She swore that she would definitely protect Lv Yu and Hong Mei well for the rest of her life. Seeing the conflict between the two, Lin Ruo Yin kindheartedly started to be the mediator, touching Hong Mei's hands and whispering to her: "You, Lv Yu is always calling you sister, are you this petty?"

Hong Mei was slightly startled, she looked towards Lin Ruo Yin, and seeing that she was not angry, she realized these words were said for the angry Lv Yu to hear.

"I was just joking with her. Who would have thought that she actually took it seriously?" Hong Mei smiled, meaning, she was just joking, she did not really want to blame Lv Yu.

Lv Yu listened at the side and was very happy, but she did not say a word.

Seeing such a childish Lv Yu, Lin Ruo Yin turned her head and looked at her: "You, talking is always on your mind. If not for your Big Sister Hong Mei constantly helping you out, you would have lost your life a long time ago, how could you be angry here? "

Actually, Lv Yu understood better than anyone else that Hong Mei had treated her well. Perhaps it was precisely because of this that Hong Mei did not help her speak up just now, and had even made fun of her, causing her to feel a little uncomfortable.

However, hearing Miss's words, she had temporarily thought things through. Besides, he wasn't really angry at all. He was just playing around with his temper. Then he laughed and said to Hong Mei: "Hmph, you've been tricked, right? I'm not that stingy. "

Hearing Lv Yu's words, Hong Mei also burst out laughing, tapped her forehead, and said with concern: "In front of Miss, we can be so presumptuous. After leaving the room, you must be careful of what you say and what you do. If you do something that is detrimental to Miss, I won't let you off then. "

Lv Yu snorted, "I should be the one to tell you that!"

Lin Ruo Yin quietly looked at the two chattering girls in front of him, and felt that everything matched the scenes from her previous life. At that time, they liked to bicker in front of her.

Only later, they died because of her.

This time, she definitely wouldn't let this tragedy happen again!

"This is so infuriating, it's infuriating!" Once Lin Ruo Yun entered the house, she started to throw a tantrum. Her two hands fiercely tapped the table as she vented her anger, and her pretty face started to contort.

Cui Ping was originally packing her things inside the house, when she saw Lin Ruo Yun angrily come in, she immediately put down what she was doing, walked over and poured herself a cup of tea, then asked: "What happened to Miss? Who made you angry? "

It turned out that when Lin Ruo Yun returned from Grand Lady's room, she originally wanted to go eat with him. In the end, when Grand Lady saw that she had gone, there was no happiness on her face. Only Lan Xiu was able to talk to her. Not long after, Lin Ruo Yin also left, but the Grand Lady treated her warmly. When eating, she would only give food for Lin Ruo Yin.

Hearing that, Cui Ping thought that Grand Lady must be extremely disappointed, that's why she was like that. However, she couldn't say these words out loud. After thinking for a bit, she came up with a plan.

"Second Miss, tell me, what kind of soup did this Third Miss pour for you? How could Grand Lady be so happy? " Cui Ping asked with a confused look.

However, Lin Ruo Yun did not spare her a glance and coldly said: "What is so special about her? Wasn't it just a mouth that could speak? Look, even Crown Prince and Queen had been forced to submit by her, so there's no need to even mention Ancestor Grandmother. If you want me to say it, just poison her mouth and see what else she can do. "

"Aiya, my Second Miss, be careful of what you say! If anyone heard this, it would be a big matter. This Third Miss is someone that His Highness Crown Prince has his eyes on. " Cui Ping hurriedly covered Lin Ruo Yun's mouth with a face full of worry.

After hearing Lin Ruo Yun's reminder, she knew that his mouth was moving too quickly, so she nodded and asked Cui Ping to let go. Only when his mouth regained its freedom did she say, "If only Big Sis was here, there would definitely be a way."

"Miss, although this Eldest Miss is good, you are not worse than him. Furthermore, the Eldest Miss is no longer in the palace. If the Crown Prince sees the true face of the Third Miss, wouldn't you stand out? " Cui Ping moved closer to Lin Ruo Yun's ear and whispered.

Hearing this, Lin Ruo Yun frowned, looked at Cui Ping and said: "It's easy to say, Crown Prince Your Highness has a good impression of Lin Ruo Yin right now, adding the matter of the banquet last time, what kind of good impression could Crown Prince have of me?"

Cui Ping saw that Lin Ruo Yun was actually not fooled, so she tried her best to encourage him: "Miss, think about it, Third Miss normally has an elegant and courteous appearance in front of people, but when there is no one around, what about it? If you let everyone know that it was an act of the Third Miss, wouldn't you have a chance? When that time comes, forget about Grand Lady, even the entire Lin Family would have to come and curry favor with you. "

If that really happens, wouldn't she be the Crown Prince's concubine? Wouldn't she be the leader of the entire Lin Family? Just thinking about it made Lin Ruo Yun feel extremely proud, as she would become a phoenix if she were to stand out in the future. At that time, the first thing she would do was to kick Lin Ruo Yin out of the Lin Mansion.

"Cui Ping, come, what should we do now?" Lin Ruo Yun's interest was piqued, and she began to plot with Cui Ping head to head.

After everything was discussed, Lin Ruo Yun asked Cui Ping to bring her salutations and to choose a bright and beautiful set of clothes from her bag. She also saw the lovers' sachet that was embroidered when she learned embroidery from his mother, as well as the handkerchief embroidered with her resentment. Her mother had told her that she was giving it to a man she would love in the future, or to her future husband.

Thinking of this, Lin Ruo Yun bashfully put away the scented sachet and handkerchief, and waited for Cui Ping to finish changing her clothes before heading out of the room and entering Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard.

Along the way, Lin Ruo Yun had been practicing how to be a good sister to her little sister. Therefore, when she arrived at Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard with a smile plastered all over her face, Hong Mei felt that it was too inconceivable.

"You said the Second Sister is here?" Lin Ruo Yin was about to take a nap, but after hearing Hong Mei's words, she frowned slightly, thinking to herself, what is she going to do now?

Hong Mei nodded and said: "Second Miss is a little strange."

"What's strange?" Lin Ruo Yin decided that she might as well put on the coat that she had just taken off, and walked over to the dressing mirror to tidy up her appearance, and also wait for Hong Mei's reply.

"Mn, Second Miss was rather nice when she came over, but Hong Mei just felt uncomfortable looking at her." Hong Mei said out her feelings. Seeing that Miss had already organized everything, she asked: "Miss, is everything alright?"

Lin Ruo Yin sneered in her heart. Whether or not it was a blessing or a curse, she could not avoid it. Moreover, this Lin Ruoyun didn't have much ability to begin with. She would just meet her and see what she had in mind.

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