Grand Lady chased the doctor out together, then had Lan Xiu carry Lin Ruo Xi's body over to him. After closing her eyes, she said: "Strip her clothes for me."

"Ancestor Grandmother, I'm your granddaughter, Ancestor Grandmother ?" Lin Ruo Xi no longer knew what else he could say, and only hoped that he could garner the slightest bit of mercy from the Ancestor Grandmother.

"Grab it for me." The Grand Lady was so angry that she unsteadily backed off a few steps. Lin Ruo Yin hurriedly held onto her and let her sit down.

Lan Xiu was ordered to take off Lin Xihe's jacket, then took off her clothes. Her back was completely white, without a single pimple.

Grand Lady felt her heart suffocating, but she still asked Lin Ruo Xi who was kneeling on the ground: "What else do you have to say?"

"Ancestor Grandmother, I ?"

"I don't want to hear a single word you say. Men, lock Eldest Miss up in the woodshed. Without my order, no one is allowed to release him." Grand Lady angrily gave the orders, then pulled Ruoyin away.

Lin Ruo Xi slumped to the ground. Seeing Lin Ruo Yin turning her head and smiling proudly to her before she left, Lin Ruo Xi was even more unreconciled in her heart.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Lin Ruo Xi suddenly shouted loudly, she was unwilling, she did not understand why she would always lose to Lin Ruo Yin! And it was such a crushing defeat!

Two servants came in and took Lin Ruo Xi away, and on the way to the woodshed, many of the servants were watching the scene, and very quickly, news of Lin Ruo Xi pretending to be sick and framing Lin Ruo Yin, spread among the servants.

Hiding at the side, Xiao Bei watched as Lin Ruo Xi was locked in the woodshed. A light smile rose on her cold face, and she thought to herself, This Third Miss's actions are pretty fast.

As Lin Fu Cheng had matters to attend to outside the city, he returned three days later. When he returned to his residence, he heard that Grand Lady had gotten angry today and locked Lin Ruo Xi in the woodshed, and just as he was about to inquire about the situation, he was stopped by the First Lady. She knelt in front of Lin Fu Cheng and begged, "Old master, since Ruoxi is the daughter that you have raised, please beg for forgiveness from Mother, and let Ruoxi come out of the woodshed."

"Why don't you ask for it yourself?" Lin Fu Cheng shook off the First Lady's hand, and said with an expression of disappointment: "If it wasn't for Ruoxi committing a huge mistake, how could Mother have sent her to the woodshed?"

was very disappointed with Lin Ruo Xi.

"But, Ruoxi is your daughter after all, old master, how can you bear not to save her?" First Lady was not willing to give up on this final chance, and pulled on the corner of Lin Fu Cheng's clothes, unwilling to let go.

Lin Fu Cheng sighed, and said with a face full of helplessness: "Why don't you understand? It was she himself who destroyed himself step by step! "

Murderously pushing away First Lady's hands, Lin Fu Cheng quickly left, leaving First Lady crying in the courtyard. At the corner of the corridor, Third Wife stood there and watched the show. Seeing her like that, she laughed contemptuously and said to her daughter: "Did you see that? This is the result of going against Lin Ruo Yin.

Lin Ruo Yun looked at First Lady and could not bear to see him act like this. "Mother, why don't we go and help aunt?"

"Does she need your pity?" Third Wife glanced at his daughter and sighed in her heart. Why does this daughter always treat bad people as good people? Yuan Xin couldn't compare to Lin Ruo Xi, and Lin Ruo Yin, the two girls.

"Let me remind you again, stay away from Lin Ruo Xi in the future. Do you hear me?" Third Wife poked Lin Ruo Yun's forehead and warned him.

Lin Ruo Yun nodded and followed the Third Wife. But in reality, when she reached her own room, Lin Ruo Yun was restless. Thinking of the care and love Lin Ruo Xi had shown him before, she ended up taking some food to the woodshed.

"Elder sister?" Lin Ruo Yun shouted through the window, and then looked around. She finally saw Lin Ruo Xi's figure, and quickly shouted twice, "Big sister, big sister, here."

Lin Ruo Xi was already in a daze, hearing someone call her, she slowly came back to her senses. Then, she saw Lin Ruo Yun, and a trace of joy appeared on her face. Walking to the window, he asked: "Ruoyun, why are you here?"

"Big sister, let me give you something to eat. Hurry up and eat it, it's all what you like. " Lin Ruo Yun stuffed all the food in, and Lin Ruo Xi started to wolf it down.

Lin Ruo Xi had already been locked up for three days and three nights. During this time, although First Lady came to visit her, because the servants knew that her heart was vicious, they often did not give her a full meal.

When Lin Ruo Yun saw Lin Ruo Xi's expression, his heart was a little sad. Her tears just flowed down like that, and when Lin Ruo Xi saw this, she finally felt a little comforted in his heart.

Hearing Lin Ruo Xi's words, Lin Ruo Yun cried even harder, and grumbled: "It's all's fault, how can she be so bad, and cause big sister to become like this."

"Don't cry first. Have you gone to see Ancestor Grandmother in the past few days?" Lin Ruo Xi wanted to know from Lin Ruo Yun the current attitude of the Ancestor Grandmother.

Lin Ruo Yun nodded, "I'm going. It's because I went that I'm angry. You know what? Ancestor Grandmother has once again found the doctor and the cosmetician who looked at big sister's face previously. "

"What?" "And then?" Lin Ruo Xi was shocked, and felt a faint unease in her heart.

Lin Ruo Yun told her everything that happened that day. Originally, when she knew that Lin Ruo Xi was locked in the woodshed, she wanted to go and plead with the Ancestor Grandmother to let him go, but when she arrived at the entrance, she heard someone talking inside, so she hid somewhere and eavesdropped.

"What you mean to say is that everything you've done, you've listened to the Eldest Miss?" In the room, a voice that suppressed anger came out.

"Yes, back then when I was treating her face as a Eldest Miss, she threatened me, saying that if I don't heal the wound on her face, she won't let me off easily." The doctor's voice was filled with trepidation and trepidation.

"Later on, I followed the doctor to University Hall. It seemed that the Eldest Miss had already decided to make a move against the Third Miss from the very beginning, so we helped her and made her unconscious. After that, the Old Mistress saw everything." cosmetician also said everything, it was just that he was not like a doctor, and her words were filled with confidence.

As if he was silent for a long time, Grand Lady opened his mouth and said, "I understand. Remember, no one is allowed to spread the news about this, here is a hundred silver coins. From then on, you never came to University Hall."

The sound of gratitude came from inside the room again, followed by the sound of the door opening. The doctor and the cosmetician both walked out.

"All of you, stand still!" Lin Ruo Yun followed the two of them out of the courtyard before calling out to them.

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