"You can come out now." Lin Ruo Xi shouted from behind him, and the doctor and the cosmetician quickly came out from the inner room. Seeing the woman who had fainted at the door, she was extremely beautiful, no wonder Lin Ruo Xi wanted to make a move on her.

"What are you still standing there for?" You still want me to personally drag her in? " Lin Ruo Xi lowered her eyebrows and looked at Lin Ruo Yin who was lying on the ground, and impatiently said to the two people beside him.

The two of them brought Lin Ruo Yin to the inner room together. After seeing that there was no one outside, Lin Ruo Xi then closed the door and entered the room as well.

Xiao Bei had seen all of this, seeing Lin Ruo Yin lying unconscious at the door, clenching her fists tightly, not daring to delay any further, she waited for Lin Ruo Xi to close the door, and then immediately turned and ran towards the study room.

He was afraid that he would not make it in time, and he thought that if Lin Ruo Yin received even the slightest amount of injuries, she would have to pay a hundred, even a thousand times more.

In the darkness, no one could see the cold expression in Xiao Bei's eyes.

Hurriedly running to the study room, Xiao Bei wanted to go in, but was stopped by the butler standing outside: "Who is it, who has no rules? The old master is busy with his affairs, and no one is allowed to disturb him. "

"Master Steward, I have something very important to report to you, please allow me to pass." Xiao Bei said as he rushed inside.

Seeing that, the butler was able to stop him. Xiao Bei did not care about anything else and pushed the butler away, but he did not know that the strength that he had displayed was actually greater than usual. The butler was pushed to the side.

"Master, quickly save Third Miss."

Xiao Bei rushed into the study room. Seeing that Lin Fu Cheng was reading, he did not care about anything else and rushed over: "Master, Third Miss is in Eldest Miss's courtyard.

"Where did this servant come from?" Butler, butler! " Lin Fu Cheng became angry and shouted out the door a few times, only then did he see the butler walk in unsteadily with his waist in hand.

Seeing him like that, Lin Fu Cheng frowned, then said: "Find someone to drag this servant out."

Hearing that, Xiao Bei became even more anxious, and shouted: "Master, Eldest Miss wants to murder Third Miss, and cut off the skin on Third Miss's face to restore her appearance. Master, only you can save Third Miss now, if you are too late, it will be too late."

The more Lin Fu Cheng heard, the more he felt that this person was spreading rumors, and berated him: "Who gave you the guts to slander the Eldest Miss like that? Someone, drag him down! "

Seeing Lin Fu Cheng being so stubborn, Xiao Bei rushed out of the study anxiously, preparing to save Lin Ruo Yin.

Coincidentally, Grand Lady came to look for her son, and she also heard a little. Although she was not very clear, when she heard that Lin Ruo Yin was in Lin Ruo Xi's room, she was worried that he had plotted murder or something, so she quickly changed direction with Lan Xiu and headed towards Lin Ruo Xi's courtyard.

"Grand Lady, don't be in such a hurry. Royal father Ruoyin is very smart, things won't happen that easily." Lan Xiu supported Grand Lady, afraid that the sky would be so dark, and she would not be able to see the road clearly.

"No no, my heart is panicking. Hurry, Lan Xiu, let's go faster."

The moment Xiao Bei ran out and saw Grand Lady hurrying over to Lin Ruo Xi's residence, he felt slightly relieved. But he still didn't dare stop and only ran towards Lin Ruo Xi's courtyard.

At this time, Lin Ruo Yin, who had already fallen unconscious, did not know about the situation outside and even more so did not know that the three people surrounding the bed were discussing on how to use a blade.

When everything was settled and the doctor was prepared to make his move, Lin Ruo Xi called out to him.

"Miss, what's wrong?" Was he going to regret it?

Lin Ruo Xi looked at Lin Ruo Yin, and then turned and spread open her arms to the doctor, "Give me the dagger, I want to do it myself."

Yes, her hatred towards Lin Ruo Yin already did not only want her flesh. If not for cosmetician saying that she must use her live meat, she might have killed Lin Ruo Yin first and used the meat on her face as a primer.

However, when he thought about it again, he realized that only by letting her wear a disfigured face for the rest of her life that she would not have such a life would she be able to enjoy it.

"Miss, let me do it. I don't want to dirty your hands." How could the doctor know what Lin Ruo Xi was thinking?

Lin Ruo Xi snatched the dagger from the doctor's hand, his eyes filled with a fierce light: "Go away, I'll do it myself."

Looking at Lin Ruo Yin who was lying on her bed, Lin Ruo Xi thought of their first meeting. It was exactly that time that she caused herself to disappoint the Grand Lady, and then she caused herself to lose face at the horse farm. After returning from the palace, she had plotted to embarrass herself. Even if she were to cut all the flesh on her body, she would not be able to quell her hatred with just this one stroke of the bill.

"Heh, Lin Ruo Yin, I will soon let you know what it means to wish you dead! The disdain and disdain I feel towards you will immediately be transferred to you. " Lin Ruo Xi slowly said word by word. As she said this, her body also slowly bent down, the dagger in her hand had already touched Lin Ruo Yin's face.

The blade turned as Lin Ruo Xi used more strength in her hands, causing blood to spill from her face.

"Stop!" The three of them were too engrossed in their work that they didn't notice that someone had entered the house. It was only when they heard the stern voice behind them that they reacted.

The doctor and the cosmetician hurriedly retreated to the side without saying a word. The scene of Lin Ruo Xi stabbing the dagger into Lin Ruo Yin's face was reflected in the eyes of the Grand Lady.

"You ? "You ?" Grand Lady never thought that her eldest granddaughter, whom she was always so proud of, would actually do such a thing.

"Grand Lady!" Lan Xiu supported Grand Lady and sat down.

Lin Ruo Xi was so scared that she threw away her dagger, and with a "plop" sound, she kneeled on the ground, "Ancestor Grandmother, you ? Listen to me. "Explain..."

"Eldest Miss, Grand Lady is feeling really bad right now, you should wait." Lan Xiu half squatted down, while patting Grand Lady's back to ease her anger.

Lin Ruo Xi nodded, but she did not understand, why would the Grand Lady come? Who leaked the secret? When their gazes swept across the doctor and cosmetician, both of them lowered their heads when they saw Lin Ruo Xi's sinister gaze.

Grand Lady raised her head, looked at the people present, and saw that Lin Ruo Yin was lying on the bed. Blood started to appear on her face, and quickly asked Lan Xiu to help her take a look.

Lan Xiu supported Grand Lady, who looked at the wound on her face and the blood on the blade that was thrown to the ground. She thought about what happened just now and turned to give Lin Ruo Xi a ruthless slap.

"You unfilial grandson, Ruoyin is your little sister, how can you do such a heartless thing? Someone come, suppress Eldest Miss into the ancestral hall. Lan Xiu, go and invite him yourself. After the Grand Lady finished giving orders, she looked at the two people behind Lin Ruo Xi and asked: "Who are you two?"

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