"Miss, First Lady went to ask Grand Lady for mercy yesterday. After soaking in the rain for a long time, she caught typhus." After Qing He finished speaking, she saw that her Miss was really anxious, so she quickly added: "Miss, don't be in such a hurry, I've already let the doctors see. There are no major problems, you'll be fine after taking a few days of medicine. First Lady specifically told Qing He not to tell him about it last night because she was afraid that you would be worried about him. You can't let First Lady be sick, and you even have to worry about him. "

Qing He did not know how much she heard, but at least Lin Ruo Xi did not rush to get off the bed, but was lying on one side with her back against the bed. All she thought of in her heart was that she had actually caused her mother to suffer; But then, she blamed it all on Lin Ruo Yin.

If it wasn't for her, how could she and her mother have suffered such physical torture? She wouldn't have been accused of being unfilial. Thinking of this, Lin Ruo Xi swore to make Lin Ruo Yin pay.

"Miss, you must rest well. Don't let your thoughts run wild, Grand Lady still loves you dearly. Last night, I had a servant bring back many tonics." Qing He wanted to let Lin Ruo Xi feel at ease, and said so.

Lin Ruo Xi just nodded absent-mindedly. To her, other than Lin Ruo Yin's disappearance, the rest could no longer arouse her interest.

It had been five days since Lin Ruo Xi left the woodshed. However, Lin Ruo Xi had already meticulously recuperated and her body had already recovered. However, every time she looked in the mirror, that faint scar still made her heart ache.

For the past five days, Lin Ruo Yin and her two maid s had lived a trembling life. They had eaten three meals a day, even if they were to drink water. She was afraid that if she wasn't careful, she would lose her life. However, things did not seem to be as she had imagined. On the contrary, five days had passed in the blink of an eye, and nothing had happened.

On this day, as usual, after Lin Ruo Yin used the silver needles to test the dishes, he started to eat lunch. At this time, Hong Mei He Lv Yu had already finished all the work on her hands, and was waiting on him.

"That's right, Miss, Grand Lady said that we will go to the dining hall to have dinner." Hong Mei thought back to what Lan Xiu's mama had specifically told him.

"Did you say what it was?" Lin Ruo Yin asked indifferently.

Hong Mei thought for a moment, then shook her head: "Senior Lan Xiu did not say, but this servant heard that Eldest Miss's health was already good, and that Grand Lady wanted to celebrate, or that too many things had happened in the Palace, and that Grand Lady wanted to take this opportunity to repair everyone's relationship?"

Lin Ruo Yin didn't say anything after hearing it, and her calm expression didn't seem to be anything special.

Lv Yu saw that both Miss and Hong Mei were silent and thought of the things Miss told them to be on guard against. She felt that it was not necessary, so she asked: "Miss, this Eldest Miss doesn't seem to have made any movements, could it be that we guessed wrongly?"

Lin Ruo Yin's hand that was using the food suddenly paused, had she guessed wrongly? Then Lin Ruo Xi did not want to make a move against him? Impossible, with her personality, how could she just let things rest like this? Maybe she hadn't found a good time yet? Hearing what Lv Yu meant, she didn't want to be cautious every day?

"Maybe the Eldest Miss is waiting for you to think this way." Lin Ruo Yin said softly, and it could be considered a reminder. She believed that even if Lv Yu didn't understand, Hong Mei would understand.

Seeing that Miss seemed to be unhappy, Lv Yu retreated and did not speak anymore. Hong Mei did not hold back, she turned and glared at her. Lv Yu felt wronged, but who told her to say the wrong thing? She just didn't want to be so tired every day. She just didn't dare to say such words again.

Lin Ruo Yin ate a few more bites before losing all appetite. Thinking back to what Lv Yu had said, it was indeed hard for her to understand. She seemed to be unable to endure the anger, and actually became somewhat impatient for Lin Ruo Xi to do nothing at all.

But would she really attack him? If she didn't move, what would he do? Should he take the initiative? No, he should think about it more carefully. He mustn't let himself be distracted and lose his cool first.

Seeing that his own Miss had sunk into deep thought and could not be disturbed, Hong Mei He Lv Yu looked at each other, then stood motionlessly at the side, waiting.

In the evening, University Hall was much more lively than usual. When the Grand Lady called for a meeting, even if everyone was unwilling, on the surface, no one revealed it, and even more so, had been waiting for them in the dining hall since a long time ago.

When Lin Ruo Yin arrived, the three wives and two sisters were already there. After she greeted them one by one, she sat in her own seat.

If it was before, someone would definitely say something to Lin Ruo Yin later, but now, everyone knew that she was the most favored one in front of Grand Lady, and no one was willing to take the lead. Even Lin Ruo Yun obediently sat beside Third Wife.

Other than Lin Ruo Yin, there was no doubt that the other focus would be Lin Ruo Xi. Third Wife had always hated First Lady, but this time, she did not say anything. In an instant, the atmosphere at the table became awkward.

It was just that the awkwardness did not last long, because Lin Fu Cheng came over quickly with Grand Lady's help.

"Greetings Grand Lady." Everyone left their seats and saluted the Grand Lady.

Seeing that the family was neat and tidy, Grand Lady was also very happy in her heart. As a young man, what she liked to see the most were his grandchildren, and as of now, although she knew it was just a show of skill, she still smiled and said: "Everyone get up, we are all family, there is no need to be so courteous."

"Grand Lady, you can't say it like that. Grand Lady is the most respected person in our family, you can't waste this gift." Third Wife was the first to react as she walked to the other side of Grand Lady with a smile.

"Only your mouth knows how to speak." Grand Lady pointed at Third Wife, blaming him a little, but she was happy in her heart.

Third Wife immediately pursed her lips into a smile and returned to her seat.

Grand Lady looked at everyone around him and felt gratified that they were all there. She raised the cup in front of him and said: "Come, many things have really happened in my house recently, but luckily it's all in the past now. We are all one family, and originally, we did not care much about each other.

Since the Grand Lady had already said so, even if everyone had different thoughts, they could only bury them deep in their hearts. They all raised their cups and drank it all in one gulp.

After a meal, they all ate in harmony. In the end, after watching Grand Lady leave, they all returned to their own courtyards. Before leaving, Lin Ruo Xi and Lin Ruo Yin looked at each other. Both of them had hidden their thoughts extremely well.

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