When the Queen saw Crown Prince being so polite, she thought that she came for the matter of Lin Ruo Yin passing or not. It was funny. It had only been two days and he couldn't wait any longer?

"If your son has something to say, why don't you just say it? Is there a need to do all of this with your mother?" It was not because the Crown Prince was not filial, but rather, it was because sooner or later, there was no need to say anything. If she obtained something good, the first thing she would think of was the Queen, how could she not know about it? Seeing Nan Gong Qian being so anxious, she wanted to teach him a lesson.

"What is Imperial Mother saying? How can you call it empty? However, I do have a matter that I wish to request for your mother's consent. " Nan Gong Qian supported Queen to the window and sat down. From here, he could see Xiao Bei standing outside.

Could it be that this did not concern Lin Ruo Yin? Queen thought, what else could make Nan Gong Qian be so attentive? However, he remained calm on the surface. "What is it?"

"Imperial Mother, your son wishes to have a follower." His Highness the Crown Prince indicated for the Queen to look outside and then pointed at Xiao Bei. "It's him, this son wants him to follow beside me."

Queen was confused, "It's just a small follower, why would His Highness come to find Wailing Home as the judge?"

"Mother, you don't know. Your son went to find him, but was unable to find out who he is. Only then did I think of asking Mother to step in and take that person for me. " Nan Gong Qian explained his difficult situation.

Previously, when he met Xiao Bei, he had people investigate him, but they were unable to find anything about him. Nan Gong Qian knew that the followers in the palace would either be chosen from the palaces, or they were the servants of the ministers that came to attend the banquet. But no matter which side, they should have some background.

Hearing Nan Gong Qian's words, the Queen was also interested in this follower, but she still chided him, "You said you want a girl in a while, and a follower in a while. I can still understand this girl, but there are so many people serving you in the palace, is there really no one who can match your intentions? "

Of course, there were people who were sincere, but there weren't many who could interest him like this, and there weren't many who couldn't figure it out at the moment. Furthermore, from the scene just now, Xiao Bei was not some treacherous person, but he had courage and schemes, if he was by Xiao Bei's side, it would be like adding wings to a tiger!

Just as he was about to inform Queen of his thoughts, he heard Mu Ling Wei's voice coming from outside the door.

"Why are you here? How come I can see you everywhere? " Mu Ling Wei just did not like Xiao Bei. If he had not intentionally pointed out a wrong path yesterday, she might have been able to catch up to Crown Prince Big Brother.

Xiao Bei silently sighed in his heart, no matter where I go, will I be able to meet these two ancestors? His heart moved slightly, and he said to Mu Ling Wei in a low voice: "Miss Ling Wei, the person you want to meet is inside waiting to see you."

"Are you serious?" It couldn't be that he was lying to her, right?

"Absolutely." Xiao Bei retreated two steps, and once again stood still as a piece of wood.

Mu Ling Wei tidied her clothes before stepping into the Queen's chambers. As expected, as soon as she went in, she immediately saw Nan Gong Qian who was wholeheartedly thinking about him. Originally, she had come to seek forgiveness from the Queen. After all, she had contradicted the Queen yesterday.

But now, once he saw Nan Gong Qian, he threw all other matters to the back of his mind. He only had Crown Prince in his heart.

"Crown Prince Big Brother, why are you here too?" Mu Ling Wei walked forward and held onto Nan Gong Qian's arm.

Nan Gong Qian was a little embarrassed, but he did not push her and allowed her to carry him like this. There was no anger in his tone, he only said gently: "I am here to pay my respects, what about you?"

"Ah, Ling Wei is here to ask for forgiveness from Aunt." Mu Ling Wei thought of his own goal and immediately let go of Nan Gong Qian. He knelt in front of Queen and said with an expression that he knew he had done wrong, "Aunt, please forgive me. Ling Wei went too far last night and shouldn't speak like that."

Queen was not angry in the first place, but seeing that Ling Wei took the initiative to admit her mistakes, he did not pursue the matter. He let her get up and amiably said, "If you can think things through, that would be for the best."

Comprehension? How is this possible? If he wanted her to give away the Crown Prince Big Brother, how was it possible that he had to marry someone else! Thinking about it this way, Mu Ling Wei's stubborn temper rose again. But this time, it was not towards the Queen, but towards Nan Gong Qian.

"Crown Prince Big Brother, can you tell aunt that you won't marry Lin Ruo Yin? What's good about her? Is she as cute as Ling Wei? "

Nan Gong Qian saw that although Mu Ling Wei's aura was very unyielding, her eyes were red, obviously showing that she had the urge to cry. She could not bear to hurt her, so she said: "No, no, Ling Wei is the cutest."

"Then is she as considerate as Ling Wei, and can play with Crown Prince Big Brother?" Mu Ling Wei was unwilling to let it go.

"Of course not." Nan Gong Qian felt a headache.

"Then does she like Crown Prince Big Brother as much as Ling Wei?" Mu Ling Wei asked but he was actually feeling sad.

Seeing that she was really going to cry, Nan Gong Qian actually started to feel pained, and anxiously said: "No, I know Ling Wei likes me the most, and treats me the best."

"What about you? Crown Prince Big Brother had also said that she liked Ling Wei before, so why did she marry another woman now? That Lin Ruo Yin was indeed a little more beautiful than Ling Wei, but there was nothing she could do about it. But other than that, how could she be good enough for you to want to marry her! Ling Wei was unwilling! "I can't accept it!" When Mu Ling Wei finished his sentence, he was actually crying.

But her crying was different from other girls. The other women were all delicate and delicate. Even if they were in tears, they still pitied her. Her crying was earth-shattering. If you didn't listen to her, she would cry to death for you to see!

Mu Ling Wei was crying loudly in her living room, but Lin Ruo Yun had already found out. Yesterday, the Crown Prince came to see her at Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard, and at dinner time, he had even prepared a box and sent it over to her.

"This Lin Ruo Yin, just what ability does she have? can actually get His Highness to take it so seriously? " Cui Ping said in disdain as she stood by Lin Ruo Yun's side and looked at the panicking Lin Ruo Yun.

Lin Ruo Yun's heart was currently in a mess. The matter of Lin Ruo Yin falling into the water yesterday had first displeased Mu Ling Wei, then it was Grand Lady personally visiting Lin Ruo Yin. She believed that the Grand Lady already knew about the matter of him falling into the water, and was completely tied to him. She didn't say it now because it was inconvenient to stay in the palace. When she got home, it would be hard for her.

"Second Miss, wait a moment." Cui Ping poured a cup of tea for Lin Ruo Yun, allowing her to calm down.

Lin Ruo Yun looked at Cui Ping and accepted the teacup from her. This servant was very quick-witted, Lin Ruo Yun trusted her a lot. However, what she didn't know was that this Cui Ping was actually planted by her side on purpose, as she kept an eye on her movements at all times.

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