First Lady also made up her mind that she would not let Grand Lady change her mind and she would really kneel in the courtyard.

It was already windy at dusk and the rain suddenly began to fall during dinner time. Grand Lady was already having her meal, waiting for the pitter-patter of the rain outside, she put down her chopsticks and asked: "First Lady is still kneeling?"

"No, I haven't." Lan Xiu reported truthfully.

Hearing Lan Xiu's words, the Grand Lady felt sympathy in her heart. After all, she was her daughter-in-law and her granddaughter, so how could she bear it? Just that, Lin Ruo Xi knew she was wrong? Or was she trying to get out of the woodshed on purpose?

"Grand Lady, do you want someone to call First Lady in?" Lan Xiu glanced at the window. Was she a woman or was she worried that First Lady's body wouldn't be able to take it?

Grand Lady shook her head and picked up her chopsticks to continue eating.

Outside the house, the news of First Lady kneeling in the rain had already spread throughout the entire University Hall, and naturally reached Lin Ruo Yin's ears. Because something like this had happened, Grand Lady was not in a good mood these few days, so they did not eat dinner together. At this moment, Lin Ruo Yin was using the meal that Hong Mei had personally prepared, and on the surface, she was neither happy nor worried about the news.

"Miss, are you unhappy after hearing this? The First Lady being in such dire straits was well-deserved. Back then, when Miss returned to her residence, she made things difficult for Miss. " Lv Yu could not hold herself back, and seeing that Lin Ruo Yin did not have any expressions, she immediately revealed her thoughts.

make things difficult for her, yes, this First Lady did make things difficult for her. Lin Ruo Yin ate gracefully. Who would have known that at this moment, she was recalling the pain Lin Ruo Xi and her daughter had brought her in her previous life?

At that time, he had foolishly regarded the two of them as good people, but he didn't expect them to be the ones who ruined his life. However, it was the opposite now. She wanted to destroy the mother and daughter pair by herself.

"What are you so happy about?" Lin Ruo Yin raised her eyebrows slightly, looked at Lv Yu, and asked: "Should I be happy that Lin Ruo Xi will be released soon?"

"What do you mean, Miss?" Lv Yu did not understand, the Grand Lady never said she wanted the Eldest Miss.

However, Hong Mei could not bear to see how confused Lv Yu looked. She opened her mouth and pointed out: "You little idiot, can't you tell that this is a trick used by the First Lady?"

Lv Yu curled her lips, carefully thinking about what Hong Mei had said, and understood what she meant. But very quickly, she recalled that once Lin Ruo Xi came out, she was bound to cause trouble for her own Miss, and anxiously asked: "Miss, why are you still able to eat? If this Eldest Miss is released, we won't be able to live a peaceful life. "

"What nonsense are you talking about!" Hong Mei quickly pulled on her sleeves and understood what was going on. She lightly slapped her own mouth twice, but why didn't she control herself.

However, this time, Lin Ruo Yin felt that Lv Yu's words were very reasonable. She looked at Lv Yu with praise, and said half-jokingly: "I didn't expect that Lv Yu would also almost become a half-immortal."

Being embarrassed by what Miss had said, Lv Yu turned her face away. However, Hong Mei asked worriedly, "Miss's words, are you saying that after Eldest Miss comes out, we will be in trouble?"

"Isn't that so? Just think about it, I have caused her to lose face twice in the entire manor. I do not believe that she would easily admit defeat. "Therefore, when she comes out, you must take extra care to be on guard. No matter whether it's food, drink, or drink in our yard, they must pass through both of your hands. You absolutely must not fake your actions on anyone else." Lin Ruo Yin took care of them carefully. She was not afraid of anything else, but was afraid of implicating the two girls.

She thought that since Lin Ruo Xi hated her now, she should only hate the people around her so long as they weren't easy to deal with, then she would be happy.

"Yes, Miss. We will definitely be extra careful." Hong Mei He Lv Yu nodded, wanting to let Lin Ruo Yin be at ease.

Lin Ruo Yin was already preparing for a rainy day here, but First Lady was still kneeling in Grand Lady's courtyard. Even if her knees were already numb, for her daughter's sake, she would never give up.

The rain had gradually lessened, but First Lady's clothes were already soaked. When the night wind blew, she shivered from the cold and her consciousness became a little blurry.

Right at this time, the Grand Lady opened the door. Looking at the First Lady who was in a sorry state, she couldn't help but sigh and shake her head, then said: "Ruoxi really has a good mother. "Fine, I'll go take a look."

First Lady kowtowed to express her gratitude. The night wind blew, causing her to sneeze three times. Grand Lady also could not watch it any longer. She waved her hand and said, "Go back and change your clothes. I'll go to the firewood house to take a look. You don't have to come."

Lan Xiu supported Grand Lady and left, in the direction of the wood shed that held Lin Ruo Xi.

Inside the dim wood hut, the disheveled Lin Ruo Xi was slightly dizzy from starvation, yet she did not ask for help from the servant outside the door. Instead, she laboriously stood up, walked to the window and stretched her hand out to receive the water droplets, before placing them in her mouth.

When Grand Lady arrived, she saw this kind of scene from afar. She could not help but frown and ask Lan Xiu who was beside him, "Is there food in the kitchen that has neglected Eldest Miss?"

Lan Xiu shook her head, "According to this servant's knowledge, the kitchen does not neglect Eldest Miss, and all three meals are made in accordance to the past."

Then why ?

The servants guarding the woodshed were currently eating Lin Ruo Xi's dinner. Every day, they would only give Lin Ruo Xi lunch, and every morning, they would eat breakfast and dinner. Originally, they thought that since the Eldest Miss wasn't being pampered and was imprisoned in the woodshed by the madame, no one would care about her life or death. However, they didn't expect that the Grand Lady would come tonight.

The first person who noticed Grand Lady was a servant sitting in the innermost area. He nervously touched the person beside him, but that person didn't seem to realize it at all. What the hell? "

"This is too ? Grand Lady... " The moment they saw Grand Lady, the first person who saw him immediately kneeled down in fright. When the people beside him heard his voice, they did not dare to turn around, and directly kneeled down as well.

Grand Lady walked in front of them, glanced at the things on the table and instantly went into a rage, "You have such guts, to dare treat Eldest Miss in such a way?"

"No, we ?" The servant had no excuse and could only beg, "Please spare my life Grand Lady, I know I was wrong."

Grand Lady closed her eyes, trying her best to calm the anger in her heart. Two little servants dared to do such a thing, was it really wrong for him to punish Ruoxi?

"Both of you go and receive your punishments. Hurry up and open the door!" Grand Lady opened her eyes and signaled them to open the door.

The servant holding the key quickly went to open the door to Grand Lady's woodshed. Grand Lady had only taken a step in when he smelled an unpleasant odor. It was as if he could see Lin Ruo Xi's life for the past seven days. A wave of guilt rose in his heart, and even his voice couldn't help but become much gentler as he called out to the person by the window, "Ruoxi?"

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