"Let Second Sister in." Lin Ruo Yin also changed into a friendly expression, she sat by the side of the table and leisurely poured two cups of tea.

When the tea was poured, Lin Ruo Yun came in. Lin Ruo Yin hurriedly went forward to welcome him, took the initiative to hold Lin Ruo Yun's hand and smiled: "Why is Second Sister here? Sister just happens to have some tea with Second Sister. "

Seeing Lin Ruo Yin's warm heart, Lin Ruo Yun felt disgusted. But on the surface, she didn't reveal it at all. Her other hand also covered their clasped hands, and she said somewhat guiltily, "Everything that happened before was all my fault, causing my sister to fall into the water and catch typhus. When I went back from Ancestor Grandmother's room, I had a lot of thoughts in my heart. I feel really sorry for my sister, but we are family now.

Family? Lin Ruo Yin coldly snorted in her heart. When did she, Lin Ruo Yun, think of her as a family? Fortunately, she never wanted to admit that she had such an elder sister. However, did she want to play the part of a true sister? She, Lin Ruo Yin, would keep you company until the end.

"What did elder sister say? How could there be any enmity between sisters? Furthermore, we are blood sisters, so we should be kind and amiable. This way Ancestor Grandmother would be happy to see us. "

Lin Ruo Yin's words were reasonable, and she even brought up the Grand Lady. Hearing Lin Ruo Yun's fake smile, Lin Ruo Yin really felt that this play could not go on. If it wasn't for the fact that she had a plan, she wouldn't have let herself suffer so much.

"I'm so confused. Big sister has been here for so long, I can't even have a sip of her saliva." Lin Ruo Yin picked up the two cups of tea and handed one cup to Lin Ruo Yun.

The aroma of tea lingered between them, and the rising mist seemed to blind the two of them.

Lin Ruo Yun shot a glance at his teacup as she reached out to quickly sweep the teacup in front of him. In addition to the fact that the two of them were not far away, the teacup rolled onto the hem of Lin Ruo Yun's skirt.

"Aiya, what is little sister doing? Even if elder sister dirtied your skirt that night, but elder sister had already apologized and you accepted it, why did you do this? " Lin Ruo Yun suddenly questioned Lin Ruo Yin loudly, the smile on her face looked somewhat sinister.

You Lin Ruo Yun, you sure you want to play this game with me? Lin Ruo Yin looked at Lin Ruo Yun's self-acting play, and after a moment of thought, she understood the meaning of this action, and a cold smile rose from the corner of her mouth.

"I just don't think my sister's apology is true enough. "I'm tired. Elder sister, you should go back first." With that, he opened the door, and with the help of the servants, he pushed Lin Ruo Yun out.

Lin Ruo Yun also didn't expect that Lin Ruo Yin wasn't surprised in the slightest. On the contrary, she fulfilled her wish and was driven out of the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest by Lin Ruo Yin. While she was rejoicing in her heart, she wanted to pretend to fall down and make the matter bigger. It would be best if she could attract the Crown Prince over.

As he was thinking about this, Lin Ruo Yun didn't pay attention to the path under his feet. When he was walking down the stairs, he accidentally twisted his foot and fell to the ground.

"Ah, it hurts!" Lin Ruo Yun held onto her feet, seeing that none of the servants by her side came out to help her, she scolded loudly, "You damn girls, are you blind? Do you not see this Miss fall? Hurry and help me up! "

Cui Ping always thought that Lin Ruo Yun was pretending to fall, she never thought that she would really fall to the ground. She couldn't help but feel speechless in her heart, but she still walked over, wanting to help her up.

"Haha ?" At this moment, a burst of laughter came from outside the courtyard.

Lin Ruo Yin looked outside and saw that the person who came was the daughter of the Assistant Minister of the Department of Revenue, Hu Qian Qian. If she remembered correctly, this big brother of Hu Qian Qian's had long been engaged to Lin Ruo Yun, and this woman had never disliked Lin Ruo Yun.

This was going to be a good show! Lin Ruo Yin thought in her heart as she sat upright on the side of the table and gulped down the tea that she had not drunk just now. She indicated for Lv Yu to pour her another cup, as she wanted to watch a good show.

Sure enough, Hu Qian Qian looked at Lin Ruo Yun who had fallen to the ground and laughed: "My future sister-in-law, there's no need to make such a huge bow when you see me. I can't take it."

Originally, Hu Qian Qian had come here for a walk with a few noble ladies. When they arrived and heard Lin Ruo Yun's curses, they told the other noble ladies that they had matters to attend to and directly went around to this side.

"Sigh, since ancient times, there have been many heroes that have saved the beauty. Why is it that no one is willing to help your Lin Family? It seems like you are still not beautiful enough? "

"You!" Lin Ruo Yun was so angry at Hu Qian Qian that she couldn't even stand up, and could only look up at Hu Qian Qian, and berated: "You know I'm your future sister-in-law, and yet you're speaking to me like that?"

Hu Qian Qian had long hated this woman, she had also mentioned this to her brother more than once, allowing him to push the marriage over. However, she, Lin Ruo Yun, did not have much ability, but had a father who was a great warrior.

"To think you're even the University Hall's two thousand gold. Just look at what you've done, I really feel sad for my brother when he wants to marry you in the future. "Look at your current appearance, what's the difference between you and a shrew swearing on the streets?" After Hu Qian Qian finished, he shot Lin Ruo Yun a disdainful glance.

In front of so many servants, was she, Lin Ruo Yun, called a shrew? How could she endure such humiliation? Thinking about Lin Ruo Yin's confident smile just now, she suddenly seemed to understand something. She turned around and pointed at Lin Ruo Yin, and angrily shouted: "It's all her fault!"

Hearing Lin Ruo Yun's shout, the people in the nearby courtyard all came out to watch the commotion. Seeing that it was the Lin Family sisters again, they could not help but become interested, and prepared to see how the fight between the two of them worked.

In the face of Lin Ruo Yun's accusation, Lin Ruo Yin who was in the house, was only drinking tea leisurely, and did not intend to lower herself to her level. On the other hand, Hu Qian Qian had long heard of him. After getting along with him for the past few days, she had long since determined that Lin Ruo Yin was a good person.

"Lin Ruo Yun, as an older sister, you have truly failed enough. You actually allowed your younger sister to frame you. "Just how annoying are you to be?" After Hu Qian Qian finished, he looked at Lin Ruo Yin who was in the house.

Lin Ruo Yin seemed to have already known that Hu Qian Qian would do this. The moment she lifted her eyes, her face automatically changed into a grateful expression.

Hearing Hu Qian Qian's words, Lin Ruo Yun really regretted coming here today. But she, Lin Ruo Yun, was also not someone to be trifled with. She immediately changed her expression to one of wanting to cry but having no tears, and pointed at Lin Ruo Yin, crying slowly.

"I also want to know why my sister is doing this to me. She was the one who asked my servant to come and tell me to cooperate with her, but I didn't know why things turned out this way. Why do you all believe her, and not me? If you don't believe me, you can ask my servant girl. " With that, Lin Ruo Yun looked at Cui Ping.

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