"Go back ? "Madam, we are the town's doctors." The two of them said while trembling.

Grand Lady slightly nodded her head, then looked at Lin Ruo Yin as she said in a pained voice, "I want you all to heal the wound on her face. No matter how much money you spend, I will not hesitate."

cosmetician looked at Lin Ruo Yin and bowed, saying, "Old madam, do not worry. Miss's injuries are not serious, as long as you apply the medicine on him for a few days, there will be no scars."

Grand Lady nodded in satisfaction, seeing that the servant took Lin Ruo Xi away, he himself left as well. When he passed by the door, he saw Xiao Bei. He thought of what had said in the study and said, "You follow him too."

When Xiao Bei heard the doctor say that Lin Ruo Yin was fine, he finally relaxed. After saying yes, he left with Grand Lady.

On the other hand, Lan Xiu hurriedly went to the study room and invited Lin Fu Cheng to the ancestral hall. Along the way, Lin Fu Cheng asked Lan Xiu a few times about the reason but Lan Xiu merely shook her head.

When he finally arrived at the ancestral hall, Lin Fu Cheng took a closer look. Grand Lady was sitting on one side of the hall and the one kneeling on the ground was actually Lin Ruo Xi.

In Lin Fu Cheng's impression, Lin Ruo Xi had always been a sensible and obedient person. Furthermore, he did not let him down, and his personality and character had always been better and better. What in the world was going on that made him come to the ancestral hall so seriously?

"Mother." Lin Fu Cheng walked up and bowed towards Grand Lady. Out of the corner of his eyes, he secretly sized up Lin Ruo Xi who was kneeling beside him.

The Grand Lady nodded and said to Lin Fu Cheng: "I am old now and don't care anymore. Since you are Ruoxi's father, this matter shall be left to you. " As he said that, he indicated to the seats beside him, Lin Fu Cheng walked over and sat down.

"Mother, what's going on?" Just as he sat down, Lin Fu Cheng asked the Grand Lady.

Grand Lady glared at the kneeling Lin Ruo Xi, and said: "It's better to let Ruoxi speak of it herself. Such a dirty thing, I don't want to speak of it out of my mouth."

Lin Fu Cheng faintly felt that this matter was not small. He remembered that a servant came to look for him and said that Lin Ruo Xi was planning to murder Lin Ruo Yin. Could it be ?

"Ruoxi, did you do something to Ruoyin?" Everyone in the Lin Family knew that the person that the Grand Lady doted on the most was Ruoyin. Even if Lin Fu Cheng wanted to protect Lin Ruo Xi, it wouldn't be easy in front of the Grand Lady.

Lin Ruo Xi was no longer flustered like before and explained: "Father, daughter really doesn't know, this all seems to have been deliberately planned by someone, just to lure daughter into the trap."

"Someone lured you into the trap?" Lin Fu Cheng also understood the meaning behind Lin Ruo Xi's words, and asked anxiously: What do you mean by that?

Lin Ruo Xi lowered her head and cried. Then, she shook her head and continued, "Your daughter doesn't know either, but the doctor suddenly brought a person over here today, saying that cosmetician can cure your daughter's injury. Your daughter is obviously very happy. My sister came to see me after dinner, so we chatted, but we were all confused, and then that happened. I felt dazed at the time. Now that I think about it, it seemed like I was possessed by something. Father, your daughter never thought of harming your little sister. Your daughter also doesn't know that my little sister has never interacted with me before, so why would she come to find me tonight? "

What Lin Ruo Xi said was naturally to cause everyone to misunderstand, so they shifted all of their focus onto Lin Ruo Yin. She also succeeded, because Lin Fu Cheng asked. "So what you mean is, Ruoyin and the doctor colluded to frame you?"

"Daughter would not dare to think like this, but all of this is too much of a coincidence. However, our daughter believes that our younger sister would not do such a thing. " Lin Ruo Xi appeared to be extremely magnanimous, speaking up for Lin Ruo Yin.

If anyone else had heard this, they would have believed it. For example, Lin Fu Cheng. He stared down at Lin Ruo Xi and asked: "Ruoxi, what you said is not unreasonable, but as I see it, who would not care about their life and safety and come to frame someone else? "If I hadn't arrived in time, Ruoyin would have been the one to be disfigured. Do you think she would have been so foolish?"

Lin Ruo Xi's expression changed abruptly, and then she started crying once more, "Ancestor Grandmother, my granddaughter knows that Ancestor Grandmother dotes on her little sister, but her granddaughter didn't say anything about it. It's all related to little sister, everything is just my granddaughter's speculation."

The look in the Grand Lady's eyes became extremely sharp. She had underestimated her granddaughter, and didn't expect her mouth to be so powerful.

"Grand Lady, Master, I know the truth." Xiao Bei suddenly stood up, and knelt beside Lin Ruo Xi.

Lin Ruo Xi saw the person who suddenly popped up and realized that things were not going well. She had already guessed that today's matter would fail, and because of the people around him, she anxiously shouted to his father: "Master Father, we cannot believe the words of this servant. Who knows, maybe he was ordered by someone to frame our daughter!"

"Eldest Miss, this lowly one hasn't said anything yet, why should Eldest Miss be so nervous? How do you know that the things that this lowly one has said are detrimental to Eldest Miss? " Xiao Bei straightened his body and turned to look at Lin Ruo Xi.

This woman had hurt Lin Ruo Yin, how could Xiao Bei let her escape so easily?

"You ?" Lin Ruo Xi's carelessness had allowed this man to gain the upper hand. Although she was regretful in her heart, it was already too late to take back those words.

Lin Fu Cheng didn't want this matter to blow up from the start, but now that he saw someone standing out, he was a little dissatisfied with this pageboy. However, Grand Lady looked at him with praise, smiled lightly and encouraged him: "Xiao Bei, don't be afraid. Tell me everything you know."

With Grand Lady supporting him, Xiao Bei's confidence was immediately reassured. He hurriedly cupped his hands. "Yes."

After that, Xiao Bei told his what he had heard and saw outside Lin Ruo Xi's room. He then turned to Lin Fu Cheng and said in a loud and clear voice, "Everything this little one has said is true. This matter was planned by the Eldest Miss from the beginning. Grand Lady and Old Master, please let us have justice here. "

After Xiao Bei finished speaking, he bent down once again and no longer spoke.

"Xiao Bei, get up." The Grand Lady said to Xiao Bei, and after he stood up, he called him over to his side, and said to Lin Ruo Xi who was still kneeling on the ground: "Now, what else do you have to say?"

Lin Ruo Xi knew that she was doomed this time, so she did not refute him any further. Instead, she gave a cold laugh as she raised her head to look at Grand Lady and said, "Since Ancestor Grandmother has already determined that this was done by her granddaughter, what difference does it make if I admit it?"

"What do you mean? Can it be that I am going to wrongly accuse you? When you stabbed the dagger into Ruoyin, I saw it with my own eyes! " After Grand Lady heard what Lin Ruo Xi had said, she became furious. Initially, she had thought that if she was able to recognize her wrongs, she would be able to take it lightly. However, it was a pity that she was so stubborn, causing her heart to turn cold.

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