Lin Ruo Yin soothingly smiled, and said gently, "Grandma, you don't need to worry too much. Ruoyin will naturally not make things difficult for you, but my mother has just passed away. Furthermore, Ruoyin has been here for many years, and the neighbors have taken great care of me.

Steward Mammy did not expect Lin Ruo Yin to think things through so thoroughly. Thinking about it, she was also a pitiful person with plenty of time, so he nodded and agreed.

"Thank you, mama, for understanding. Ruoyin will remember this." Lin Ruo Yin also expected that Steward Mammy would not reject his, so she smiled even more gently. She took off the bracelet her mother had left for her and stuffed it into Steward Mammy's hands.

"I was tired from the long journey, but my house is too messy to give mama a welcoming reception. I hope that mama can get to the inn in the town first, and then send someone to inform Ruoyin that she'll find mama on time when she finishes her business here."

Steward Mammy might be a servant, but in the end, he was someone from the Imperial City, so he naturally did not have much interest in her shabby house. Furthermore, the bracelet that she took out was not just some water thing, it was what her so-called father used to coax her mother.

Seeing the sincerity in Ruoyin's words and the extremely beautiful jade bracelet, a smile blossomed on Steward Mammy's face, and he quickly agreed and went back to the carriage.

As Lin Ruo Yin watched the horse carriage leave, the corner of her mouth hooked up into a sneer. She obviously didn't want this period of time to be used as a form of thanks to her neighbors, as she had said. On the contrary, she would not spare anyone who killed her mother.

Although she knew that her mother's death was definitely not an accident, but when the men next door saw that her mother was beautiful and orphans and widows, and that there was no man at home at all, they immediately became interested in her beauty. However, they didn't expect that her mother, in order to protect her innocence, would go all out and accidentally kill her mother.

However, in her previous life, she was too young and too weak. She didn't know how to resist, nor did she know how to avenge her mother. When she finally had the ability to avenge her mother, that man was already dead.

Furthermore, in this life, she definitely couldn't let her mother die in vain. She definitely wouldn't let this man live so easily! Lin Ruo Yin clenched her fist tightly, the scab on her nails split open again, but she seemed to not feel anything, letting the blood flow from her fingertips ?

After settling his mother's funeral, Lin Ruo Yin quietly looked at the brocade sack in his hands, it was filled with ashes, she had chosen to cremate his mother, and then disperse with the wind, this woman had worked hard her entire life, waited for her entire life, even with her exceptional face, but in the end she did not manage to obtain anything, all of this was because she was not a person she could trust.

Are all women this stupid? She thought of his past life where she had sacrificed everything for Nan Gong Jin, yet in the end, her tendons had been cut off and his life ended in a cold palace. When she thought about how she had lost all traces of attachment to that face, all she felt was the hatred of.

Nan Gong Jin, do you still remember a woman who risked her life to sneak into an enemy city to steal a cloth map for you? Do you remember who was willing to put on your clothes as bait when the enemy was about to attack the city? You definitely won't remember, if you had even a little bit of memory, you wouldn't have been so cruel to me ?

Lin Ruo Yin looked at the moonlight outside the window in silence. She raised her hand and tied the embroidered bag around her neck and placed it close to her body, but she did not sleep.

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