Seeing that Lin Ruo Yun had returned to her residence first, Lin Ruo Yin immediately turned to teach him a lesson, "The two of you better remember this properly.

Although the words were spoken sternly, Lin Ruo Yin's voice was extremely gentle. Hong Mei He Lv Yu and Mu Yurou were not stupid, they naturally knew that Miss was worried that something would happen to the two of them in the future. Feeling touched, she hurriedly agreed.

Lin Ruo Yin heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that they all knew what she was thinking about. She said gratefully to Lan Xiu: "Ruoyin has been helped by Senior Sister Lan Xiu many times, I really don't know how to thank you for that. I have homemade scented buns here that can help me sleep, I hope it will be useful for Senior Sister. "

Lan Xiu received it with both hands and blessed herself with it's thanks. Seeing that Lin Ruo Yin was secretly enduring, she thought of what happened earlier and immediately said: "Third Miss, quickly go back to your room and let the two girls see the injuries on your back. If it's serious, remember to call a doctor to take a look."

Lin Ruo Yin gratefully looked at Lan Xiu once more before calling Hong Mei He Lv Yu to enter her own residence and return to her own courtyard.

Lan Xiu lowered her head and looked at the sachet in her hands, putting it on her nose and took a whiff, the smell was indeed good. She smiled as she put the scented bag back into her sleeve and entered the mansion as well.

Because there were still a few more days until their return, Lin Mansion didn't know that they had returned today. When Third Wife saw her daughter suddenly appear inside the house, she jumped in fright, and asked: "Ruoyun, why are you back?"

Lin Ruo Yun told them everything that had happened in the palace, and then held their hands and asked anxiously: "Mother, what should I do? If Ancestor Grandmother finds out, I probably won't even need to go out of the house for a year. "

Third Wife didn't have any ways to deal with her daughter. It was one thing if she wasn't smart, but she still didn't know what it meant to be obedient and go against Lin Ruo Yin. However, that Lin Ruo Yin was actually able to receive the appreciation of the Queen Empress, it seems that she must have some ability. That silly girl of hers wants to fight with someone else? She was asking for trouble.

"Ruoyun, listen to mother. From today onwards, do not look for trouble with Lin Ruo Yin anymore. Once Grand Lady returns, you can take the initiative to apologize." The Third Wife pulled Lin Ruo Yun's hand and took care of him sincerely.

Hearing that, Lin Ruo Yun actually wanted her to lower her head to him, how was that possible? It was impossible for her to do so! In her heart, she felt that her mother was just timid. Seeing that Lin Ruo Yin was now appreciated by so many people, she wanted to curry favor with her, but wanting her, Lin Ruo Yun, to curry favor with Lin Ruo Yin was impossible!

"Mother, I thought you and I were standing by the side and that Lin Ruo Yin was simply pretending to have good intentions. She previously caused Big Sis to be disfigured, and also caused me to be punished by the Ancestor Grandmother to be confined. Mother, you don't even remember? " When Lin Ruo Yun thought about those things, she could not take it anymore. She got up and prepared to leave.

"Where are you going? Looking for your elder sister again? Let me tell you, don't walk around your Big Sis anymore, "the Third Wife held Lin Ruo Yun back, and pointed to the courtyard next to them." She's disfigured now, if you don't want to meet her, don't cause trouble.

Lin Ruo Yun curled her lips and sat down again.

The yard next door, had become much quieter since Lin Ruo Xi's face was injured. When Lin Ruo Xi did not come out of his room, other than the servants and doctors, she did not see anyone else. Even the three meals were brought into his room. Lin Fu Cheng also followed her, too lazy to bother.

Lin Ruo Xi was currently sitting in front of her dressing mirror. The gauze on her face had been removed, leaving behind a faint scar. Although it was not very obvious, it still made her feel like her heart was being clawed by a cat.

"Doctor, can the scar on my face be healed?" Lin Ruo Xi slowly caressed his face. How could such a beautiful face have scars?

"The scar on Miss's face is very deep, to be able to recover it to seventy to eighty percent is already good enough. If he were to recover, I'm afraid it would be impossible."

This was the eighth doctor, he had said the same words as the previous seven. He clearly knew the result, but Lin Ruo Xi was not willing to accept it.

"Is there a way to heal it?" Actually, she already knew the answer to that question. Otherwise, how could she have replaced another eight doctors? But she didn't want to give up just like that. This doctor was an expert in this aspect, he would definitely have a way.

Once she healed her face, she would definitely make Lin Ruo Yin die a graveless death. She would let her have a taste of this too.

"Miss, this ? Really ? "There's no other way."

Lin Ruo Xi swept all of the rouge and cosmetics on the dresser onto the floor, as she no longer disguised herself. Her exquisite face was twisted to a point that it looked somewhat sinister, and she pointed at the doctor as she said fiercely, "Listen carefully, you are the eighth doctor I invited, I don't have anymore time to waste. If you don't cure my face, I will definitely let you live here forever!"

After the doctor heard this, his face was filled with fear, and he understood in his heart that for a dignified University Hall like her, wanting to kill a mere doctor like him was as easy as crushing an ant to death.

"Miss, please calm your anger. Actually, there is still a way." The doctor was so frightened that he fell to his knees, not daring to raise his head.

After hearing that there was no other way, Lin Ruo Xi's anger slowly calmed down. She helped the doctor up, and revealed a gentle and harmless smile: "Since the doctor has a way, then you can say it directly. I am willing to pay any price."

The doctor was so scared that he started trembling as he looked at Miss. He stammered, "This little one ? This little one will ? [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] "Bring them along."

"Alright." Lin Ruo Xi laughed and said, that smile on her face, which was reflected from the copper mirror, was extremely strange.

Lin Ruo Xi's face was once again plastered with gauze, but this time, Lin Ruo Xi's face carried a faint hint of happiness, which was presumably completely different from the past few days. Both of her hands slowly touched the edges of the gauze, causing Lin Ruo Xi's lips to curve slightly.

"Miss, Miss ?" The sound of hurried footsteps came from outside the house. Lin Ruo Xi stopped smiling and turned to look at maid who had ran in.

"What's the matter? Why are you in such a hurry?" Lin Ruo Xi lectured.

Qing He caught her breath, then said: "Miss, Second Miss and Third Miss were sent back early. I heard that something happened in the palace, and in a fit of anger, Grand Lady sent them back first. "

"Oh?" Lin Ruo Xi put down the brush that she was drawing her eyebrows, turned her head and asked: "Has Ancestor Grandmother returned yet?"

Qing He shook her head, "No, there's only two Miss s."

Lin Ruo Xi nodded her head, then turned back to continue drawing her eyebrows, although she looked calm on the surface, it was clear that her heart was going through a hundred twists and turns. Lin Ruo Yin was sent back in advance, but Ancestor Grandmother decided in a fit of rage. This meant that Lin Ruo Yin must have committed some sort of grave error that caused him to be chased back.

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