"Grand Lady." Lan Xiu walked over to help the Grand Lady up, then looked at Ruoyin and asked, "Grand Lady, it's getting late, why don't you ask the Third Miss to stay and have some breakfast together?"

"No, no, no, there's no need to trouble Senior Lan Xiu. Lin Ruo Yin quickly waved her hands.

When Grand Lady heard Lan Xiu's words, she could not help but sigh about Lan Xiu's concern. When she heard Ruoyin's rejection, she said unhappily, "Is Ruoyin not willing to accompany me, this old granny, to have breakfast?"

"Ancestor Grandmother, what are you talking about? Why would Ruoyin be unwilling?" Lin Ruo Yin hurriedly explained as she looked at Lan Xiu with a troubled expression, "Then I'll have to trouble Senior Lan Xiu."

Lan Xiu maintained her gentle smile and said: "It's no trouble, this servant has already finished preparing. Grand Lady and Third Miss, quickly use it. "

Because Lin Ruo Yin was here, other than the clear porridge that Grand Lady would use everyday as a snack, Lan Xiu had also specially prepared a few snacks for her, afraid that she would not be used to it.

"Ancestor Grandmother, this dessert is delicious. Ancestor Grandmother, try it." Lin Ruo Yin picked up a rabbit shaped plate and placed it in front of Grand Lady.

Grand Lady actually liked his grandson being close to him, especially Ruoyin. Every time she came here, she would make Ruoyin happy, and she had served him well.

Grand Lady did not like this kind of taste. She could not help but frown, but she still smiled and said to Lin Ruo Yin. "Not bad, it's quite tasty."

Lan Xiu had served Grand Lady for such a long time, so she naturally knew of her taste. It was just that Grand Lady didn't say it herself, so she didn't want to say anything.

"Ruoyin remembers that elder sister likes to eat this kind of dessert the most. Ancestor Grandmother, why don't you accompany Ruoyin and go take a look at elder sister?" Lin Ruo Yin said somewhat awkwardly.

Grand Lady naturally understood Lin Ruo Yin's concerns. She patted her hand and said, "Alright, if Ruoyin wants to go, Ancestor Grandmother will accompany Ruoyin."

"Thank you, Ancestor Grandmother." Lin Ruo Yin laughed happily, picked out a few snacks and gave it to Lan Xiu: "Senior Sister Lan Xiu, can I trouble you to pack a box for me, I'll bring it to elder sister."

Furthermore, from top to bottom of the Lin Mansion, they were all saying that Lin Ruo Yin had plotted against Lin Ruo Xi. At this time, if she were to rush over, she would definitely not see him, but if she were to go with the Ancestor Grandmother, no matter how unwilling Lin Ruo Xi was, she could not just shut the door and thank the guests.

Lin Ruo Yin sighed inwardly. She really had not wasted her early in the morning to come here and act out this play in vain.

Lin Ruo Yin followed behind Grand Lady into Lin Ruo Xi's room. Originally, when Lin Ruo Xi heard that Grand Lady had come to visit her, she was very happy, but when she saw the people who came in behind her, the smile on her face froze.

"Ruoxi, what's wrong?" Grand Lady saw her and thought that she was suddenly uncomfortable and quickly helped her back into the bed. "Since you're injured, don't move around anymore.

"Thank you ? Thank you, Ancestor Grandmother. " Lin Ruo Xi came back to reality and smiled at Grand Lady.

"Elder sister? Are you better? " Lin Ruo Yin carried her food box and walked forward with a face full of concern.

Lin Ruo Xi felt disgusted when she pretended to be worried, but because Grand Lady was here, she could only endure it. She raised her head and smiled, and replied, "I'm much better."

When Grand Lady saw the two of them speaking amiably to each other, she thought that the knot in her heart had been resolved. She then said to Lin Ruo Xi: "Ruoyin, I'm afraid that you'll misunderstand her, I don't even dare to come alone.

"Ancestor Grandmother." Lin Ruo Yin shyly pulled on Grand Lady's sleeves, as if she was complaining that Grand Lady had told her the truth.

On the other hand, Lin Ruo Xi smiled with a gentle face, and said: "Little sister, you are overthinking things, and the past will pass, so I will not take it to heart, and I hope little sister will not take it to heart too."

"Of course not, why would Ruoyin take it to heart?" Lin Ruo Yin smiled innocently, waved the food box in her hand, and said: "Ruo Yin brought Big Sis some of her favorite snacks, when Big Sis is free, let's have a taste."

"Thanks for your trouble, sister." Lin Ruo Xi thanked him softly, but a cold light quietly shot out of his lowered eyes.

The Grand Lady did not see it, but that did not mean that Lin Ruo Yin did not feel it. After all, her grudges from her previous life had allowed her to understand Lin Ruo Xi too well.

In a place where Grand Lady could not see, Lin Ruo Yin slightly raised the corner of her mouth, looked around, and asked: "Why isn't Qing He by your side waiting for big sister? Did she go to get medicine for his sister? "Since it's so early, big sister probably hasn't taken any medicine yet, right?"

The Grand Lady also thought about it. Without waiting for Lin Ruo Xi to say anything, she shouted towards the door: "Qing He."

Qing He heard the shout from outside and hurriedly ran in. She looked at the people in the room with her head lowered, and then fixed her gaze on Grand Lady, "Grand Lady, is there anything for you to call Qing He?"

"Where is your Miss's medicine? "It's not done yet?" Grand Lady was a little angry, why were these servants serving him so inattentively?

Medicine? Who would have known that Grand Lady would come so early? What should they do now? If she had already drunk, but the breakfast was clearly useless, Qing He pondered deeply in her heart on how she should reply.

"Ancestor Grandmother, the medicine is not ready yet." Lin Ruo Xi saw that Qing He was so frightened that she couldn't say anything, and could only say it herself. She originally thought that Grand Lady would leave after sitting for a while, but who knew that Grand Lady would actually say that she would wait for her to drink the medicine before leaving.

Qing He hurriedly went out to fry medicine for the Miss, while Lin Ruo Yin took out a snack and gave it to Lin Ruo Xi, "Big sister, you should eat some food first, it's not good for your health."

Lin Ruo Xi took the dim sum in Lin Ruo Yin's hands, thanked her, and started to eat, but in truth she was extremely anxious. If Grand Lady did not leave later, would she really drink the medicine? She wasn't sick at all. It should be okay to take those pills, right?

If only he knew earlier, he wouldn't have wanted it to be so realistic. He would have let Qing He really grab those pills.

The time for an incense stick to burn had passed, but the medicine had not come. The Grand Lady told Lan Xiu to go and see what was going on, but Lin Ruo Yin took the initiative and said that she would go and take a look.

Without waiting for the Grand Lady to speak, Lin Ruo Yin walked to the door and opened it. She saw Qing He holding the medicine and scolded: "Qing He, the medicine is already ready, why aren't you coming in? Hurry up, your Miss is waiting. "

Qing He bit her lower lip and steeled her heart before finally walking in. She came to the side of Lin Ruo Xi's bed and softly said, "Miss, the medicine is ready."

Lin Ruo Xi looked at the bowl of medicine in Qing He's hands. She tried it many times, but still didn't have the courage to pick it up. She did not want her body, which was originally fine, to have any problems from eating.

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