"Hong Mei, you said that Xiao Bei came out to testify, and that's why Lin Ruo Xi's crime is proven?" Lin Ruo Yin asked.

Seeing Hong Mei nod her head, Lin Ruo Yin began to explain the whole situation. It was truly dangerous. If not for Xiao Bei, Lin Ruo Xi's objective would have been achieved today, and she would have once again been disfigured by her. It was so scary. She didn't think about it at all and ended up losing Jingzhou.

However, this Xiao Bei, his thoughts were quite meticulous. Otherwise, if he told everything that had happened from the start, not only would he not be able to catch Lin Ruo Xi in one fell swoop, he was afraid that even he would not be able to hide from Lin Ruo Xi this time. It seems that he was right to save this Xiao Bei back then.

"Miss, what are you thinking?" Lv Yu couldn't help but be curious when she saw her own Miss actually laughing alone.

Lin Ruo Yin did not plan to tell the two maids about her plans. She had only instructed her to bring some silver tomorrow as an opportunity to send it to him.

Hong Mei knew what Miss meant and immediately replied, "Yes, Miss, Hong Mei knows what to do."

Only then did Lin Ruo Yin turn her gaze back to the mirror, looked at the scar on her face and thought about the cosmetician that Hong Mei had mentioned. It seemed like she had to find a time to properly deal with him. Because she felt that this matter wasn't over yet.

Deep in the night, in the dark woodshed, the smell of wood mixed with the humidity made Lin Ruo Xi feel nauseous. She had no choice but to walk to the window and catch her breath.

Looking at the moonlight outside the window, Lin Ruo Xi remembered that she had grown up in luxury, her entire family treated her like a treasure and doted on her. However, all of these things changed when Lin Ruo Yin returned to this house, and she too, had fallen to such a state.

How could she not feel resentful when thinking about all this? How could he not hate it?

"Open the door!" An impatient voice suddenly sounded from outside the door.

It's mother! When Lin Ruo Xi heard the sound coming from outside the door, she hurriedly knocked on it and shouted loudly, "Mother, your daughter is really scared. Think of a way to save me."

First Lady outside the door heard her daughter's cries and felt extremely pained. Unfortunately, the two guards still didn't let her in, so she could only take out some silver from her sleeve and let her enter the woodshed.

"Mother!" When the woodshed's door opened, Lin Ruo Xi threw herself into First Lady's embrace. As for Qing He, who was behind First Lady, she quickly spread the blanket on top of the straw. Thinking that Miss would spend the night in the woodshed, her tears fell uncontrollably.

"Ruoxi, how are you? Is it cold? Mother brought you a quilt. " The First Lady caressed Lin Ruo Xi's bangs, blaming him heartache: "How can you do such a foolish thing?"

"Mother, your daughter doesn't have one. Why don't you even trust your mother? Mother, think about it. Your daughter doesn't even dare to kill a chicken, so how could she possibly take someone's life? This is the trap Lin Ruo Yin set for her daughter to jump into. " Lin Ruo Xi cried and shouted. Her only hope now was her mother, she had to make her mother believe in her.

"But ?"

"Mother, you don't even believe in your own daughter? Think about it, when did your daughter ever disappoint you? Mother, you must help your daughter. Tell your father to let his daughter go. " Lin Ruo Xi snuggled into First Lady's embrace and acted like a spoiled child as she cried, extremely pitiful.

First Lady naturally couldn't bear to see her daughter suffer, so she immediately patted her back and said, "Ruoxi, don't worry, mother will go find your father now, I'll definitely save you."

Lin Ruo Xi raised her head from First Lady's embrace and nodded. Her tears fell like rain, "Mother, I depend entirely on you."

"Alright, you must rest assured that you will be able to spend the night here. I'll definitely come pick you up tomorrow." First Lady comforted Lin Ruo Xi a little more before calling Qing He and leaving together.

After leaving the woodshed, First Lady went straight to his study. "Old master!" First Lady left Qing He outside and the moment she entered the study, he started to cry. He walked to Lin Fu Cheng's side, lowered his head and leaned on his shoulder, and said while crying: "Old master, please quickly go and see our precious daughter, she ? She's too pitiful. "

Lin Fu was already extremely angry when he had become Lin Ruo Xi. Now that he heard his own wife mention her, he angrily pushed her away and said fiercely: "She has done such a wrong thing and should be punished. You don't need to worry about this matter, hurry back to your room and rest."

Hearing the old master say that, First Lady was first stunned, then she cried even louder, "Master, since when has Ruoxi suffered a little? You shut her up in the woodshed, what if she freezes out, and starves? I only have this one precious daughter, if anything happens to her, I won't be living anymore. "

The thing that Lin Fu Cheng hated the most in his life was women crying. Seeing First Lady cry like this, he also had a headache, and said: "Then what do you want me to do? Mother even saw her do that kind of thing. Even if I wanted to help her, I wouldn't be able to. "

"Master, why are you so confused? Think of our daughter, raised as a lady from a young age. Her character is even better. Normally, one would feel sad when they see someone killing a chicken. How could they go harm someone? In my opinion, it was all because of Lin Ruo Yin's little hoof. "Master, I heard that there is a type of spell that can cause people to lose their minds. Could it be ?"

"What nonsense are you spouting!" What kind of witchcraft is not witchcraft? What if Mother hears it? " Lin Fu Cheng frowned, although he knew that First Lady was spouting nonsense for his daughter, but he was actually unwilling to deal with Lin Ruo Xi, after all, he loved and doted on his daughter the most.

First Lady also knew sshe made a mistake, so he quickly covered her mouth, thought for a moment and said: "Old master, how about this, tomorrow you let my servant beat my daughter dozens of times, then release her from the woodshed. Leave the rest of the matters to me, I guarantee that I won't make things difficult for you, okay?"

Lin Fu Cheng was hesitating on whether he should agree, when he heard the First Lady beside him start crying again. He hurriedly said: "Alright, alright, alright, we'll do as you say. Hurry back, don't bother me anymore."

Once First Lady heard that the old master agreed, he didn't want to stay any longer and quickly left, in case Lin Fu Cheng went back on his word.

Early in the morning on the next day, Lin Fu Cheng gave the order in front of the entire family to beat Lin Ruo Xi up thirty times. The servants dragged Lin Ruo Xi out from the woodshed. In a single night, she had already changed from his previous high-spirited look. His hair was messy, and his face was pale and depressed.

When First Lady saw this, she took his daughter into her arms in heartache and cried out, "My pitiful daughter, you are my precious baby, how can your mother's flesh be so painful ?"

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