Xiao Bei lowered his head and did not say a word. Xiao Bei received the order and left with the guards, carrying his food box.

On the way to Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard, Xiao Bei and the guards started chatting.

"Tell me, how did His Highness end up taking a fancy to that Lin Family?" the guard asked.

Xiao Bei secretly pursed his lips, Hui Jie's eyes flashed, he did not answer and asked: "Big brother, don't you think that the Lin Family is very beautiful?"

The guard, however, did not mind. He sneakily looked at Xiao Bei and spoke: "Although the lady is beautiful, she is still young and has yet to mature. Who knows if she has the appearance of a willow leaf. It's his daughter again. I don't know what Crown Prince has taken a fancy to her. "

After Xiao Bei heard this, he couldn't help but laugh out loud, and couldn't tell what that felt like clearly in his heart.

When they arrived at the entrance of the courtyard, the guard lazily said, "You can go. I've got a stomachache. I'll go and take care of it first."

Xiao Bei nodded and replied, "Big Brother, wait a moment. I'll wait here."

Waiting until the guard ran far away, Xiao Bei then took his food box and knocked on the door. The one who answered the door was Lv Yu. When he saw that it was the person from earlier in the day, he could not help but ask curiously, "Why are you here?"

"It was His Highness who asked me to deliver some food to him." Originally, Xiao Bei wanted to send it in, but he heard Lin Ruo Yin's voice from inside, instructing him to give the things to Lv Yu.

Xiao Bei looked inside, but seeing that there was no one inside, he was worried, so he asked Lv Yu: "How is Third Miss doing?"

Lv Yu glared at Xiao Bei, "Do you have any control over master's matters? Give me your things and you can go. "

Hearing Lv Yu's words, Xiao Bei knew that shsheshouldn't have done it, but she just couldn't resist. Looking at the closed door, he sighed and turned to leave.

However, after walking a few steps, Xiao Bei turned back and stared at the lights in the house. What he did not know was that this scene was witnessed by Nan Gong Qian who had followed him here.

In the past few days, Nan Gong Qian realized that he was feeling strange. It wasn't because of any physical problems, but because his curiosity towards Lin Ruo Yin was slowly fading, while his interest towards Xiao Bei was increasing day by day. He didn't know what to say. Even though this follower was always in front of him, appearing to be very timid and in fear of clothes, there were still many things that could tell that he was different.

For example, right now, Nan Gong Qian looked at the two people kneeling on the ground. One was Xiao Bei, and the other was the little eunuch that he brought out a few kilometers ago. Beside them was a pile of broken pieces from the blue and white porcelain vase that had been on his desk.

"His Highness the Crown Prince, it's this person, he saw that there are many treasures in His Highness's study, he had an evil intention, and just so happened to be seen by this servant, he panicked and broke the vase." The young eunuch pointed at Xiao Bei, and asked while trembling.

And at this time, Xiao Bei was actually not the least bit flustered. In regards to the young eunuch's accusations, he did not make any sort of excuse either, and only quietly knelt there.

"Xiao Bei, do you have anything to say about his accusation?" Crown Prince was very curious about Xiao Bei's attitude towards him, and he was not a person who only heard one side of the story.

Hearing Nan Gong Qian's question, Xiao Bei raised his head, looking at Nan Gong Qian with his eyes shining. If they were to say that he was a thief, no one would believe them, right? How could a Thief be so calm?

At this point, Nan Gong Qian wanted to hear what Xiao Bei had to say even more.

"Your Highness, regarding this accusation, I do not wish to say much. First, this was a temporary manor. His Highness the Crown Prince was only temporarily staying, so how could he leave the treasures here? The decorations here are not bad indeed, but I'm afraid they can't compare to those in His Highness's chambers, right? Since this servant will be found out, why don't you go steal from His Highness Crown Prince's chambers? "

Hearing Xiao Bei's words, the little eunuch's face started to turn ugly. Then, he heard Xiao Bei's question: "Second, since Eunuch said that I was a thief, then why didn't Eunuch immediately run away after stealing something, and instead wanted me to be discovered by Eunuch here? "With this eunuch's skills, I'm afraid that you're not a match for a Thief like me, right?"

The young eunuch was unable to answer either of the two questions. In fact, when he was helping His Highness Crown Prince clean the desk just now, he accidentally slipped and broke it. It just so happened that when Xiao Bei walked past, he suddenly had an idea and pushed everything onto Xiao Bei.

In truth, these two questions were not difficult to answer. Furthermore, they were full of flaws. If this young eunuch did not have a guilty conscience, he would definitely be able to retort back. As a result, Nan Gong Qian was able to determine whose fault it was with a single glance.

"Someone, drag him down." Nan Gong Qian summoned the guards and brought the little eunuch away.

Just as the guard was about to leave, Xiao Bei stepped forward to plead for mercy, "Your Highness Crown Prince, this eunuch just accidentally broke the vase, the punishment is not death."

"When did I say I would kill him?" Nan Gong Qian glanced at Xiao Bei from the corner of his eyes, and asked: "On the other hand, you, how could you have the good intentions to speak up for him when no one is looking for you as a scapegoat?"

Hearing this, Xiao Bei was slightly stunned; today was indeed a bit too late. Realizing this, Xiao Bei immediately kneeled to the ground and cupped his fists: "Xiao Bei has always been a servant since he was young, and has suffered such grievances many times. It is no longer surprising, why must you keep it in your heart."

"Is that so? That's why you were able to reverse the case so quickly? "Seems like I've really suffered a lot." Nan Gong Qian helped Xiao Bei up, seeing that his eyes looked evasive, he laughed lightly and said: "Since the original place is not comfortable, then let's go somewhere else."

Xiao Bei stood behind Nan Gong Qian with a little fear. He faintly felt that this Crown Prince was becoming more and more dangerous for him, and would his originally peaceful life be broken just like this?

However, Nan Gong Qian felt that today, this blue and white porcelain vase was worth it, and this young eunuch actually accidentally let him see a different side of Xiao Bei.

Seeing that it was late, Nan Gong Qian decided to pay respects to the Queen Empress, and so he ordered for Xiao Bei to go with him. After waiting for a while in the Queen's sleeping quarters, Nan Gong Qian intentionally or unintentionally glanced at Xiao Bei, who had his head lowered as he stood by the door, and then entered the sleeping quarters.

"This son greets mother empress." Nan Gong Qian knelt down and paid his respects.

Seeing that it was Nan Gong Qian, Queen smiled, "What happened to my son today? He actually bowed like this? "Hurry up and get up."

Nan Gong Qian lifted his head and chuckled, then stood up. He did indeed come to pay his respects today because he had something to say. Thus, some of them obediently went forward to support Queen who was about to step down from her seat.

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