As soon as Lin Ruo Yin finished speaking, the lady's face flushed red, and her slightly fat body trembled. This was an expression of how angry she was, Lin Ruo Yin pursed her lips and did not say another word.

Lin Ruo Yin brought the woman and stood at the entrance of Widow Liu, only to see the woman shouting hysterically as if she had gone mad, "Widow Liu, you shameless fox spirit, seducing my man, you will definitely die! Wang Yong Xiang, you heartless heartless person, you actually lied together with this fox spirit behind my back! "

It was obvious that the angry roar had startled the two people who were confused in the room, and for a moment, they did not know what to do, but how could this savage woman's cursing be done in such a way? Seeing that there were already some people gathering outside the courtyard, Wang Yong Xiang could not hold it in any longer and rushed out of the house, slapping his twice in the face, "Shut up, go home!"

This time, the situation was even more serious. The woman was enraged. As she cried, she pounced on the man and started shouting curses at him.

"You old fool, you don't know shame? I worked so hard to earn money for you, yet you are messing around with other women here and you still dare to hit me?" See if this old lady doesn't beat you to death for being heartless. " The fat woman waved her hand and made a bloody scratch on Wang Yong Xiang's face.

Wang Yong Xiang, who originally felt guilty, felt the Widow Liu behind his become more gentle when he saw the fat woman's actions. He subconsciously used his body to protect her, but did not expect this action to excite the fat woman even further, causing his to immediately push Wang Yong Xiang away and slap him in the face.

When Wang Yong Xiang saw this scene, he lost all reason long ago. He picked up his hoe and shoveled it into the fat woman's leg, only to see her leg bleeding like a spring. The intense pain made her cry out like a pig.

The neighbors couldn't bear to watch any longer and rushed forward to support the fat woman. They began to criticize the shameless duo, and some even started to curse at them.

When Lin Ruo Yin heard that the effect had been achieved, she immediately left. Presumably, in an hour, the entire village would know of this matter.

When night fell, Big Sister Lin Ruo Xi's voice suddenly rang beside her ears.

? ?.

"Do you think that Nan Gong Jin loves you?" Lin Ruo Xi mockingly looked at the woman in front of him, "The one he loves is me, even if you give your all for him, he will still give me the position of successor, isn't it laughable?"

Lin Ruo Yin looked at Lin Ruo Xi a little weirdly. It was unknown why the elder sister, who had always been gentle and virtuous, looked so aggressive right now. "Elder sister, what are you talking about, I don't understand."

"Don't you understand?" "Your man, when you were still pregnant, he was already enjoying himself in my room. When he was at his most emotional, he yelled out my name, and the person he loved was me!"

"Do you know why he refused to give you a successor? That's because he never loved you, he just used you! You risked your life for him, but that was only in your wishful thinking. Even if you died, he wouldn't feel the slightest bit of heartache. He doesn't love you at all! He doesn't love you! "

Lin Ruo Yin just looked at Lin Ruo Xi, and suddenly Lin Ruo Xi turned into a venomous snake. A venomous snake with a demonic face pounced towards her, its bright red lips turned into a bloody mouth, and she could even feel the stench of blood.

No ?. It's not like that!

? ?.

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