"Ruoxi, why aren't you drinking? The medicine must be drunk while it's hot. Qing He, hurry up and feed your Miss. " Grand Lady glared at Qing He, and in her heart, she was even more dissatisfied with the servant girl.

Lin Ruo Xi trembled in fear when she saw Grand Lady glare at her, the tray in her hands also trembled, and looked as though it was about to fall off. Lin Ruo Xi was indescribably happy in her heart, as long as it fell off, she could make Qing He boil more medicine, and then tell him to return with the excuse that she didn't want him to tire herself out too much.

However, her wishful thinking was disrupted by Lin Ruo Yin. She quickly snatched the medicine bowl from Qing He's tray and held it in her hands.

"Qing He, you're too careless. You missed your Miss's time to consume the medicine, let's see how you can take it. Forget it, forget it. Seeing that you are so clumsy, let me feed you big sister. " With that, Lin Ruo Yin sat on Lin Ruo Xi's bed, scooped a spoonful of soup, blew on it and brought it to Lin Ruo Xi's mouth.

The Grand Lady looked at everything with satisfaction, feeling that Lin Ruo Yin's actions had made her even more obedient. Seeing that Lin Ruo Xi seemed to be slightly unwilling, she spoke to her with a fierce expression, "Ruoxi, seeing that your sister is so sensible, don't push her."

However, Lin Ruo Yin smiled, turned her head and said to the Grand Lady: "Ancestor Grandmother, this isn't a push from big sister. Big sister is definitely afraid of hardships."

"Who's afraid of suffering?" Lin Ruo Xi was never one to admit defeat, hearing Lin Ruo Yin's words, she anxiously replied. Only after she finished speaking did she realize that something was wrong. She had actually been tricked by Lin Ruo Yin.

The corner of Lin Ruo Yin's mouth raised slightly, would she say that she was waiting for Lin Ruo Xi's words?

"Since big sister isn't afraid of hardships, then hurry up and drink it. The effects of the cold won't be good." Lin Ruo Yin brought the spoon closer to her mouth.

Lin Ruo Xi clenched her teeth. If looks could kill, she would have probably died at least a hundred times over at Lin Ruo Yin's place, but since Grand Lady was sitting there, she couldn't do anything. She could only close her eyes and drink the medicine.

But in his heart, he remembered this grudge, Lin Ruo Yin, this time we have another grudge, if I don't kill you, I won't be called Lin Ruo Xi!

"Cough, cough, cough..." Because his heart was too agitated, Lin Ruo Xi actually became drunk from drinking too much at once. When he had no choice but to open his eyes, he discovered Lin Ruo Yin's complacent smile.

Not good, what does this woman's smile mean? Before Lin Ruo Xi could even think about it, she saw Lin Ruo Yin's hands become unstable and the medicine bowl slip out of her hands. Following that, Lin Ruo Yin's hands pushed herself forward as she shouted in panic: "Hey, big sis, be careful!"

His body abruptly leaned back and his back hit the headboard of the bed. He felt some pain, but it wasn't the kind of pain that was very severe.

"Sister, sister, how are you? Does it hurt? Aiya, it's all my fault. How could I be so careless? I forgot that elder sister's back is injured. " Lin Ruo Yin blamed herself as she ran to Grand Lady's side in panic.

"Ancestor Grandmother, what should we do? 'Elder sister's back is still injured, could this collision be more severe? " Lin Ruo Yin said and she looked like she was about to cry. No matter how you looked at him, she did not seem to be pretending.

Qing He was the first one to react as she walked over to Lin Ruo Xi's bedside and helped her up. She then covered her with a jacket and said: "Miss, this blanket is all wet.

It was only then that Lin Ruo Xi understood the reason why Lin Ruo Yin came here today. It seemed like she knew from where she was not injured, and was here to expose her. Luckily, Qing He was clever and shifted everyone's attention to the blanket.

"Ancestor Grandmother, look at the chaos here. Why don't you go back first? Ruoyin, don't blame yourself, hurry up and help Ancestor Grandmother go back. Lin Ruo Xi hurriedly tried to think of a way to get rid of the Grand Lady.

Lin Ruo Yin knew what Lin Ruo Xi was thinking, but how could she give up now that she had reached such a stage? Lin Ruo Yin pinched the back of her hand so hard that she was about to cry from the pain, "How can this be? This place is handled by Qing He, sister, follow us to the outer room first, we'll invite a doctor to come and take a look for you, what if your injuries become even more serious? "

When the Grand Lady heard this, he immediately got Lan Xiu to go and get a doctor.

"Ancestor Grandmother, I'm fine, wait for the doctor to come I will let him take a look. Seeing how chaotic this place is, you should go back with Ruoyin first." Lin Ruo Xi stared at Lin Ruo Yin without leaving a trace, and continued to advise Grand Lady with a smile.

Grand Lady felt that what Lin Ruo Xi said was reasonable, and was about to say that she would go back with Ruoyin, when Ruoyin anxiously said, "No, if you're not sure, I won't be able to rest easy with big sister, how about this, big sister please let me see your back first, that way Ancestor Grandmother and I can be at ease."

"I already said there's no need. I'm fine, it's fine." Lin Ruo Xi was agitated because of Lin Ruo Yin, even her voice became louder.

"But ?"

"But what? I know about my body, I have no problem with it at all. Quickly go back with Ancestor Grandmother first. " Lin Ruo Xi interrupted her. The thing she did not want to hear the most right now was Lin Ruo Yin's voice.

Seeing the two sisters, one anxious, one evading with all his might, and even a little angry from embarrassment, Grand Lady seemed to have understood something. With a straight face, she said to Lin Ruo Xi: "Ruoxi, Ancestor Grandmother will ask you the last question, are you really alright?"

Lin Ruo Xi immediately nodded when she heard signs of Grand Lady letting go, "Ancestor Grandmother, I'm really fine."

When Grand Lady saw that Lin Ruo Xi was trying her best to chase him away, the doubt in her heart grew bigger and bigger. Finally, she said to Lin Ruo Xi: "Since that's the case, turn around."

"Ancestor Grandmother..." Lin Ruo Xi was a smart person. Just by looking at Grand Lady's current expression and attitude, she knew that Grand Lady probably already knew everything. Just then, Lan Xiu walked in with the doctor.

The one who came was the doctor who helped Lin Ruo Xi look at the wounds on her back, upon seeing this, she immediately understood what was going on, and quickly knelt down, took out her bracelet, and said: "Old madam, this has nothing to do with me, please do not send me to the government." Otherwise, his clinic would be finished.

When Grand Lady saw the bracelet on the doctor's hand, she immediately recognized that it was a birthday present Lin Ruo Xi gave her when she was ten years old. She snatched it and asked Lin Ruo Xi, "What happened here? Why is the bracelet in his hand? "

"I... I don't know, Ancestor Grandmother, I really don't know. " Lin Ruo Xi quickly kneeled on the ground, but his words were pale.

Xiao Bei was really the male lead! There would be more and more feelings of being behind him ?

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