Lv Yu quickly prepared hot water. The two served Lin Ruo Yin as a bath and then fed her the ginger soup. But even so, it was too late for the imperial physician to diagnose him. Lin Ruo Yin had typhoid fever.

After the old mistress knew about this, she came to visit Lin Ruo Yin. When he asked what was going on, Lin Ruo Yin did not say much, but who was the old lady? How could she not guess the reason? She decided to deal with Lin Ruo Yun when she returned to the Lin Family.

"Ruoyin, rest well. Ancestor Grandmother will be going back first. I'll come see you in a while." The Old Mistress saw that Lin Ruo Yin was about to fall asleep after drinking the pill, so she could not bear to disturb her anymore.

Lin Ruo Yin was also extremely tired, hearing that the old lady would be back soon, she said with a pained heart: "Ancestor Grandmother, Ruoyin is fine, you don't have to come back here on purpose. I'll get Hong Mei to tell you later. "

The Old Mistress was touched by Lin Ruo Yin's thoughtful thoughts, she touched the back of her hand and stood up to leave. Not long after the old lady left, Lin Ruo Yin closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Lin Ruo Yun paced around the room anxiously, thinking about what Mu Ling Wei had said. She thought that if the matter really got out of hand, she might not be able to handle it. Right now, she was extremely anxious.

But Mu Ling Wei didn't even need to say it, the entire palace was filled with spies set up by the Queen. When Lin Ruo Yin had fallen into the water, someone had already told the Queen, but the Queen did not intervene in this matter.

Right now, Queen was seated in her own room. Seeing him return, she anxiously asked: "How is Lin Ruo Yin?"

"Reporting to Queen, Lin Ruo Yin caught typhus." The Little Peach Red truthfully reported it. Seeing that the Queen's expression was displeased, she hurriedly said, "Queen does not need to worry, the imperial physician has gone to see. It is not very serious at all.

On the other hand, Queen was still worried. She asked Little Peach Red to prepare some supplements for Lin Ruo Yin to send to her later. But Little Peach Red knew in her heart that Queen had a very good impression of Lin Ruo Yin.

"Reporting to Queen, Miss Ling Wei is here." A hymen guard outside said.

Queen thought for a while, then said to hymen: "Let her in."

Mu Ling Wei walked into the Queen's sleeping quarters. At this moment, she withdrew her previous overbearing attitude and bowed in respect. After that, she walked over to the Queen's side and spoke in a spoiled manner, "Aunt."

She naturally wouldn't be stupid enough to hide the matter of Lin Ruo Yin falling into the water, because she had lived by the side of the Queen since young, so she naturally knew about some of the Queen's methods. Seeing her expression, she knew that she must have known everything long ago.

"I've already taught Lin Ruo Yun a lesson." Mu Ling Wei shook Queen's arm, "Aunt, Ling Wei was indeed at fault in this matter, but after Ling Wei heard Lin Ruo Yun's words, she became so angry that she fainted. But aunt, you must believe in Ling Wei. Ling Wei has never done anything that would harm the heavens and the earth. "

How could the Queen not know what kind of person his niece was? To say that she was unruly and unruly and looked down on others was something that no one believed, but to say that she hurt others was something that she absolutely did not believe.

She was angered by Ling Wei's impatience. She was too easily provoked and did not have the slightest bit of scheming. Compared to Lin Ruo Yin, she was really not suitable to be the concubine of the Crown Prince.

Thinking up to here, he couldn't help but let out a light sigh. He held Mu Ling Wei's hand and looked at her in pain, "Ling Wei, my aunt has always doted on you and treats you like her own daughter. In the future, Aunt will treat you the same way. "

It was true that Mu Ling Wei did not have any ulterior motives, but that did not mean that she did not understand the meaning behind his words. Upon hearing Queen's words, she knew that her aunt wanted to prepare her mentally.

"Aunt, you promised Ling Wei you would marry her to the Crown Prince Big Brother. Ling Wei will love the Crown Prince Big Brother dearly and listen to everything the Crown Prince Big Brother and aunt say, Aunt ~"

Seeing such a childish Mu Ling Wei, Queen felt that Lin Ruo Yin was more suited to be her concubine. She couldn't help but shout sternly: "Look at you, what do you think you look like?" Then, she softly spoke up, "Ling Wei, you should know that not only does the Crown Prince's Concubine love people more than he does beautiful, it's fine as long as he likes the Crown Prince. She had to have the ability to help the Crown Prince resolve this problem, and even offer some advice to the Crown Prince. What about you? Can you do it? "

Mu Ling Wei refused to admit defeat and shouted: "I can learn! As long as Aunt is willing to teach me, I will definitely learn!"

"Silly child." Queen looked at her with a pained expression, "What are you trying to do by learning this? It wasn't a good thing. No one can envy you for being so innocent and kind. "Don't worry, your aunt will definitely help you pick a good family. She won't let you suffer."

Queen thought back to the time when she was still in the pavilion, innocent and carefree like Ling Wei. But ever since she had married into the imperial family, would she still have a hint of her past? It wasn't hard to learn something with tricks and tricks, but was it really worth it?

He had spent his entire life trapped in this palace, plotting and scheming against each other. If he could get Ling Wei to stay away, it might not be a bad thing.

However, Ling Wei didn't feel that she had always strived hard to become the Crown Prince's concubine since she was young. The people around her had also told her that she was the future Concubine of Crown Prince.

Furthermore, she and Crown Prince Big Brother had been childhood friends for a long time, so she had always believed that Crown Prince Big Brother was her good man.

"I don't care. In this life, I will not marry anyone other than the Crown Prince Big Brother!" With that, Mu Ling Wei ran out of the Queen's chamber.

Lin Ruo Yin, it's all because of you! It's all because of your appearance that Crown Prince Big Brother and Aunt changed their minds! What's so good about you? I, Mu Ling Wei, do not believe that I can't compare to you!

After Mu Ling Wei ran out from Queen's palace, she immediately ran towards Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard. Along the way, the unwillingness and resentment in her heart kept burning her heart, almost burning it completely.

She had to let Lin Ruo Yin know the difficulties and retreat!

After rushing into Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard, just as Mu Ling Wei was about to rush into her room, she was stopped by Lv Yu who was guarding outside.

"My Miss is resting. You cannot enter." Right now, in Lv Yu's heart, there was nothing more important than her family's Miss resting.

"Who are you? Do you know who I am? " Mu Ling Wei was already full of anger, but seeing a little Lin Mansion like Lv Yu blocking her path, her temper instantly shot up.

Since the time Lv Yu entered the palace, she had not gone out of her room, so naturally she did not know who this woman was. She thought that some family's Miss had come to cause trouble, so she was not afraid, and directly replied: "No matter who the Miss is, right now my family's Miss is sick, and guests are not allowed. If anything happens to Miss, why not wait for my Miss to wake up before coming back? "

What a joke! Let her wait a bit before coming back? What did she, Lin Ruo Yin, count for?

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