He pushed Lv Yu away, but Mu Ling Wei knew that it was not good to just barge in and spread the news, he immediately said at the door, "Lin Ruo Yin, if you have the guts, don't hide inside the house and not come out."

Lin Ruo Yin who was in the house was just woken up and asked Hong Mei who was beside him, "Who is it that's here, why is it so loud? Is it the Second Sister? "

"Returning to the Miss, I don't think she's the Second Miss." Seeing that Lin Ruo Yin was about to get up, Hong Mei immediately stopped him, "Miss, you caught typhus, go and lie down."

"I'm fine, Hong Mei." Lin Ruo Yin more or less knew who it was, and thinking that all of this was indeed because of her, she wanted to make it clear to Mu Ling Wei that she didn't want to fight over this Crown Prince Concubine.

However, Hong Mei pulled her back, "Miss, look at you, you're so pale, don't go out. Hong Mei will go out and take a look for you. Don't worry about it. "

Lin Ruo Yin also felt that she was not in her best condition, and being disrespectful to others, she decided to listen to Hong Mei.

Hong Mei replied. Just as she walked to the door, she was pulled by Mu Ling Wei and shouted into the room: "Lin Ruo Yin, is this all you have? You want me to be your shield? Someone like you, what right do you have to compete with me for the Crown Prince's Consort? Let me tell you, I won't admit defeat, Crown Prince Big Brother must be mine. If you are not convinced, then come out and fight me. "

With that, Mu Ling Wei shook Hong Mei off. Hong Mei ignored the pain in her body and blessing Mu Ling Wei, and said softly: "This Miss, it's not that my Miss doesn't want to come out, but that my Miss has typhoid fever, and is afraid of infecting you. After my Miss recovers, Hong Mei will go and inform him. "

Mu Ling Wei had always treated people wrongly, and seeing that Hong Mei had some rules, she did not plan to make things difficult for her. She also thought about how Lin Ruo Yin had fallen into the water today, and felt a little guilty.

"Okay, I will leave first. I will come again after your Miss recovered from her illness." Mu Ling Wei snorted coldly, turned and walked away.

At this time, Nan Gong Qian, who was about to come visit Lin Ruo Yin, walked to the door, and was about to meet him. Thinking about how this woman might be strong in front of outsiders, but ifhe saw that he had come to look for Lin Ruo Yin, she would definitely feel sad in his heart.

Mu Ling Wei had always been sensitive to Crown Prince's figure. Although it only lasted for a moment, she quickly recognized him and happily shouted, "Crown Prince Big Brother!"

Hearing the voice, Nan Gong Qian hid behind Xiao Bei. Seeing that Mu Ling Wei was about to come over, he really didn't want to meet her in this kind of situation. Even though he intended to marry Lin Ruo Yin, he truly pitied her, and that was why he avoided her at all times and reduced the opportunity to meet her.

"Xiao Bei, help me block her." Nan Gong Qian patted Xiao Bei's shoulder, and then turned and fled.

Nan Gong Qian walked a little further and hid himself. Thinking about Lin Ruo Yin and Mu Ling Wei, his heart was in a mess. Having grown up together, how could they not have any feelings for Mu Ling Wei? In fact, he really liked her in his heart. But, she really wasn't suitable for the life in the palace, and he didn't want to implicate her.

Forget it. It was always better to take things one step at a time.

On the other hand, Nan Gong Qian escaped from trouble, and for the sake of being pushed away by Nan Gong Qian right before he left, directly crashed into Mu Ling Wei.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" Mu Ling Wei looked around and saw no trace of Nan Gong Qian. She asked Xiao Bei, "I saw Crown Prince just now.

Xiao Bei thought back to what Nan Gong Qian had said before he left, and could only bite the bullet and reply: "Return to Miss. I'm the only one here, I didn't see Crown Prince."

"Nonsense, I clearly saw it. Are you saying that I was mistaken?" Mu Ling Wei did not believe it, it must be Nan Gong Qian, maybe he hid somewhere! Thinking about it this way, Mu Ling Wei walked further away.

In a moment of desperation, the place Nan Gong Qian was hiding was actually not too far away. But unexpectedly, at this time, Xiao Bei, who was behind her, let out a loud shout, and said: "Could it be that Miss is talking about a young master wearing a bright yellow robe with a golden crown on his head?"

Hearing that, other than the Crown Prince who could wear bright yellow clothes, who else could wear a gold crown on his head? He immediately turned and walked in front of Xiao Bei and said arrogantly: "You are truly blind, and that is His Highness, the Crown Prince. "Tell me, where did he go?"

Xiao Bei immediately acted as if he had suddenly realized something, his black eyes turned left and right, and said: "Return to Miss, I just saw His Highness pass by here, heading towards the right."

Hearing that, Mu Ling Wei did not care if what he said was true or not, and chased after him.

Xiao Bei watched as Mu Ling Wei ran off. He then straightened his back, which had been bent all this time, and out of the corner of his eyes, he saw that the door to the courtyard was opened. Lin Ruo Yin was standing at the entrance, looking at him.

With just that one glance, Xiao Bei turned around and stared at her without blinking.

Her complexion was not very good. Thinking back to when she heard from Crown Prince that she had typhoid fever, it was no wonder her face was so pale. She was wearing plain white clothes and stood there, as if a gust of wind could blow her away.

Lin Ruo Yin had not been standing outside the whole time, so she had witnessed the interaction between Xiao Bei and herself. She was surprised that she would actually dare to do such a deceptive thing, despite being neither humble nor haughty.

This man must have some secrets. What could it be? Lin Ruo Yin thought, and also looked at Xiao Bei who was in the courtyard.

The two of them were separated by a distance, and they just looked at each other in the distance, without saying anything.

"Miss, it's cool outside. Let's go in." Hong Mei reminded. She didn't know why Miss would come out after hearing her voice, and would stand outside for so long. She only stared at this man. She only cared that Miss was sick and needed to rest.

Hearing Hong Mei's reminder, Lin Ruo Yin came back to her senses and was secretly surprised at herself for losing control of herself. She asked herself in her heart, why is it that she can't control herself when she meets this man? What exactly was on this man? Was it the mystery? Had she developed some interest in him?

No, Lin Ruo Yin warned herself in her heart, before she completely avenged her, nothing could affect her.

"Let's go in." Lin Ruo Yin said as she retracted her gaze.

Hong Mei quickly supported Lin Ruo Yin and went back to the room together with him. This time, Lv Yu followed him into the house and slowly closed the door.

"Closing the door with a" sound, Xiao Bei woke up from his stupor. Just now, he had actually lost his mind. Embarrassed, he turned around and quickly went to find the Crown Prince.

During dinner time, the Queen held another banquet, but because Lin Ruo Yin's body was unwell, she did not participate.

Nan Gong Qian had someone prepare some food and prepared to send it over. Xiao Bei thought about how he saw that Lin Ruo Yin's face did not look good that day, and became a little worried.

"When did you become so hardworking?" Nan Gong Qian smiled and asked Xiao Bei.

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