It was clear that the Grand Lady knew about Xiao Bei, and Xiao Bei also knew about this, so he relied on the old lady to return to the Lin Mansion.

"It is indeed me. This time, I was fortunate enough to be able to follow the Grand Lady to the palace, and was even recognized by His Highness. Recently, I have always been by His Highness's side, but after hearing that the Grand Lady and the other Miss s are returning to their residences, I came to serve the Grand Lady." Xiao Bei said respectfully.

He's from the Lin Mansion? Nan Gong Qian frowned, and when he thought about the matter between him and Lin Ruo Yin earlier, he made a guess.

"This old one greets Your Highness, Crown Prince." When Grand Lady walked out of the main gate, she saw that Nan Gong Qian was also there.

Nan Gong Qian returned to reality upon hearing the voice. Seeing that it was from Lin Family, he helped his up, "Grand Lady does not need to be so courteous."

Grand Lady thanked him with a smile, then, he thought of Xiao Bei's words. He bowed to him and said: "This old one owes this old one the deep love of Crown Prince to Xiao Bei."

"Grand Lady knows about Xiao Bei too?" Nan Gong Qian looked at Xiao Bei and thought, this man is not simple at all, a mere little servant can actually make Grand Lady fall for him?

Grand Lady also noticed the look in Crown Prince's eyes as he looked at Xiao Bei, and immediately replied: "Even Xiao Bei cannot say that he is our Lin Family's servant. That old cook has some connections with this old one, that's why this old one agreed to this matter. Furthermore, Xiao Bei was not listed on the list of servants or servants. "

No wonder he could not find out which family Xiao Bei was from. Nan Gong Qian thought in his heart, and asked: "Xiao Bei, you want to return to the Lin Mansion?"

"Reporting to Your Highness Crown Prince, I owe a great debt to the old cook for raising and nurturing her. Furthermore, her health has not been well recently, so I can't be at ease." What Xiao Bei said was the truth, but after that, he had someone else that he couldn't let go of.

Seeing that he had made up his mind, he no longer forced him to stay, and only took care of him, "If you don't want to stay in the Lin Mansion in the future and become a servant, I'll welcome you here in the palace at any time."

"Thank you, Your Highness Crown Prince, for your kindness." Xiao Bei knelt and kowtowed. After Nan Gong Qian was gone, he stood up.

He heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, but when he saw Grand Lady's eyes, he felt that it was a little strange.

"Let's go." Grand Lady got on the carriage, and Xiao Bei sat beside the coachman.

Nan Gong Qian watched the horse carriage leave, and couldn't help but laugh. This Xiao Bei, let him go, one day he will come back. It was because he seemed to already know his weakness.

"The two Miss s have arrived home." A luxurious carriage stopped in front of the University Hall. Lan Xiu was the first to alight and place down the low stool, then raised the curtain and spoke to Lin Ruo Yin and Lin Ruo Yun who were inside.

The other three girls stood behind Lan Xiu, who let Lv Yu go get her luggage while she stayed behind to wait for Miss to get off the carriage.

Suddenly, an "Ah" sound came out from the carriage, and then, Lin Ruo Yun got off with a complacent look on her face.

"Miss, how are you?" After Hong Mei heard the shouts, she anxiously jumped onto the carriage, seeing Lin Ruo Yin who had fallen on the ground, she anxiously went over and helped her up.

Originally, inside the carriage, Lin Ruo Yin was sitting outside, so she should have been the one to get off first, but Lin Ruo Yun actually stood up at once. Not caring that Lin Ruo Yin was already about to get off the carriage, she immediately ran over and got off first.

As Lin Ruo Yin fell, she coincidentally bumped into a chair at the back, and a dull pain came from the back. If Hong Mei had not come in to support her, she might really be able to stand up.

"I'm fine." Lin Ruo Yin forced out a smile, wanting Hong Mei to be at ease.

But how could Hong Mei not see that the Miss was silently enduring? Seeing her like this, Hong Mei knew in his heart that Miss didn't want to blow the matter. Although she was unwilling in his heart, she held back on Lin Ruo Yin's account.

Lin Ruo Yun carefully got off the carriage but Lin Ruo Yun still did not leave. Seeing this scene, she coldly snorted and said, "Hmph, putting on an act, I feel disgusted just by looking at it."

Lin Ruo Yun's words completely aroused Hong Mei's anger. She initially thought that Miss would not want to blow the matter, so even if she was angry, she would endure it, but she didn't think that she would hear such words after getting off the car.

"Second Miss, you were the one who injured my Miss, how can you say that?" Although Hong Mei's words were respectful, her tone was sharp.

Lin Ruo Yun was already feeling stifled. There was no place to vent his bellyful of anger, and now was the perfect time for Hong Mei to vent it out.

"Who do you think you are? Your Miss still hasn't spoken, so it's your turn? Furthermore, you need to rely on evidence to speak. Which of your eyes saw that I hit your Miss? " Lin Ruo Yun acted like a master teaching a servant a lesson.

"Second Miss, how can you ?" Seeing Hong Mei choked to the point that she couldn't say a word, Lv Yu couldn't help but speak up for her. But before she could even halfway through her words, she was startled by a cold glare from Lin Ruo Yun and was immediately silenced.

Lin Ruo Yun looked at Lin Ruo Yin and the other two, and said sarcastically: "You really are acting unfairly. Little sister, are these the servants in your courtyard? "Since you don't know the rules, big sis will help you teach them properly."

After he finished speaking, Lin Ruo Yun gestured to Cui Ping who was beside him, "Why aren't you helping Third Miss discipline this servant?"

Cui Ping nodded lightly. She stood in front of Hong Mei He Lv Yu with no expression on her face and raised her right hand.

"Elder sister!" Lin Ruo Yin suddenly blocked Cui Ping's hand, but her gaze landed on Lin Ruo Yun, and coldly said: "Hong Mei He Lv Yu is a person from my courtyard, even if you make a mistake, it should be my fault, I will punish you, no need for sister to worry."

Lin Ruo Yin had said before that in this life, she would protect Hong Mei He Lv Yu and not let the two of them get hurt again. Furthermore, Hong Mei had defended them because she cared too much for him. How could she bear to see them suffer when faced with such a maid?

"Alright then, elder sister, I will stand here and see how my younger sister will discipline her underlings." Lin Ruo Yun raised her eyebrows, showing an expression of watching a good show.

Lan Xiu saw everything. Seeing that the Second Miss was making things difficult for the Third Miss, she couldn't help but walk forward and block in front of Hong Mei He Lv Yu. He slightly lowered her head and said to Lin Ruo Yun in a friendly manner: "Second Miss, this Hong Mei He Lv Yu was promoted not long ago. Lan Xiu apologized on their behalf, but she would also properly teach them. Second Miss, what do you think? "

Lan Xiu had served beside Grand Lady for a long time and had to give her some face from top to bottom. Furthermore, this matter was originally Lin Ruo Yun's fault. If Grand Lady knew about this, it would be even more troublesome, so she might as well give Lan Xiu this face. It was good to turn a small incident into a small one and then into a small one.

"Hmph." Lin Ruo Yun snorted coldly, turned around, and took the lead to return to his residence.

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