"Miss is here." Lv Yu walked out from the room and saw it immediately.

Lin Ruo Xi also turned her head back to look, seeing that Lin Ruo Yin's expression was not very good, but she was still tired, and walking was not very natural either. She was even more confident about her conjecture. She got up and smiled, "Looking at my sister like this, I'm afraid she must have suffered a lot in the palace."

How could Lin Ruo Yin not understand the meaning behind Lin Ruo Xi's words? No, I should say I knew what she was up to from the moment I knew she was here. After all, in her previous life, she was willing to listen to anything and had dealt with her the most. It would not be easy for her to hide her intentions.

That was why she made Lv Yu receive her. It was because she knew that Lv Yu was straightforward and did not like people, that as long as she showed some superficial skill, she would be able to deceive the little guy.

But no matter what Lv Yu said, the most important thing was that Lin Ruo Xi did not like her, so Lv Yu's words to her would naturally become a different explanation.

As for changing clothes, she just wanted her to wait a bit longer. If she lost her patience, she would lose her composure. She didn't need to walk around with her to get straight to the point.

"What elder sister said is right. This time, younger sister really suffered a lot when she went to the palace. Now that I think about it, I still feel scared." Lin Ruo Yin looked at Lin Ruo Xi with a face full of worship, and said: "If it's Big Sis who went there, then it would definitely be easy to deal with.

What Lin Ruo Yin said was also the truth, and she was indeed full of nonsense, but she had obtained some benefits from being beholden to Lin Ruo Yun.

When Lin Ruo Xi heard these words, she felt that she was somewhat floating. Looking at Lin Ruo Yin, the corner of her mouth hooked up into a mocking smile, and said: "That's true, you don't have much ability, but you wish to fly up the branch and become a phoenix. Little sister, tell me, is this not overestimating yourself, but what is it? "

In the face of Lin Ruo Xi's provocation, Lin Ruo Yin did not say anything and only quietly laughed. Hong Mei did not have much of a reaction, only Lv Yu understood now, that this so called "good person" Eldest Miss was not really a good person, to think that she had told her everything, even asking her to help persuade her own Miss, how could she be so stupid? No wonder Hong Mei and Miss were always laughing at her.

Lv Yu was indignant, but she pulled on her sleeve, afraid that she would cause trouble again, and disrupt Miss's plans. Thus, she said in a low voice: "Miss has free will, just watch."

Lv Yu turned his head to look at Hong Mei, her eyes shining with curiosity. Hong Mei shook his head at her, then signaled her to look at Miss. Hearing Hong Mei's words, Lv Yu raised his head to look. Sure enough, her own Miss was calm and composed, not moving the slightest.

"What elder sister said is right. People who overestimate themselves are the most ridiculous." After he finished speaking, he gave Hong Mei a meaningful glance and Hong Mei received the signal, then walked out the door.

Only after Lin Ruo Xi left did Lin Ruo Xi realize that although Lin Ruo Yin did not refute her words, wasn't her expression a little too calm? She felt a little uneasy in his heart. Facing Lin Ruo Yin's smiling eyes, why did he see disgust in her eyes?

Did she hate herself? It was as if he had always been against her since the first day she entered the manor. Otherwise, on the day she entered the mansion, he would have acted like a caring sister. How could he have made her do such a thing?

"Sister, have you seen me before?" Lin Ruo Xi felt a little guilty from being stared at by Lin Ruo Yin, so he asked the question that was on his mind.

Seen it? He had seen it before? We have a huge grudge against you for killing my daughter and stealing her husband! Lin Ruo Yin thought in her heart, but she still smiled faintly towards Lin Ruo Xi, "Ruoyin has lived in the countryside since childhood, and has never entered a city before. How can she have met with big sister?"

As the Eldest Miss of the University Hall, she had always been strict in teaching. She had even invited her teachers to her house when she was young, and she had never stepped out of her house. How could Lin Ruo Yin have possibly met her before?

Lin Ruo Yin noticed that Lin Ruo Xi seemed to be talking too far away, and brought the topic back, feigning misery as she said: "Actually, if elder sister doesn't have any injuries on her face, and followed us to the palace, elder sister would definitely be able to display her skills and let the Queen appreciate her. Unlike me and Second Sister, I don't know anything."

"You didn't perform anything? sister's Shui Mo Wu, didn't you jump very well? " Lin Ruo Xi asked indifferently. Thinking back to that night when she had surprised everyone with her actions, she was actually very unconvinced.

Lin Ruo Yin shyly lowered her head, and waved at Lin Ruo Xi, waiting for her to get closer before whispering in her ear: "Don't be afraid of my sister's joke, it's fine if I jump at home, but when it's such a big scene I reveal my cowardice, how would I dare to go up on the stage? Even if I were to be nominated by the Second Sister s and continued to encourage them, I would not dare to make a move. "

When Lin Ruo Xi heard this, she felt that this was a decree. Could it be because this matter angered the Queen's Empress that she received her punishment? Because of recuperation, he was delayed coming back for a few days?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible. The corner of Lin Ruo Xi's mouth couldn't help but curve even wider. Lin Ruo Yin had been secretly observing, and felt that the time was right, he pretended to be tired and said: "Big sister, I suddenly feel very tired, my head is still dizzy, I want to go back to my room to rest."

Coincidentally, Lin Ruo Xi also didn't want to stay any longer, but before she left, she still had something she wanted to say. Seeing that Lin Ruo Yin had already gotten up, she also followed him. She pretended to be affectionate as she pulled her hand and affectionately said, "Oh little sister, it can't be better to be able to see yourself clearly. Just find your place in Lin Mansion in the future and live a peaceful life, don't think of all these useless thoughts. Something that does not belong to you will never belong to you. "

After Lin Ruo Yin heard these words, she lowered her eyes slightly. She had an expression of being enlightened, and said softly: "I will remember it, thank you sister for your teachings."

"Since little sister remembers, then big sister will leave now." The moment he turned around, he saw Hong Mei bringing a few servants in, and the attendants were still dragging cloths in their hands.

It was fine if no one could recognize these clothes, but Lin Ruo Xi had seen these many times. In the past, when her father had received a reward, it was precisely this type of fine silk and satin. In the past, when her father had received a reward, it was this type of fine silk and silk.

Hong Mei led the servant to stand in front of Lin Ruo Yin, and asked, "Miss, these are the pieces of satin that the Queen has bestowed to you. You previously said that it would be distributed to the wives and Miss s. Since Eldest Miss just happened to be here today, I decided on my own and brought some over for him to choose from. Everything else has been put away. "

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