When the doctor and the cosmetician heard the voice, they turned their heads and saw Lin Ruo Yun.

"Speak, who asked you to say something like that in front of the Ancestor Grandmother? Is it Lin Ruo Yin? " Lin Ruo Yun walked in front of them, crossed her arms, and glared at them.

"Second Miss is joking, we were just speaking the truth." The cosmetician replied with a smile.

However, Lin Ruo Yun did not believe him. After fighting against the two of them for a long time and not seeing that they were speaking the truth, he could only turn around and leave in defeat. Thus, she did not hear their conversation after she left.

"I think in this University Hall, only he has some brains." The doctor said softly to the cosmetician.

"Isn't that so? One only knows how to threaten, and the other one will pester you like hell, unlike the Third Miss who only knows how to be courteous and give in to you. " cosmetician weighed the money pouch in her hand and laughed: "You even helped us earn a large sum of money."

When the doctor saw him speak the truth, he quickly covered his mouth and left like a thief.

Lin Ruo Yun told Lin Ruo Xi about everything that had happened. After sshe finished, he added, "The most detestable ones are those two bastards, they were obviously Lin Ruo Yin's men. They framed big sister."

When Lin Ruo Xi heard Lin Ruo Yun's words, she did not know how she felt in her heart. This little sister of her had been following him ever since she was young, so no matter what he said, she would believe him.

However, after hearing what she had to say, Lin Ruo Xi felt more at ease, and said to Lin Ruo Yun: "Don't worry, if it's really as you have said, Ancestor Grandmother doesn't plan on making this big, and only wants to settle it internally. In my opinion, Ancestor Grandmother only has me locked away for a few days. Ruoyun, don't come back in the future. "

"How can we do that? "Big sister, don't worry. I'm not scared. I'll definitely come here every day to deliver delicious foods to big sister." Lin Ruo Yun had thought that Lin Ruo Xi was worried that she would be implicated, hence she quickly clarified the situation.

Lin Ruo Xi sighed lightly in her heart, and said: "Silly sister, if you wish for me to come out earlier, then listen to me and don't come. Believe in this sister, this sister will be able to go out very soon."

"Really?" Lin Ruo Yun asked in disbelief.

Lin Ruo Xi nodded his head, "You still don't believe big sis?"

Only now did Lin Ruo Yun believe what Lin Ruo Xi had said, but she was worried that if his sister came out, she would have to fight with Lin Ruo Yin, so she frowned and said: "Sister, wait until you come out, don't fight with Lin Ruo Yin anymore. Right now, she is one of the famous people by Ancestor Grandmother's side, we cannot win against her. "

Hearing Lin Ruo Yun's words, Lin Ruo Xi didn't say anything on the surface, but something else was on her mind. She suddenly asked: "Ruoyun, what exactly happened in the palace?"

Because the moment Lin Ruo Yun returned, sshe was sent flying by the Grand Lady, he did not even have the chance to go out at all. But with so many things happening to Lin Ruo Xi, the two sisters didn't have time to properly chat with each other.

"Don't mention it, I don't know if she, Lin Ruo Yin, was really born from a lucky star, so all sorts of good things are on her shoulders. Not only does the Crown Prince appreciate her, even the Queen of Queen does. Not only is she not reprimanded for being rude and late, she was also rewarded with so many things. What makes me depressed is that it seems like everyone is helping her. " The more Lin Ruo Yun spoke, the more depressed she became, and the more angry Lin Ruo Xi became.

If it wasn't for the fact that she couldn't go to the palace due to her disfigurement, she wouldn't be the one to obtain these honors. It was all part of her plan to let her disfigure her face first and to lose the opportunity to show off.

Lin Ruo Yun didn't know what Lin Ruo Xi was thinking, but seeing her solemn face and not saying a word, she thought that she had heard everything she said, and said it again, "So sister, you can't win against her. She isn't just supporting her now, she also has His Highness and the Empress of Queen supporting her."

Lin Ruo Xi simply did not hear what Lin Ruo Yun said. She only thought that Lin Ruo Yin had snatched everything that belonged to her, and she must find a chance to take back everything that belonged to her.

"Elder sister, did you hear what I just said?" Lin Ruo Yun was truly worried. If the two of them continued to fight, she really didn't know what would happen to her sister.

After hearing Lin Ruo Yun's words, Lin Ruo Xi suppressed the thoughts in her heart and smiled gently, "Alright, I understand. "Don't worry about me. Hurry up and go back."

Hearing the promise, Lin Ruo Yun felt at ease and said her goodbyes.

Lin Ruo Xi had already been locked in the woodshed for seven days. During these seven days, Lin Ruo Xi had refused all visitors and sat quietly on the straw every day with tears in her eyes. No matter how badly the servant guarding her treated her, she only gave her a meal every day.

First Lady felt a heartache after knowing this. She had been rejected a few times and could only look at the food that was left behind from the window in the distance. The second thing she did was to look at the food, but they were still left untouched.

"No, we can't let Ruoxi continue like this." First Lady shook her head and mumbled to herself. After making up her mind, she went straight to Grand Lady's room.

Grand Lady was napping, and Lan Xiu stopped her, but she was anxious and anxious. She rushed towards the house and shouted, "Mother, I beg you to let Ruoxi go, she already knows her wrongs, she has been tormented for the past few days, if this goes on, she will die!"

There was a long silence in the room. First Lady wanted to continue shouting, but then she saw the door open. The moment First Lady saw Grand Lady, he immediately kneeled on the ground and took a few steps forward, stopping at the foot of the stairs. She kowtowed with all her might, and shouted with heartache: "Mother, Ruoxi is a piece of meat that has fallen from my heart, I really can't stand seeing her suffer like this. If Mother wants to punish, then punish me, I am willing to take the punishment in Ruoxi's stead."

Grand Lady stood at the door, looking down at First Lady from above, and snorted coldly, "Truly, a loving mother defeats many women, do you know that one person should take responsibility for his actions? Since Ruoxi has committed such a grave mistake, she should know that there will be consequences today, she doesn't need a mother like you to take the punishment for her."

"Mother, it was I who didn't teach Ruoxi well, I was the biggest fault, I beg you, please spare Ruoxi, she will really lose her life if she is locked up!" First Lady's face was covered in tears. Ignoring the sore spot on her knee, she continued to speak. "Mother, please, if you don't agree, I will not get up."

Lan Xiu muttered to herself on the side, could it be that this First Lady doesn't know the personality of the Grand Lady? She actually dared to threaten Grand Lady. Most likely, even the soft-heartedness and soft-heartedness of the past had hardened once more at this moment.

Sure enough, Grand Lady only left one sentence, "If you want to kneel, then kneel. Kneel however long you want." Afterwards, they returned to the room together with Lan Xiu.

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