Hearing this, Nan Gong Qian smiled faintly. Losing your noble aura? Anyone who had eyes would not be able to see that Lin Ruo Yin's noble aura was even greater than the infamous Lin Ruo Xi. But why did this person say so? Furthermore, he seemed to be overly concerned about Lin Ruo Yin, which was rather interesting.

Nan Gong Qian discovered that his interest towards this man seemed to surpass that of the women not far behind him. There wasn't much fear in his eyes as he saw the youth's body tremble. He waved at him: "Come here."

Xiao Bei frowned slightly, not knowing that his small action had caught the Crown Prince's attention.

"What's your name?" Nan Gong Qian asked.

"Xiao Bei."

Nan Gong Qian nodded and asked again: "You are a young eunuch from which palace? Your looks are quite exquisite. How about you follow me, this Crown Prince? "

Hearing Nan Gong Qian's words, Xiao Bei was actually a bit stunned. The person beside him quickly reminded: "It's your fortune that this Crown Prince appreciates you. Why don't you hurry up and repay me?"

Hearing that, Xiao Bei finally regained his senses, and subconsciously raised his head to look at Nan Gong Qian, then kneeled down and said: "Your Highness, please forgive me for disturbing Your Highness just now, but I deserve to die a thousand deaths."

"What do you mean?" Nan Gong Qian lowered his head and stared at the man kneeling at his feet.

Xiao Bei felt his head go numb, and remembered what the old cook had told him to not get too close with the people of the Royal Family. He lowered his head even more, "This little one... This lowly one is not a eunuch from the palace. "

Since young, Xiao Bei had always listened to old cook's words. Since she told him so, he listened, and did as she was told. However, he really did not know how such a small character like himself could attract the attention of the Crown Prince.

"Oh? You mean you're not willing to serve this Crown Prince? " Nan Gong Qian's words were laced with anger, it was clear that he was not satisfied with Xiao Bei's attitude.

"This little one does not have that intention." Xiao Bei hurriedly explained.

Nan Gong Qian coldly snorted, "Since that's the case, when I return to my palace, you follow me into the palace and accompany me around."

Xiao Bei's heart was filled with sympathy, but he suddenly raised his head and boldly said to Nan Gong Qian: "It should be the fortune of my that you have taken a liking to this little person. However, this little one has been raised by someone since I was young, and could not bear to leave my foster mother behind.

Nan Gong Qian carefully observed the expression of the person in front of him. Seeing that he did not seem to be lying, he did not seem to get used to him pretending to be a coward, which was why he said that deliberately. Seeing that he had already revealed some of his true nature, he felt comforted and did not continue to make things difficult for him.

"Since you are a filial person, I will consider it." With that, Nan Gong Qian made his men take the items on the table and turned to leave.

When Nan Gong Qian walked out of the pavilion, he saw that he did not follow him. He turned around again and said to Xiao Bei who was still kneeling inside the pavilion: "However, in the past few days, you have been in the palace and have come to serve me."

"Yes." Xiao Bei knew in his heart that if he continued to make excuses this time, he might actually bring about a fatal disaster. With this thought in mind, he agreed to wait for the future before making any further plans.

"Then why aren't you following me?" Nan Gong Qian watched with interest as Xiao Bei quickly got up and ran to his side. He couldn't help but want to make a joke on him. Thus, he said half-earnestly and half-falsely: "If you displease this Crown Prince in the next few days, this Crown Prince will immediately let you become a young eunuch of the Eastern Palace."

The last sentence was truly taking Xiao Bei's life. But when his peripheral vision touched Crown Prince's eyes, he also understood that Crown Prince was most likely just joking. Ye Zichen finally put down the stone that was hanging in his heart, but he still had a look of panic on his face.

"I will definitely serve His Highness the Crown Prince well." Xiao Bei hurriedly expressed her heartfelt feelings, but her eyes that were covered under her eyelashes were flickering, causing others to be unable to guess her thoughts.

Nan Gong Qian took another glance at Lin Ruo Yin's direction, and seeing that she seemed to not be really injured, he started to leave.

Although it was summer, the time was still early. Once again, they were in the back garden that was surrounded by trees. A gust of wind blew past, causing them to feel a little cold, not to mention Lin Ruo Yin who had fallen into the water.

After Lin Ruo Yin was saved, she kept trembling uncontrollably. It was so cold that even her teeth were chattering. Fortunately, Mu Ling Wei had already sent someone to get the cloak earlier, and now, she had gotten it.

"Put her on first, then send her back to change before finding an imperial physician to take a look." The palace maid by Mu Ling Wei's side instructed.

Lin Ruo Yin gratefully looked at Mu Ling Wei, and gently opened her mouth. Thank you, Ling Wei ? "Lady."

Seeing that her cold words were incoherent, a burst of guilt rose in Mu Ling Wei's heart. He knew that he couldn't blame her for what happened today, so he quickly told her not to say anymore and to return first.

"Humph!" Lin Ruo Yun was extremely dissatisfied, she angrily turned to leave. Before she could even take a step, Mu Ling Wei had already pulled her back. Seeing her angry look, she immediately suppressed her temper.

Mu Ling Wei looked at Lin Ruo Yun, and only said one sentence, "Regarding this matter, I will report it to Queen truthfully."

Hearing that, Lin Ruo Yun immediately softened, and begged: "Miss Ling Wei, this was originally a small fight, furthermore, Lin Ruo Yin was wrong first, we were not wrong."

"That's right?" They nearly lost their lives! Lin Ruo Yun, aren't you being too heartless? She's your sister. " Mu Ling Wei shook off her hand and left.

Lin Ruo Yun felt even more hatred for Lin Ruo Yin.

Lin Ruo Yin was sent back to her own room. When Hong Mei He Lv Yu saw the wet Miss, she was stunned for a moment.

"Miss, how did you end up like this?" Lv Yu's eyes were bloodshot. She had gone out this morning and was still fine, why had she come back like this?

Hong Mei was smarter than Lv Yu by a bit, she knew that something must have happened in the backyard, but with regards to Master's matters, they couldn't say much. They quickly sent Lv Yu to prepare some hot water ginger soup, then said to the two palace maids that brought them back: "Thank you two big sisters, thank you for your hard work, Hong Mei will make a cup of hot tea for big sister."

"No need, we still need to report back." The two palace maids passed Lin Ruo Yin to Hong Mei, then turned and left.

Although Lin Ruo Yin was cold to the point that she couldn't speak, sshe saw and heard what Hong Mei He Lv Yu said. In her previous life, she, Lin Ruo Yin, was unable to protect Hong Mei He Lv Yu. In this life, she pointed out to Hong Mei He Lv Yu a lot earlier than before. As for Lv Yu, he was, after all, a few years younger than her. After all, she had the temperament of a child, take it slowly.

She would never allow someone she valued to leave her again.

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