Maybe she had even made a fool of herself in front of the Queen and the officials. Because of face, the Ancestor Grandmother had sent her back first.

Hmph, sure enough, Lin Ruo Yin is far worse than me. If she went this time, it might make sense to him to directly become the Crown Prince's Consort.

Thinking about it this way, Lin Ruo Xi couldn't wait to see Lin Ruo Yin.

"Qing He, bring me the aqua colored skirt." Lin Ruo Xi continued to draw on her face without stopping, and without turning her head, she instructed her.

Qing He looked at her own Miss strangely. Didn't she say that she didn't want to go out? Then why do you have to change your clothes after putting on makeup? Although she did not understand, Qing He still walked in front of the wardrobe and took out the aqua colored dress.

Lin Ruo Xi changed into a dress and shone it in front of the copper mirror. Although there was gauze on her face, her figure was still very lithe. If one did not look at her face, she would still be a devastatingly beautiful beauty.

But at this time, Lin Ruo Xi did not think about all these. She called Qing He and walked out of the room she had not left for many days, and headed towards Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard.

Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard was relatively remote. Along the way, she could see many servants and servants who were extremely shocked to see Lin Ruo Xi. However, they only respectfully greeted him before leaving.

At this time, Lin Ruo Yin was in his own room, taking care of the injuries on his back. Hong Mei He Lv Yu helped Lin Ruo Yin to enter the room and slowly took off her clothes. Seeing a deep red bruise on his back, Hong Mei asked, "Miss, how about we call a doctor?"

But Lin Ruo Yin did not want to make things big, after all it was only a small wound and if she went to get a doctor, people would say that she was being too delicate, or perhaps she was doing it on purpose, because she wanted Grand Lady to know about this. She did not want any of these things to happen, or else Lin Ruo Yun would definitely say something about Hong Mei going against her.

Although the Grand Lady was protecting her, she was strict with her servants. Who knew how much pain she would cause Hong Mei.

"No need, just go and get me some Golden Sore Medicine to wipe it off." Lin Ruo Yin said to Hong Mei.

Hong Mei looked at the bruise, her heart was unsettled, and asked Lv Yu who was beside him, "What do you think? How could she not call a doctor? "What if there are scars?"

Lv Yu also nodded, and agreed: "Miss, just listen to us."

When Lin Ruo Yin heard that scars would appear on their foreheads, she found it funny. She turned around and tapped each of them on their foreheads and laughed: "What are you thinking? How could such a small wound leave a scar? "Alright, hurry up and go. Do you really want me to die from the pain?"

Hong Mei then went out to get the Gold Sore Medicine. In a short while, the two of them had Lin Ruo Yin lie on the bed and take off her clothes to lightly apply the medicine.

Lin Ruo Yin felt that they did not dare to use too much strength because they were afraid of hurting her. However, this kind of injury had to be opened before it could be healed, so she asked Hong Mei: "Did you not eat your fill? "Use more strength, or else I'll really leave a scar."

"The Miss will bear with it for a bit, it'll be a bit painful." Hong Mei sprinkled the Golden Sore Medicine on the bruise, then closed her eyes and rubbed it hard.

Lin Ruo Yin did not shout at all. It was really because of this little bit of pain, and towards the large and small injuries she had suffered in her previous life, it was truly too insignificant.

At that time, she went on stage to kill enemies for Nan Gong Jin, and was chased and killed by enemies. Her body was covered with wounds, and even if she felt that she couldn't hold on any longer, she would still have limitless strength when she thought of Nan Gong Jin. At that time, she felt that everything was worth it. As long as he could relax his worries, she would do anything.

But Lin Ruo Xi said that all of this was her one-sided wish. Yes, her greatest pain was not when she was killed on the battlefield, nor was it because of her old injuries. It was also not because of the pain she suffered when she narrowly escaped death after painstakingly giving birth to her daughter, nor was it because of the pain they caused when they severed the tendons in her hands and feet, throwing her into the cold palace. It was because Lin Ruo Xi had told her that everything she had done was merely her wishful thinking.

The man she loved had long betrayed her when she was pregnant, and he had killed her with her most beloved sister. Fortunately, when she died, her grievances were too deep, so she was given a chance to be reborn.

"Third Miss has come to see you." When the Lin Ruo Yin who was recalling her memories heard the message outside the door, a cold light flashed across her eyes. Towards Lin Ruo Xi, even if it caused her to lose her face, she did not feel the slightest bit of guilt.

"Miss, why don't you let this servant send her away?" Seeing that Lin Ruo Yin had closed his eyes, so she did not want them to disturb her Miss's rest, Lv Yu asked softly.

Hong Mei also felt that since the Miss was injured, why did he have to see them again? Moreover, this Eldest Miss must not be a good thing.

"Since elder sister has the heart to come and see me, how can I not see you? You two girls, help me out less. " Lin Ruo Yin slowly opened her eyes. The previous coldness had already been replaced by gentleness at this moment.

Hong Mei He Lv Yu looked at each other, and then heard Lin Ruo Yin command him, "Lv Yu, go outside and inform your sister that I'm applying medicine. Let her come in and sit, remember to make her a cup of good tea."

"Yes." Lv Yu accepted the order and quickly left.

After Hong Mei finished applying the medicine, she asked: "Does Miss want to change clothes? The clothes are filled with the smell of medicine. "

Lin Ruo Yin lowered her head and took a sniff, it really was the smell of the Golden Sore Medicine, she nodded and said: "Then take a piece of clothes for me to change into, don't smoke big sister anymore."

Hong Mei laughed as she went to get his clothes, and helped him change his clothes. When everything was done, it was about time for an incense stick of time.

Lin Ruo Xi who was waiting outside heard from Lv Yu that her Miss was injured, and thought that maybe she was punished in the palace before coming back? That seems to be quite a big matter.

After waiting for a long time and still not coming out, Lin Ruo Xi gradually lost her patience. However, she asked with a concerned look, "Why did it take so long? Lv Yu, is your Miss severely injured? "

It was just that Lv Yu's heart ached for her Miss, so when Lin Ruo Xi asked, she felt that the Eldest Miss was a good person, unlike the Second Miss, who was always making things difficult for her. Now that she found out that the Miss had returned, she immediately came to visit her. Feeling touched, she said, "Isn't that so? However, this Miss did not allow you to call a doctor. If this Eldest Miss sees my Miss, then you must help me persuade him. "

Hearing Lv Yu's words, Lin Ruo Xi pretended to be pained and nodded her head, but in her heart she secretly cursed, why did she not ask for a doctor when he was injured, could it be that she was afraid of others knowing? It looked like it was most likely true that she had been punished in the palace.

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