Lin Ruo Yin looked at Hong Mei, and the corner of her mouth faintly rose, this was praise for her, praise her for her good performance. She then looked at Lin Ruo Xi and smiled like a spring breeze. "Since big sister is here, I will bring some back."

The smile that Lin Ruo Xi had originally been wearing on her face had now completely frozen stiff. The thing that was constantly on his mind was her words: "She was very timid when she saw such a big scene."

"This... Didn't his sister say that there was no performance? Then why did you receive these rewards? " Lin Ruo Xi forced a smile and asked.

Lin Ruo Yin had waited for so long, and this was exactly the exact words she was waiting for. Now that she heard them, she could no longer hide her smile and explained to Lin Ruo Xi: "told me to dance on stage that day, but I didn't dare to. The Queen was kind and kind. Not only did she not blame me, she even gifted me with cloth and told me to make more clothes when I return home. "

Lin Ruo Yin explained what had happened at that time. Although she had finished speaking, who was Lin Ruo Xi? How could she not understand the meaning behind this? She was afraid that the situation at that time was much more dangerous than what she had described, and she actually turned the tables on him in that kind of predicament, and even obtained a reward. She had truly underestimated Lin Ruo Yin.

"Elder sister?" Seeing that Lin Ruo Xi did not speak, Lin Ruo Yin waved her hand in front of her eyes, and after seeing that she had recovered her wits, she said: "Little sister is truly tired, big sister can do whatever you want. If you like them, take them all. The Queen has bestowed a lot, if it's not enough, you can have them again. "

Lin Ruo Xi couldn't even maintain her forced smile this time. She finally realized that she had fallen into Lin Ruo Yin's complete set from the very beginning. Let her be complacent, then through this incident, let her discover her stupidity.

Lin Ruo Xi, you were really too stupid this time, to not discover Lin Ruo Yin's intentions in time! However, there was no use talking about it now. She, Lin Ruo Xi, was not a person who could not afford to lose.

"Since little sister is tired, then big sister won't bother you any longer. Qing He, pick out two batches of colors that you like, let's go. " Lin Ruo Xi tried her best to maintain her demeanor, and a smile once again returned to her face. After bidding farewell to Lin Ruo Yin, he turned around and left.

Lin Ruo Yin looked at Lin Ruo Xi's back figure, hatred slowly condensing in her eyes. Lin Ruo Xi, do you think it's over? This was just the beginning.

"Miss, you're so powerful. Didn't you see that just now, Eldest Miss's face had turned green." Lv Yu was the happiest because the matter of being used by the Eldest Miss was kept in her heart. However, when she saw his embarrassed expression, she instantly felt that it was no longer important.

"What's that?" "Alright, I'm really tired. I'm going back to my room to rest." Lin Ruo Yin said to Hong Mei He Lv Yu before turning around to return to the room.

"Miss, I have not figured it out yet ? No, Sister Hong Mei, please tell me! " Lv Yu curiously chased after Hong Mei. Seeing that she was about to put away the cloth, she hurriedly helped her carry it.

Seeing her simple appearance, Hong Mei felt helpless. He could only put down the piece of cloth and sat down: "It's actually very simple. How did Eldest Miss's face get injured? Also, when we came back, we had heard that Eldest Miss was unwilling to go out because of the wounds on her face, but instead came to visit us. Why do you think that? "

Lv Yu tilted her head as she thought about it, then asked, "Why?"

"You, think about it yourself!" Hong Mei tapped Lv Yu's forehead, then left with the cloth. Before she left, she turned around and saw that Lv Yu was still thinking about it. She couldn't help but find it funny, this girl was truly a heartless fruit.

As for Lin Ruo Xi, after coming out from Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard, thinking about what she had just said in front of Lin Ruo Yin, and how she had asked him to pick out a piece of silk in the end, the hatred he had towards her grew even heavier.

"Miss, these cloths are so beautiful. When we go back ?" Qing He hugged onto the cloth, and used one hand to feel the soft cloth, he really liked it.

"Burn them all after you go back!" Lin Ruo Xi, on the other hand, hated these cloths to the core!

Qing He didn't understand. Miss usually liked to make new clothes, and she could make a lot of new clothes. However, after connecting the dots with what happened just now, she understood why Miss was so angry. Immediately, she felt that she had said something wrong and hurriedly apologized, "Please forgive me Miss, I just thought these cloths were very beautiful, I didn't have any other intentions."

Lin Ruo Xi was very annoyed in her heart, she looked at Qing He who was kneeling and said unhappily: "I didn't say you were in the wrong, why are you kneeling? "Get up."

Qing He hurriedly stood up, holding onto the cloth tightly with her hands. She didn't know what to do.

"Send these cloths out. No matter where you send them, just don't let me see them again!" Lin Ruo Xi shouted impatiently.

Qing He quickly nodded, hugged the cloth and left. Looking at Qing He's retreating back, Lin Ruo Xi suddenly remembered what the doctor had said.

"In Miss, this lowly one knows a person who knows the art of disguise. If Miss can take off the same portion of skin on a person's face, it would be able to help Miss recover his appearance. "

It had been three days since the Grand Lady returned to the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. The night that returned to the Grand Lady, she was dragged by the Third Wife to beg for forgiveness. Lin Ruo Yun also knew that the current situation wasn't so headstrong, so he apologized in front of the Grand Lady.

"Since you know you are wrong, you must remember that you are the three sisters and must love each other. Alright, this time, seeing that you've admitted your wrongs with a pretty good attitude, let's go back and copy 'Woman Ring' a hundred times. Grand Lady didn't want to waste too much time on these things, she was still a little tired after just returning.

Seeing the tired look on Grand Lady's face, Third Wife hurriedly took her leave with Lin Ruo Yun.

Just like this, three days passed peacefully, and once again, it was the day that Lin Ruo Xi was going to be treated for her injuries. Today, the doctor had brought an extra person with him. The guards at the door felt that something was amiss, so they asked, "Who is this person?"

"This is my friend. He is very good at treating injuries on the face, I have specially sent him here to treat Eldest Miss." The doctor said humbly.

The guard saw that the doctor's face was pale and his lips red and his teeth white. It was obvious that he was a scholar. He thought that he was making too much of a fuss and let them in.

The doctor led the people beside Lin Ruo Xi into Lin Ruo Xi's courtyard. After knocking on the door and hearing the sound of letting them in, he entered the room.

"Qing He, go make some tea." Lin Ruo Xi squinted her eyes, observing the doctor's back through the copper mirror, and knew that she was the person who knew the art of disguise, and sent Qing He away.

After Qing He left, Lin Ruo Xi slowly got up from the chair, turned around and said to the cosmetician: "Raise your head."

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