not dare to say it.

Only then did Xiao Bei retract his senses, and said seriously: "I heard that this lady is from the countryside, and compared to the many other girls, she is naturally less noble."

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