Cui Ping gritted her teeth and braced herself: "It is indeed the Third Miss who found this servant. After this servant returns, this servant will tell my Miss and my Miss will cooperate with him. This way, he can smoothly become the Crown Prince's concubine."

After saying that, Lin Ruo Yun did not know how she did it, but she forced herself to squeeze out two tears, and started to cry in the courtyard.

Hu Qian Qian felt annoyed looking at it, what's more, Lin Ruo Yun wanted to blow the matter up? She didn't want to get involved, so she quickly turned around and left.

However, when the other spectators heard what Lin Ruo Yun said, they all started to feel that it was unfair for her.

Who knew that right after Hu Qian Qian left, a bucket of water splashed out of Lin Ruo Yin's house, straight onto her head. Lin Ruo Yun was instantly soaked in sweat.

In order to attract the Crown Prince's attention, Lin Ruo Yun purposely pretended to be weak. She, Lin Ruo Yin, could endure it, but she was also willing to cooperate. She didn't have any feelings for Nan Gong Qian anyway. No, she wasn't interested in the entire Nan Gong Family anyway.

However, Lin Ruo Yun shouldn't have, she said that in order to become the Crown Prince's Concubine, he had asked her to help him. Did she really think that she, Lin Ruo Yin, was still a fool like in her previous life, that easy to bully?

Putting down the teacup heavily, Lin Ruo Yin looked at the wet Lin Ruo Yun coldly in the courtyard and felt a little more at ease.

Lin Ruo Yun was drenched, she had forgotten what she was about to cry about, and immediately stood up while shouting, but her feet were in excruciating pain, in the end, she could only allow Cui Ping to support him, and shouted towards the house: "Lin Ruo Yin, come out if you have the ability, what are you scheming inside?"

Lv Yu walked out with the basin in hand. Because she was standing on top of the stairs, she looked down at Lin Ruo Yun from above and said: "My Miss has said that this will allow him to help my Miss even more. My Miss will remember this kindness in her heart and will repay this kindness in the future."

It was at this time that Hong Mei walked over, pulled Lv Yu back, and scolded him: "You're too ignorant. Look at how brightly and brightly Second Miss is dressed today, I'm sure you have something important to take care of. If you continue to cause trouble like this, won't you be delaying Second Miss's business?"

Only after hearing Hong Mei's reminder, did Lin Ruo Yun realize how terrible her current situation was. She could clearly feel her hair being stuck to her forehead and cheeks.

"Isn't that a lover's perfume bag and handkerchief?" Someone recognized him.

"There are still words on the handkerchief." Another girl saw it.

"It looks like she's going to give it to the man I love, but isn't she already engaged? And why did he bring them to his sister's place? " Questions were raised.

"Have you forgotten that her sister was chosen by the Crown Prince?"

Someone spoke out the truth. Although it was just a sentence, an intelligent person could naturally understand. It seemed that the person with evil intentions was not Lin Ruo Yin, but Lin Ruo Yun.

The discussions were buzzing in Lin Ruo Yun's ears. Lin Ruo Yun had nowhere to go, he turned and pointed at Cui Ping, cursing: "It was all your rotten idea, now is it okay? Causing me to be so embarrassed! If it wasn't for elder sister, she ? "

"Miss, it's all Cui Ping's fault, please punish Cui Ping." Seeing that Second Miss was about to reveal her Eldest Miss, Cui Ping quickly stepped forward in front of her and held all of her mistakes in her arms. She definitely could not let Eldest Miss be implicated like this.

Lin Ruo Yun acted as if she was protecting her master wholeheartedly, and when she thought that this matter was indeed because of her, she raised her hand and was about to slap her. However, at this moment, Grand Lady's voice came out.

"What are you all doing?" The Grand Lady originally wanted Lan Xiu to come and deliver some things to Ruoyin, but when Lan Xiu ran back, he told her that the Second Miss was making a ruckus at the entrance of Third Miss's room, and wanted her to come over quickly and take a look.

It didn't matter if they didn't look, since the two of them had already fought to this extent, how could they, the Lin Family, hide their faces?

Seeing that the Grand Lady had come, they did not linger and turned to leave. Lin Ruo Yun was stunned on the spot, and even forgot to raise her hand.

"You dare to commit murder in front of me? You're getting bolder and bolder? " Grand Lady walked in front of Lin Ruo Yun with an ice-cold expression.

Lin Ruo Yin knew that the Grand Lady had arrived and quickly walked out as well. She knelt in front of the Grand Lady and said with a teary voice: "Ancestor Grandmother, you've come. If you hadn't come, Luo Yin wouldn't have dared to come out of the house."

Seeing Ruoyin, whom he had always doted on, being wronged, Grand Lady shot a glance at Lin Ruo Yun, personally lifting him up, and comforted: "Ruoyin isn't afraid, hasn't Ancestor Grandmother come? Don't worry, as long as Ancestor Grandmother is here, no one will dare to bully Ruoyin. "

Lin Ruo Yin lowered his head and replied softly, but she did not raise his head. She was afraid that Grand Lady would see through her the moment she raised her head. Her eyes were dry and there were no tears at all.

Immediately, she decided that she would ask Lan Xiu to send the two of them back to the residence as soon as possible. She wanted to take the initiative to visit Queen before news of this matter had spread to her.

"Ancestor Grandmother, Ruo Yin will go with Ancestor Grandmother." Lin Ruo Yin suddenly pulled Grand Lady along as he lowered his head and leaned on her arm.

Grand Lady thought that Lin Ruo Yin was afraid that after returning to the Lin Family, Lin Ruo Yun would complain and let his family rule for her. She said to Lan Xiu: "After we return, tell everyone in the family that no one is allowed to make things difficult for Ruoyin, wait until I return."

"Yes, Grand Lady." Lan Xiu quickly replied, then looked towards Lin Ruo Yin and nodded slightly.

Lin Ruo Yun looked at Grand Lady who was wholeheartedly supporting Lin Ruo Yin, and knew that even if they were to return home, there was no way to embarrass her. She couldn't help but feel infuriated, so she called Cui Ping and turned to leave.

In less than an hour, Lin Ruo Yin and Lin Ruo Yun were sent back onto the carriage.

When Nan Gong Qian knew about this, the horse carriage had already gone far away. Looking at the horse carriage which had turned into a little black dot, Nan Gong Qian's gaze was deep, and no one could guess what he was thinking about.

Xiao Bei, who had always been by Nan Gong Qian's side, thought back to what he had just heard and was deeply afraid that something bad would happen to Lin Ruo Yin after he returned. Just as he was thinking about how to leave, he saw Grand Lady, who had already begged to leave, walk out and immediately kowtow.

"Xiao Bei greets Grand Lady."

"You are..." Grand Lady looked down at the servant who suddenly knelt in front of her, and thought about the name Xiao Bei, and suddenly realized something: "You are that child that followed old cook into the palace? I didn't expect you to be this old already. "

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