At the same time, First Lady had already left Lin Ruo Xi's courtyard. Not long after, Qing He invited the doctor over.

The doctor checked Lin Ruo Xi's pulse and found that there were no problems, so he asked curiously: "The Miss's pulse is stable, there are no major problems."

Hearing the doctor's words, Lin Ruo Xi coughed lightly twice, and asked: "How is that possible? Doctor, I've just been heavily beaten by someone. Although it was just ten times, I'm still a woman. How could I possibly be fine? "

The doctor frowned and checked his pulse again. There was still no problem, and just as he was about to speak, he saw Miss in front of him no longer had any signs of weakness. His eyes were full of warning.

"Doctor, you have to think it through first." Lin Ruo Xi's tone of voice was so ordinary that it caused chills to run down one's spine.

The doctor was a smart person, he immediately understood what was going on and changed his words, "Miss's injuries are extremely serious, his vital energy and blood are not smooth, and he has accumulated a lot of blood from her wounds. This old man will prescribe a heat treatment for Miss right now."

Only then did the corner of Lin Ruo Xi's eyebrows soften, and she said softly: "Then I'll have to trouble you, Doctor. Qing He, help me get that bracelet inside my makeup. "

"Yes, Miss."

Lin Ruo Xi received the bracelet. This bracelet was given to her by her father when she was ten years old, in order to reward her for being the best among all the Miss s who had learned the zither. At that time, she was still very fond of him, but now, she understood that he was just an external object.

"Doctor, you have been diligent in your duty, Ruoxi is truly grateful, please accept them." Lin Ruo Xi passed the bracelet to the doctor.

The doctor took the bracelet and looked at it. He knew that it was not for nothing, so he immediately nodded his head and bowed: "If Miss has anything, please feel free to tell me. This lowly one can do it, I will definitely help Miss with it."

Lin Ruo Xi nodded her head in satisfaction, and waved her hand to get the doctor to come closer, then said: "The thing I want the doctor to do is simple, it's just that after you go out later, I'll tell you how serious my condition is, and how serious it is. "Just remember one thing, I have not only a rod wound, but also a whip wound."

The doctor was stunned at first, but soon understood, "Don't worry Miss, I know what to do."

Lin Ruo Xi nodded in relief, thinking of her own plans as she smiled lightly.

The doctor opened up the prescription and walked out of the room with Qing He. He said as they walked: "This young lady, your Miss's injuries are extremely serious, you must be careful. "Here are two jars of medicine. One of them is specifically used to treat rod wounds, and the other one is used to treat whip wounds. Remember, you must not mix it up, or else the consequences will be dire."

Qing He recorded everything down and sent the doctor away. Just as she was about to return to her room, she saw Lan Xiu and was shocked.

"Senior Lan Xiu, why are you here?" Qing He caressed her chest and asked.

Lan Xiu glanced at the house, "How are your Miss's injuries?"

Qing He tightened her grip on the medicine jar in her hand, then said: "The doctor has seen it, he said that there's nothing wrong, you can just wipe the medicine and it will be fine."

"Really?" Lan Xiu was actually already there. She had naturally heard everything Qing He said to the doctor.

"Yes, Senior Lan Xiu, Qing He still has to take care of Miss, so she'll be leaving first." With that, she hurried into the house, as if she was afraid of being found out.

Lan Xiu stood in her original position watching for a while, then turned and left, returning back to the Grand Lady.

When he returned to the house, Lin Ruo Xi saw her panicking expression, so he asked: "What's wrong?"

"The Miss is really cunning, just now, Senior Lan Xiu was indeed in our courtyard." Qing He walked over to the bedside and said.

Lin Ruo Xi nodded, and only smiled. After all, she had lived together with the Grand Lady since she was young, so she was quite familiar with the latter. Although Grand Lady was strict, he loved them a lot. Now that he knew that she was being punished, what she should care about was still ? And wasn't her trusted aide Lan Xiu?

She knew that Lan Xiu would definitely appear, so she had already told Qing He to come here early on. Now that she had guessed correctly, she asked: "Then what did you say?"

"I followed Miss's instructions and intentionally allowed the doctor to stand not too far away from Lan Xiu. Let her hear about the whip injury in Miss, but when she asked me, I said that Miss was fine and didn't say a word about the whip wound. "

Lin Ruo Xi nodded in satisfaction upon hearing Qing He's words. Then, he casually picked up the book she had read previously, flipping through it while saying, "Qing He, you grew up with me, there should be a lot of people that you know in this residence right?"

"Mn, Qing He received kindness from the Miss since she was young and she followed them into the Lin Mansion. She stayed there for more than ten years, and most of the people here know him, there are even some that are quite good." After Qing He finished speaking, she looked at the smile on the corner of Miss's mouth and asked: "Does Miss have anything to tell Qing He?"

Lin Ruo Xi looked at the servant who was a few years younger than him, and laughed: "Actually, I just want you to walk around with them more, and talk about things that they don't know about."

"For example, between Miss and..." Qing He made a bold guess, but when he saw Miss's smile turn deeper, he knew that his guess was right.

"That's right, I want you to spread some things. Just say the truth is, that cosmetician was introduced to me by Lin Ruo Yin at the time, and that night when I was at the firewood house, Lin Ruo Yin came to see me." Lin Ruo Xi said as she read.

Qing He nodded in understanding, then thought of something. "Miss, will that cosmetician sell us out?"

However, Lin Ruo Xi shook her head, and thought about what the three of them had said after they attacked Lin Ruo Yin that day.

"If this matter were to be exposed, I want you all to push all responsibility to Lin Ruo Yin." Lin Ruo Xi looked at the two people in front of her. She had to prepare for the worst.

"This ?" The doctor hesitated. It was immoral, after all.

As if he saw the doctor's hesitation, Lin Ruo Xi sneered and said: "Don't tell me that when you do this kind of thing, you have morals? I'll tell you the truth. Once it fails, if the two of you dare to betray me, no matter how weak I am, I will still be a Miss's daughter. It will be very easy for me to kill you two. " And with that, he broke off a floral branch.

"Miss must be joking, since we are here, we are naturally from the same boat. Don't worry Miss, if we fail, we will definitely do as you say. " cosmetician was rather open-minded and agreed immediately.

Thinking of this, Lin Ruo Xi said resolutely, "Don't worry, they won't."

Qing He then received her order and turned to leave the room.

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