"Drag First Lady down." Lin Fu Cheng said to the servant, then, ignoring First Lady's shouts, he ordered: "Execute the punishment."

The servants dragged Lin Ruo Xi onto the wooden bench, and then the four servants stood at Lin Ruo Xi's sides with long rods in hand, and began to execute their punishment with a kick each.


Next, the second rod, the third rod, the fourth rod ? Every single movement was accompanied by the wails of Lin Ruo Xi, and the entire courtyard was filled with grief. First Lady couldn't bear to see her daughter suffer, so she directly rushed over, laid on Lin Ruo Xi's body, and said to the Grand Lady standing on the stairs: "Mother, Ruoxi knows her wrongs, Ruoxi really knows her wrongs, Mother, please let Ruoxi go."

After he finished speaking, First Lady hurriedly lowered her head and said to Lin Ruo Xi: "Daughter, quickly, apologize to Ancestor Grandmother. Say that you know your wrongs and won't dare to do it again."

Lin Ruo Xi had been beaten to the point that her breathing had long since become sluggish. She opened and closed her mouth, but was completely unable to hear her voice, because she was already in so much pain that she could no longer make a sound.

Grand Lady was soft-hearted in the end. She remembered that when Lin Ruo Xi was young, she loved him dearly as well. Now that he saw her suffering like this, she felt pain in his heart, so she loudly asked, "Ruoxi, have you truly realized your wrongs?"

Lin Ruo Xi was unable to say a word, and could only nod her head.

"Will it happen again?" The Grand Lady asked again.

Lin Ruo Xi endured her tears, gritted her teeth, and fiercely shook her head.

Grand Lady let out a long sigh, and said to the servants: "All of you, stop. Since you know your wrongs, then go back to your rooms and properly reflect on it.

After the First Lady heard Grand Lady's words, she hurriedly embraced Lin Ruo Xi and expressed her stance, "Mother, don't worry, your daughter-in-law will definitely teach Ruoxi a good lesson."

"That's good then. Have a doctor take a look." After he finished speaking, the Grand Lady let Lan Xiu support him as he walked away.

Seeing that his mother had left, Lin Fu Cheng quickly went to get a doctor. He then looked at Lin Ruo Xi and her daughter, and turned to leave as well.

First Lady supported Lin Ruo Xi and only let go of Lin Ruo Xi after seeing that everyone had left. She turned around and said to the servants: "You have done well.

The servants nodded and quickly replied, "Rest assured First Lady, I know what to do."

"Give this money to your brothers to drink. Remember what I told you, don't forget." Lin Ruo Xi took out his money pouch from his sleeve and handed it over to the nearest servant as he instructed.

"Madam, Miss, don't worry." After the servants received the money, they carried the wooden sticks and left.

Lin Ruo Xi then stood up straight and said to First Lady: "Mother, quickly take out the thing. I'm about to die from the heat."

First Lady covered Lin Ruo Xi's mouth and whispered: "It's not time yet, let's go back first and talk after we return to our room."

Lin Ruo Xi also understood that the wall had ears, she quickly pretended to be weak and leaned on First Lady, the two of them slowly moved back. Returning to the courtyard, the moment Lin Ruo Xi entered the house, she took out the cushion that was in her pants and threw it out. She angrily gritted her teeth and said, "I won't let today's matter pass."

First Lady picked up the cushion and placed it on the table. She pulled his daughter's hand and sat down, instructing her, "You should rest for the next few days. Don't let Mother worry any more. "If it wasn't for mom saying hello to them yesterday, your butt today would definitely be blooming."

Lin Ruo Xi naturally knew this, and snuggled into the First Lady's embrace while saying in a spoiled manner, "Your daughter knows that mother loves me the most, so we can't swallow this down just like this. I definitely won't let Lin Ruo Yin have it easy."

First Lady knew her daughter's personality, so she could only say: "Then you must remember, you can't do anything out of line anymore, otherwise mother won't be able to protect you."

Lin Ruo Xi nodded her head, her eyes squinted, she had a plan in mind. knew her well, and the words she said last night in the woodshed were just to protect herself. The person she was like was someone who First Lady knew best.

"Ruoxi ah, actually your mother thought ? ? "Why don't we just forget about it?" First Lady was afraid that if his daughter continued to stay like this, there would be a day when something bad would happen to her.

Lin Ruo Xi was determined to fight Lin Ruo Yin, but she knew that his mother was worried about him, so she hid her worries and nodded her head with a smile: "Mother, don't worry, your daughter will know what to do."

Because of the wound on his face, Lin Ruo Yin did not go out. However, this did not mean that she was unaware of what was happening outside. Thus, he had heard of Lin Ruo Xi getting punished. Only, he did not expect that Lin Fu Cheng would really punish Lin Ruo Xi this time, in front of everyone present.

"That's great, the bad woman is finally being punished, Miss, do you know? I heard you couldn't even say anything about that pregnant woman getting beaten up. " Lv Yu was so happy that she was gloating.

When Lin Ruo Yin heard her call her a bad woman, she felt it was funny and purposely said: "What bad woman, that is the Eldest Miss, your master. Be careful if people hear about it, you won't be able to bear the consequences."

"I'm not afraid. In my heart, only Miss is master. That's right, there's also the Grand Lady, because only the Grand Lady treats the Miss sincerely. " Lv Yu spoke out her true feelings.

Lin Ruo Yin still wanted to say something, but Hong Mei came in from the outside.

"What's wrong?" Seeing that she had something to say, Lin Ruo Yin asked directly.

Hong Mei frowned, she placed the medicine on the table and then said to Lin Ruo Yin: Miss, I heard that Eldest Miss is heavily injured this time, I'm afraid of ??.

"Afraid that she would come take revenge on me after she recovered?" Lin Ruo Yin laughed in disdain.

However, Hong Mei shook her head and said with a heavy heart: "Miss, I feel very uneasy in my heart, as if something is about to happen."

Lin Ruo Yin lowered her head and thought. Hong Mei's words had actually reminded her that this Lin Ruo Xi wasn't some kind master. Thinking back to her various experiences in her previous life, she felt that Hong Mei's worry was not without reason.

If she could even swallow this down, then she wouldn't be Lin Ruo Xi. Lin Ruo Yin gratefully looked at Hong Mei and said, "It's really thanks to you reminding me, I was able to avoid any danger these few times, which allowed me to relax my guard. "You're right, I'm afraid this matter is not over yet."

"Then what does Miss plan to do?" Lv Yu asked, she liked the way the Miss suggested the idea the most, it was especially beautiful.

This time, Lin Ruo Yin only said one sentence, "We'll deal with it when it's time, we'll deal with it when it's time."

Hong Mei He Lv Yu looked at each other, she knew that the Miss had a solution in mind, but it was better that less people knew about this method, so she did not ask anymore.

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