cosmetician had always been keeping his head down from the moment she entered the manor. Now that she heard someone call for him to raise his head, he listened without thinking. However, her face stunned Lin Ruo Xi.

She was clearly a man, but the skin on her face was even more exquisite and fair than a woman's. How could it not be surprising?

"Miss, this is the person who knows how to disguise himself." The doctor saw that Lin Ruo Xi was distracted and quickly said.

Only then did Lin Ruo Xi recover from her shock, she looked at cosmetician and asked: "Sir, can you really help me recover my appearance?"

The cosmetician smiled confidently at Lin Ruo Xi and said, "Miss should know from my face that I do have this ability."

Lin Ruo Xi had to admit that this man's skin was outrageously good, but she was still a little worried.

"Miss doesn't need to worry, the skin on my face was taken from a woman's face. As long as Miss can find someone, I can remove the skin on her face and apply it onto my face as medicine. In a few days, my face will be completely recovered, and it will even be better than before." Seeing that Lin Ruo Xi seemed to still be hesitating, cosmetician promised.

Better than before? Lin Ruo Xi thought, her face revealing an expression of longing.

"If that's really the case, then this Miss will definitely reward you heavily. If you dare to deceive this Miss, then this Miss will also let you die without a burial ground." Lin Ruo Xi said in a low voice, her face also showing uncertainty.

However, cosmetician's face was filled with confidence as she bowed slightly, "Please be at ease, Miss. I wonder when this Miss will begin?"

"Of course the sooner the better. The two of you, come here..." Lin Ruo Xi brought them a little closer and revealed the thoughts in her heart.

What they didn't know was that there was someone outside the door who had heard all their conversation. Just as he was about to continue listening, he saw Qing He walking over with a teapot and immediately hid himself away.

He was Xiao Bei. When he saw the doctor and the cosmetician, he felt that the two of them were very strange, so he followed them along the way. It was only then that he realized that Lin Ruo Xi was actually scheming something so huge.

But who did she want to kill? In fact, even without thinking, he already knew the answer in his heart. He couldn't help but start to worry, wanting to immediately report it. However, after thinking about it, if he were to speak of it now, it would be to alert the grass. How about he watch over it first and wait for her to make her move before reporting it?

After making up his mind, Xiao Bei continued to hide under the window to eavesdrop. He knew that they were planning to make their move after dinner, so he left and returned to the kitchen.

After dinner, Lin Ruo Xi asked Qing He to go and invite him over.

"Just tell her that I want to personally apologize for what happened last time, but because I don't want to go out due to the injury on my face, I have to trouble her to go." Lin Ruo Xi explained to Qing He.

However, Qing He was a little worried, "Miss, what if she doesn't want to come?"

Lin Ruo Xi laughed lightly, reassuring Qing He, "Just go ahead and ask, I promise that she will definitely come."

"Yes." Qing He replied and left, while the doctor and the cosmetician who had been hiding in Lin Ruo Xi's room also came out.

Sure enough, after Lin Ruo Yin heard the purpose of Qing He's visit, she immediately followed him. Although Hong Mei He Lv Yu was a little worried, wanting to go with her, she was actually rejected by Lin Ruo Yin.

"Don't worry, this is the Lin Mansion. She wouldn't dare to act against me in public." Lin Ruo Yin comforted the two servant girls beside him and followed Qing He to leave.

They didn't know that Xiao Bei had been waiting in Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard. The moment he came to invite them, he knew that it was Lin Ruo Yin who was trying to harm them.

Although he was anxious, Xiao Bei did not lose his square inch. He knew that Lin Ruo Xi's courtyard was the closest to Lin Fu Cheng's study, and Lin Fu Cheng was used to handling matters in the study room after dinner. No matter what, Lin Ruo Yin was still his daughter.

After making up his mind, Xiao Bei felt a lot more at ease as well. He followed Lin Ruo Yin and Qing He to his courtyard.

Lin Ruo Xi had already prepared to wait in her room, the teapot in her hand had already been drugged by the doctor, and she had already consumed the medicine, waiting for Lin Ruo Yin to walk into her trap.

"Miss, Third Miss is here." Qing He reported outside the door.

The corner of Lin Ruo Xi's mouth hooked up into a gentle smile, and she personally went forward to open the door. After seeing Lin Ruo Yin, the smile on her face became even wider, and anxiously pulled the person in, and then said to Qing He: "I want to talk to my little sister about intimate matters, you go down first, I'll call you when there's something wrong."

"Yes, Qing He will take her leave." Qing He turned around and left, and did not notice Xiao Bei, who was hiding at the side.

The moment Lin Ruo Xi closed the door, she quietly walked closer, so that he could better hear their conversation.

"I am so happy that you are willing to come today, did you know that? "Elder sister is really worried that because of what happened that day, she would distance herself from my younger sister." Lin Ruo Xi held Lin Ruo Yin's hand the entire time. If others saw this, they would really think that the two of them were good sisters that could talk about anything.

"Elder sister, why do you say that? Ruoyin was still worried that her sister would get angry, but she didn't dare to come and bother us. " Lin Ruo Yin said with a smile. Are we going to act? You, Lin Ruo Xi, have probably not reached home yet.

"If that's the case, then I'll use tea in place of wine to toast my sister. Everything from before will be written off, and from now on, we will be good sisters." Lin Ruo Xi poured two cups of tea and gave one to Lin Ruo Yin.

A write-off? You're right. The hatred between them has already been brought into this life from their past life. With just a simple word of yours, can you solve it in a cup of tea? Lin Ruo Xi, there isn't such a good thing in the world.

Seeing that Lin Ruo Yin did not drink the tea, Lin Ruo Xi said somewhat sorrowfully: "Little sister, you still won't forgive big sister right? Or could it be that my sister is worried about the poison in the tea? "

Lin Ruo Yin shook her head, "Elder sister, what are you saying? "Ruoyin was just thinking about something."

Seeing that Lin Ruo Xi had already drunk the tea and that nothing had happened after so long, she could finally relax and raised the teacup in front of him to finish it in one gulp. However, because of Lin Ruo Xi's words, she thought of her past life and could no longer maintain her smile. She said with a smile that did not reach her eyes, "Elder sister, it's getting late, little sister will go back first."

"Mm, that's good as well. "We have a lot of time in the future, so we have plenty of time to interact with each other." As she spoke, she sent Lin Ruo Yin to the door and opened it.

A gust of cold wind blew past. Lin Ruo Yin suddenly felt a little cold, and her head felt a lot heavier.

"Elder sister, you ?." Lin Ruo Yin turned her head and saw Lin Ruo Xi's sinister face. It was as if she had returned to her previous life and told herself that Nan Gong Jin did not love her and her daughter had died a long time ago.

Lin Ruo Xi's face became more and more blurry. Finally, her vision went black and Lin Ruo Yin lost all consciousness.

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