"Ancestor Grandmother, why don't you think about how peaceful our family was before your sister came back? But since when did she, Lin Ruo Yin, come back? So many things happened on the first day and they never stopped. Ancestor Grandmother, please look carefully at your granddaughter. Was all of this because of your granddaughter's fault? " After Lin Ruo Xi finished speaking, she lowered her head and began to shed tears.

She knew that the Grand Lady's heart was actually very soft, and what she had said was not nonsense. Indeed, ever since Lin Ruo Yin entered the house, the Lin Family had started to change.

Although no one dared to say it out loud, it was Lin Ruo Xi who had said it out loud today. Grand Lady couldn't help but think back. Indeed, things hadn't been peaceful ever since Lin Ruo Yin had returned home. However, when Grand Lady thought about Lin Ruo Yin's soft look, she could not help but feel her heart ache, and it was really wrong that she, Lin Ruo Xi, was the one who hurt him first.

"No matter what, Ruoxi, this is the truth that you injured Ruoxi, we cannot let this matter go. Fu Cheng, you decide. Ruoxi is your daughter, and Ruoyin is also your daughter. With that said, Grand Lady knocked on the walking stick in her hand.

Lin Fu Cheng had always only known that it was his mother, but after hearing his mother's words, he immediately said to the servants: "Men, lock Eldest Miss in the woodshed first." The two servants immediately went forward and brought Lin Ruo Xi away.

When Lin Fu Cheng saw that his mother was still slightly angry, he quickly went forward to help her up. Then he smiled and said: "Why don't you let Fu Cheng personally send mother back to her room?"

Grand Lady waved her hand and looked at Xiao Bei, "Xiao Bei will take me back."

Xiao Bei said yes and supported the old lady out. Not long after the two of them left the ancestral hall, the old lady suddenly stopped and told Lan Xiu to go back.

"Xiao Bei, let me ask you, do you think what Eldest Miss said just now was right?" Grand Lady knew that Xiao Bei had a thorough understanding of the situation after taking a quick look at the palace. At the moment, his heart was in turmoil because of Lin Ruo Xi's words, and he wanted to hear what the man had to say.

"Grand Lady, this is the business of the masters, this lowly one does not dare to go overboard." Xiao Bei naturally knew what the Old Mistress meant, Lin Ruo Xi's words just now did have a lot of weight.

The Grand Lady chuckled and began to walk forward slowly, "If I tell you to say it, you have the guts to say it. There's only the two of us here, what are you afraid of? No matter what you say, I will not punish you. "

Xiao Bei thought about it, then stopped and kneeled in front of Grand Lady, only saying one sentence.

"Forgive this lowly one's bluntness, but this Lin Mansion has never been at peace."

When the Grand Lady heard this, she was slightly surprised, but she quickly relaxed. She let Xiao Bei get up, and the two of them continued to walk forward.

Xiao Bei was not lying, there were many rich families here, even if she was old, and covered his eyes and ears, he could tell that Lin Family was just trying to be friendly on the surface, there were probably many hidden battles. And Lin Ruo Yin only came back to expose the problem.

However, what Grand Lady did not expect was that Xiao Bei would actually speak the truth. She thought he was just going to say something reassuring, like everyone else around her. Turning back to glance at the young man beside him, he couldn't help but wonder in his heart. What kind of person was it that old cook had brought back that time?

Ever since Xiao Bei had said those words, he had quietened down. When he heard Grand Lady's words, he knew that the latter was suspicious, and was afraid that the Grand Lady would distance herself from him. If that was the case, the Third Miss would really be left with only him here, with no one trustworthy.

Furthermore, as the manager of the Lin Family for such a long time, even the Old Master had to frequently receive the guidance of the Grand Lady, so how could he not know what the problem was with the Lin Family? That was why he followed Grand Lady's instructions and exposed the problem.

Yes, the Lin Mansion had never been at peace, it had nothing to do with Lin Ruo Yin's appearance. This was what he wanted Grand Lady to understand.

Under the moonlight, a young man was slowly walking with the support of an old lady who was hobbling along. The moonlight pulled the two of them very long, as if they were very close, but each of them had their own thoughts.

It was already late night in Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard. But Lin Ruo Yin still showed no signs of waking up. Hong Mei He Lv Yu served by the side the entire time, and after that short period of time, a scar appeared on Miss's face, causing the two of them to feel heartache.

"This Lin Family, other than the Grand Lady, does not have any good people." Lv Yu was flustered and exasperated, and she started to talk in a serious tone again.

Only, this time, Hong Mei did not speak about her again, because in her heart, she had the same thoughts as Lv Yu. If only the two of them knew that the Miss would suffer so much, they might as well go to the countryside to take care of the Miss so that they could come here and suffer.

"Hmm ?" Lin Ruo Yin slowly woke up and looked around. She realized that she had returned, and Hong Mei He Lv Yu was excitedly looking at her from the side.

Miss, you finally woke up. Lv Yu was so happy that tears were about to fall.

Lin Ruo Yin felt a stabbing pain in his left cheek. It was not very strong, but she could feel it too, and her hands couldn't help but want to touch it.

"Miss, you can't." Hong Mei shook her head, seeing Lin Ruo Yin's confused look, she could not help but ask: "Miss, don't you remember what happened just now?"

What happened just now ? After Hong Mei's reminder, Lin Ruo Yin finally remembered. That's right, she went to Lin Ruo Xi's room, and then she fainted. Then, why was she in her room right now?

"Hong Mei, what happened? How did I get back? " Lin Ruo Yin asked nervously.

"Don't be anxious Miss, Hong Mei will tell you right away. Just that, Miss, you have to be prepared ? " Hong Mei said as she took out a small bronze mirror.

Lin Ruo Yin saw herself in the mirror, there was actually a small wound on her face, and anxiously asked: "What happened?"

Seeing Miss so excited, Lv Yu was afraid that she would be hurt. She quickly said, "Miss, don't worry, these wounds will not leave any scars."

Hearing Lv Yu's words, Lin Ruo Yin became slightly more relieved. Thinking about what happened in Lin Ruo Xi's room, she more or less understood what was going on. She raised her head and asked the two servant, "Is it related to Lin Ruo Xi?"

Hong Mei He Lv Yu nodded, and told her everything that happened after Lin Ruo Yin fainted.

Lin Ruo Yin never thought that Lin Ruo Xi would actually do such a thing, but after thinking about her vicious past life, she felt that this was a method that she was used to. It was just that she did not expect the Grand Lady to protect him wholeheartedly, and insisted on letting Lin Ruo Xi learn her lesson. Also, that Xiao Bei ?

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