Lin Ruo Yin was a little confused, but still turned around: "Is there anything else?"

Xiao Bei hesitated for a moment, but eventually asked, "Does Miss know that Eldest Miss has whip wounds on her body?"

"Whip wound?" Lin Ruo Yin was slightly surprised, didn't they say that Lin Fu Cheng had only hit her 30 times? Furthermore, he hadn't finished the fight, so how could he have been injured by a whip?

Xiao Bei nodded, then lowered his head and reminded him, "If Miss is free, you can take a walk around the courtyard of Eldest Miss, I believe with Miss's intelligence, you will understand very soon."

"Understand what?" Lin Ruo Yin asked anxiously. She was sure that Xiao Bei must have known something, but why didn't he tell her directly, and wanted her to think about it herself?

However, Xiao Bei did not answer. After bowing and bidding farewell to Lin Ruo Yin, he turned around and walked towards the kitchen.

Lin Ruo Yin's brows slightly knitted. After carefully thinking about Xiao Bei's words, she decided to walk around Lin Ruo Xi's courtyard tonight.

After dinner, Lin Ruo Yin said that she wanted to go out for a walk. Hong Mei He Lv Yu wanted to go with him, but Lin Ruo Yin insisted on going alone. Hong Mei He Lv Yu could only warn her to be careful as she sent her out the door.

Stealthily walking into Lin Ruo Xi's courtyard, she realised that it was not all that quiet here. Just when Lin Ruo Yin thought it was strange, she heard the door opening and quickly hid behind a pillar.

The one who came out was none other than Qing He. Lin Ruo Yin knew that she was Lin Ruo Xi's personal servant and that she was her trusted aide, hence she secretly followed behind her.

Qing He carried a food box and walked to a place without any sign of human habitation. Lin Ruo Yin followed behind her the entire time, and she seemed to smell the scent of medicine.

Wait, medicine? Lin Ruo Yin seemed to have thought of something and quickened her pace, hiding in the darkness as she looked at Qing He. Only when she looked around did she open the box. There were at least ten bowls of medicine inside.

When Lin Ruo Yin looked over again, Lin Ruo Yin quickly hid herself well. When she turned around, she saw that she had poured all the medicine in the food box onto the ground, and even buried them in the ground.

After pouring it all, Qing He quickly took the food box back with him. This time, Lin Ruo Yin did not follow along, but walked to the place where Qing He poured the medicine, squatted down and looked, and sure enough, she found some dregs. She quickly wrapped it in her handkerchief and hid it in her sleeve.

After Lin Ruo Yin finished all these, she returned to Lin Ruo Xi's courtyard and carefully walked a few rounds. Only two days had passed since the last time, and she had already hurried to the trash collection location. After searching for a while, she did not find what she was looking for.

So that's how it is... Lin Ruo Yin looked at the light in Lin Ruo Xi's room. She already knew the answer Xiao Bei wanted him to find. Lin Ruo Xi, let's see how you will explain this to Grand Lady.

Since he had already achieved his goal, Lin Ruo Yin was not willing to stay any longer. From afar, they saw Xiao Bei standing alone in the pavilion, as if he was admiring the moonlight, but his expression was a bit sad.

"Hey, why are you here alone?" Lin Ruo Yin walked over and asked.

Hearing the familiar voice behind him, Xiao Bei's sorrowful expression became even more desolate. However, when he turned around, he had already hidden them all, leaving only respect.

"Greetings Third Miss." Xiao Bei bowed and cupped his hands.

For some reason, when Lin Ruo Yin looked at such a person like him, Lin Ruo Yin felt very uncomfortable in her heart. She casually waved her hand to allow Xiao Bei to stand up and asked again: "What are you doing here by yourself?"

"Reporting to the Third Miss, this lowly one wants to see the beautiful moonlight tonight." Xiao Bei still maintained the respectful expression as she lowered her head, unwilling to raise it.

"You weren't like this before." Lin Ruo Yin frowned and said. She remembered that after she had saved Xiao Bei the first time, she was neither humble nor arrogant. Even when he knew that she was a Miss, he still lifted her head and stuck out her chest when he spoke.

"That was because Xiao Bei was insensible before." After he finished speaking, Xiao Bei cupped his hands and said: "Third Miss, I still have things to do, so I will be leaving first."

Lin Ruo Yin looked at Xiao Bei who had turned around and left, and suddenly shouted out loud: "The answer you wanted me to look for, I've already found it, don't you want to hear it?"

Xiao Bei stopped and turned his head slightly, "There's no need. Miss must have found the correct answer. " With that, he quickly left Lin Ruo Yin's line of sight.

Xiao Bei only stopped when he was quite far away, and he remembered what the old cook had told him.

"Xiao Bei, listen to me. From today onwards, you don't have to bother with the matters of the Lin Mansion."

Although he did not know the reason, Xiao Bei knew that no matter what the old cook said or did, it was all for his own good. Since she couldn't bear to make her worry, Xiao Bei could only agree and never interfere in any matters. He just stayed as a servant, waiting patiently.

Grand Lady's work and rest times were very regular. She would wake up at dawn every day and eat breakfast in the morning. Lin Ruo Yin, on the other hand, would pay respects to the Grand Lady before breakfast, and then return to her own courtyard for breakfast.

Actually, everyone was originally together, but ever since Lin Ruo Xi's incident, everyone was not in the mood to eat breakfast and lunch together in their own courtyards. It was only during dinner that everyone would gather together in the dining hall.

"Hong Mei, hurry up. It's already too late to pay respects to Ancestor Grandmother." Lin Ruo Yin hurriedly walked forward while urging Hong Mei who was behind him.

"Don't worry Miss, don't you have some time?" Hong Mei supported Lin Ruo Yin, carefully waiting upon him.

Lin Ruo Yin frowned and retorted: "Ancestor Grandmother's work and rest schedule is very regular, if we meet her later when she's having breakfast, that would not be good."

Lan Xiu was picking flowers in the courtyard. Seeing the anxious Lin Ruo Yin, she said with a gentle smile: "Third Miss, don't worry, it's not too late."

"I've let Senior Lan Xiu down. I woke up a little late today, so ?" Lin Ruo Yin lowered his head in embarrassment, but suddenly remembered something and asked: "Ancestor Grandmother, are you anxious? I have to hurry in. "

"Third Miss is in the room." After Lan Xiu finished speaking, she nodded to her slightly, then entered the house. Lan Xiu looked at the time. When it was time to prepare breakfast for the Grand Lady, he turned around and left as well.

Lin Ruo Yin entered the room and saw that Grand Lady was drinking tea. She hurriedly walked over and kneeled down.

Grand Lady looked at her granddaughter, who would come to pay respects to him sooner or later, other than the few days when her face was injured. Thinking about it, she told Lin Ruo Yin to walk closer and look carefully. She smiled and said: "Alright, alright, Ruo Ying is another great beauty now."

"Ancestor Grandmother would make fun of Ruoyin." Lin Ruo Yin shyly lowered her head, seeing that the Grand Lady's teacup had run out of tea, she quickly added more tea and carried it over.

As the grandfather and grandson duo chatted, Lin Ruo Yin also did not know what she said, and actually made the Grand Lady laugh loudly. When Lan Xiu carried the breakfast into the house, she saw such an image. Other than the Third Miss, there was probably no one else who could make him laugh so heartily.

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