Lin Ruo Xi was still receiving the rain water, when she heard someone call her. In the instant she turned around, as if she didn't expect that it was Grand Lady, she actually took two steps back out of fear, but because her body was weak and powerless, she was about to trip over herself.

"Be careful!" The Grand Lady shouted anxiously. Lan Xiu had already rushed over to support Lin Ruo Xi.

Seeing that Lin Ruo Xi was supporting Lin Ruo Xi, Grand Lady heaved a sigh of relief, looking at the woodshed's environment, it was truly terrible, not even a blanket, how did she sleep?

"And ? Ruoxi had seen it before. Ancestor Grandmother. " It was unknown if it was because she had not spoken for too long, or because she did not drink water, Lin Ruo Xi's voice was as hoarse as a man's.

When Grand Lady heard that, her heart ached. She went forward and pulled Lin Ruo Xi's hand, and asked urgently, "How did you ? How did it become like this? For those servants to bully and humiliate you, why didn't you say anything? "

Lin Ruo Xi lightly shook her head, slowly knelt, and cried towards Grand Lady: "Ancestor Grandmother, this is the punishment this grandson deserves. Your grandson deserves to die a thousand times for this. Seeing how the Ancestor Grandmother dotes on Ruoyin, you actually became jealous, and did such a thing to Ruoyin.

When Grand Lady saw her pale face and how she was crying so hard, she remembered that it was really not a place for humans to stay. She quickly asked Lan Xiu to help her back home.

"No, Ancestor Grandmother, you were right to punish me. Grandson has yet to receive the punishment she deserves and cannot leave. " However, Lin Ruo Xi's soft face was extremely determined. It was as if she had truly made up her mind to redeem herself here.

"So, in these seven days, you won't let anyone visit you. Even if the family servant deducts your meals, you still refuse to ask?" What are you trying to do? To make the Ancestor Grandmother feel guilty and sick, and use this to punish the Ancestor Grandmother? " Grand Lady knew that Lin Ruo Xi truly knew his fault, and when she saw how much she was tormenting him, her old heart had long since been unable to take it anymore, and old tears were streaming down her face. I just want to get her back to her yard and take care of her.

After Lin Ruo Xi heard Grand Lady's words, she shook her head with all her might. She could not stop her tears from flowing as she choked with sobs, "How could grandson dare? Your grandson has to do something wrong first ? "

"Since it's like this, Ancestor Grandmother says that your punishment is enough, that's enough. Hurry get up and let Lan Xiu send you back. " Grand Lady was supported up by Lan Xiu and was just about to leave when both her legs went weak and she was about to fall to the ground.

"Someone, come." Very quickly, a few servants and maidservants came in. Grand Lady ordered: You two girls help Eldest Miss back to her room, one of you go and invite a doctor, and the other one go to the kitchen and ask them to prepare some food for Eldest Miss.

After the servant and the servant girl received the order, they all began to carry it out. Lan Xiu handed Lin Ruo Xi over to the two maids and supported Grand Lady behind him as they returned to Lin Ruo Xi's courtyard.

"Miss?" When Qing He saw her own Miss, she went forward excitedly, but she did not expect her own Miss's face to be pale and her lips were dry and cracked.

Qing He was not at ease with the two servant girls, she personally went to support her Miss, only then did she see the anxious look on her face. She felt wronged for Miss, but she did not say a word.

Lin Ruo Xi returned to her room and laid on the bed that she was familiar with. It felt like a lifetime ago, when his body that was too tired fell asleep the moment it touched the bed.

When Grand Lady arrived, she discovered that Lin Ruo Xi was already asleep, and knew that she was truly tired. She instructed Qing He, "Take good care of your Miss, and let Ruoxi eat some food first before sleeping. Tell me immediately after the doctor has diagnosed it. "

"Yes." Qing He agreed and sent the old lady off.

Not long after the old mistress left, Lin Ruo Xi woke up. Qing He excitedly went forward to serve: "Miss, how are you?"

Lin Ruo Xi shook her head, allowing Qing He to help him up. He looked around and realized that she had truly returned. The corner of her mouth slowly raised into an evil smile.

Lin Ruo Yin, just you wait, it's not over yet!

"Miss, are you alright?" Seeing Lin Ruo Xi's strange smile, Qing He asked worriedly, afraid that Miss was not in her right mind.

Hearing Qing He's question, Lin Ruo Xi immediately retracted her smile, maintaining her usual gentle and courteous manner, and said: "Qing He, I'm fine, is the doctor here yet?"

Qing He nodded, after blessing himself, she immediately went to the outer room to invite the doctor in. After the doctor's diagnosis, she said that Lin Ruo Xi had not eaten and rested for the past two days. Lin Ruo Xi asked the doctor to leave the formula behind and let him leave.

"Qing He, you go and report to the Ancestor Grandmother. This saves her from being too worried. Also, help me ask the First Lady to come over tomorrow morning. " After Lin Ruo Xi finished speaking, she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Qing He did not dare delay any further, and quickly went to report to the Grand Lady. After hearing it, Grand Lady felt a lot more at ease. She hurriedly made Lan Xiu bring some supplements back for him, and repeatedly reminded him, "You must take good care of your Miss, understand?"

"Yes, Qing He will follow your orders."

After leaving Grand Lady's courtyard, Qing He directly went to the kitchen to fry medicine, just in time to be seen by Xiao Bei. After asking the others, he found out that Grand Lady had already released Lin Ruo Xi today.

He never thought that it would actually be so quick. This Lin Ruo Xi had the ability to actually push him to the edge and live on his own. He had calculated that the Grand Lady would not have the heart to watch her fall. It's just that this way, I'm afraid the Third Miss ?

No, he had already promised old cook that he would not interfere in the matters of the manor anymore. No matter what happened in the future, he would not meddle in anything else. After making up his mind, Xiao Bei turned back and returned to his room to rest.

Early the next morning, after Lin Ruo Xi finished drinking the medicine, she remembered what she had told her last night. Seeing that her mother had not come, he could not help but ask: "Qing He, why is First Lady not here yet?"

Qing He tidied up her hands and thought back to last night when she went to First Lady's courtyard. From what the mama had said, First Lady had soaked in the rain for a long time and caught typhoid fever just to plead for Eldest Miss.

"Qing He? What happened? " Lin Ruo Xi asked. Could it be that something had happened to her mother?

Seeing that her own Miss was in such a hurry, Qing He was afraid that she would hurt his body so he quickly said: "Miss, if Qing He says so, you must not be anxious."

When Lin Ruo Xi heard Qing He's words, she knew that something must have happened to his mother. Suppressing the uneasiness in her heart, she nodded and urged him on.

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