Lin Ruo Xi went to the First Lady's residence. Is my mother in there? " Lin Ruo Xi walked into the courtyard and asked the maidservants guarding the entrance.

After the servant greeted Lin Ruo Xi, she replied: "Master sent someone over just now. He said that he had something to discuss with First Lady and had just left."

After Lin Ruo Xi heard this, she decided to wait inside.

"Just wait for me outside." After sending Qing He away, Lin Ruo Xi walked into the room of the First Lady.

Originally, she sat on the chair and waited for First Lady to return. But after waiting for a long time, she still couldn't see him, so she started to wander around the house. Suddenly, she saw a beautiful butterfly hairpin on the dressing table. She walked over to it and picked it up to play with in her hands.

He didn't expect that his mother would have such a beautiful hairpin. He wondered if there were any other treasures. Lin Ruo Xi thought, her heart was extremely curious, and she began to flip her makeup that was placed beside the copper mirror.

What is this? Lin Ruo Xi saw that there was something inside, and when she opened it, she discovered that it was actually a packet of medicinal powder. She stuck it under her nose and took a whiff, but there was no smell anything, so she did not know what it was.

Lin Ruo Xi's eyes flashed a trace of light. If she hid it well, then it must be something unspeakable. Lin Ruo Xi decided to hide it first, and then wait for her to figure it out.

"Ruoxi? "Ruoxi ?." First Lady's shout came from outside. When Lin Ruo Xi heard it, she hurriedly hid the powder inside her sleeves and tidied up the things on the dressing mirror. When she turned around, First Lady was already inside.

"Mother ?" Lin Ruo Xi hurriedly called out as he placed his hands behind his back.

When First Lady heard that his daughter had come, he walked in excitedly. She did not expect his daughter to be so scared when she saw him. She could not help but feel that it was strange, seeing her with her hands behind her back, she could not help but take a few steps forward and ask, "What's wrong? What's hiding behind your back? "

"No ?." "No..." Lin Ruo Xi explained anxiously, afraid that she had hidden the powder.

However, First Lady did not believe him. He walked over quickly and pulled Lin Ruo Xi's hands to the front, but after seeing the thing in her hands, he laughed out loud. "So it's this thing."

Lin Ruo Xi focused her eyes and saw that she was holding onto the butterfly hairpin. She laughed dryly as she recalled that she had been holding this hairpin the entire time. She didn't think that she would be so flustered when she was in such a hurry.

"Mother, this hairpin is so beautiful. When did you buy it?" Lin Ruo Xi secretly took a deep breath, and after adjusting her state, she asked.

First Lady took the butterfly hairpin in Lin Ruo Xi's hand. Remembering that she went shopping that day and felt that this hairpin was very suitable for her daughter when she saw it, she decided to buy it for her. However, when she returned to the residence, she heard about her daughter's injury. She was afraid that she would be hurt, so she didn't give it away.

"This butterfly hairpin was originally bought for you." First Lady chuckled, and asked: "Do you like it?"

Lin Ruo Xi looked at the butterfly hairpin, and liked it very much in her heart. She hugged First Lady's waist and said in a spoiled manner, "Thank you mother, I knew mother would treat me the best."

Seeing his own daughter acting like a little girl, First Lady also reached out to hug her. He patted her back and said, "You are a piece of meat that Mother dropped.

Lin Ruo Xi was moved to tears. Thinking about the thing inside her sleeves, she thought about it, and decided that it was best not to take it out.

"Oh right, did you have something to talk to me about?" First Lady asked as she thought about the important matter.

Lin Ruo Xi shook her head and yawned on purpose. Then she said: "Actually I don't have anything to do, Mother. I'm a little tired, so I'll head back to my room to rest first. You should also go to bed early."

First Lady saw that she was really tired, so she hurriedly sent her out the door, "Be careful on the way back."

Before he left, Lin Ruo Xi muttered to himself for a bit, but in the end, he still turned around and said: "Before, I caused mother to worry about me, and caught a cold. It was my daughter who was unfilial."

First Lady looked at his daughter's watery eyes and knew that what she said was the truth. She hurriedly held her hand. Mother has been locked in the backyard of this mansion for the rest of her life. The only person she cares about is you. For you, Mother is willing to do anything. "

Lin Ruo Xi nodded with tears in her eyes and walked all the way back to her own courtyard. She held the bag of medicinal powder tightly in her hands, thinking about the scene of Lin Ruo Yin making her mother kneel in the rain, feeling that she had to gamble no matter what, whether it was poison or not, she had to give it a try.

On the second day, after Lin Ruo Xi finished her breakfast, she brought the medicinal powder to Lin Ruo Yun's courtyard. She knew that she had just woken up, smiled, and then waited for him outside. After she finished drinking two cups of tea, Lin Ruo Yun slowly walked out.

"Elder sister, why are you so early?" Lin Ruo Yun asked as she stretched.

Lin Ruo Xi looked at Lin Ruo Yun and could only shake her head continuously in her heart. How could this Lin Ruo Yun look like a golden Miss in the slightest? However, she still pretended to be concerned and asked, "Why are you so tired? You didn't get a good rest last night? "

When Lin Ruo Yun thought about last night, she felt even more spirited. Leaning on the table, she said weakly: "I don't know what's wrong with mother, she insisted on letting me practice embroidery, last night she made me insist on embroidering a pair of mandarin ducks. My ten fingers were even injured, and it was done at the third fragment of the night."

Lin Ruo Xi knew that the Third Wife wanted Lin Ruo Yun to marry out quickly and distance herself from this mess. Even though she knew, he still asked curiously, "Oh? Is that so? "Then quickly show it to big sister."

Hearing that, Lin Ruo Yun immediately stood up and waved her hand, "It's better not to, in order to avoid staining big sister's eyes."

"How could that be? "Big sister really wants to see it. Besides, I can help you take a look and teach you a lesson, no?" Lin Ruo Xi acted like a big sister. Then, she said to Cui Ping who was behind him: "Go and show me the embroidery of your Miss."

Cui Ping looked at Lin Ruo Yun embarrassedly. Seeing that she did not object, she then went in to get it. After a while, she took out a handkerchief and carefully examined it.

"It looks pretty good." Lin Ruo Yun had always been doing quite well with her, and this made Lin Ruo Xi feel inferior. Looking at the lifelike Lovers on the handkerchief, she laughed: "I was thinking of teaching you, but I'm afraid it's not even as good as your embroidery."

Being praised by Lin Ruo Xi, Lin Ruo Yun felt embarrassed and snatched the handkerchief away. Suddenly, she remembered and asked: "Sister, why are you looking for me so early?"

"I really do have a matter that requires your help." Lin Ruo Xi took out the medicinal powder from his sleeve and gave it to Lin Ruo Yun.

Lin Ruo Yun suspiciously sniffed and realized there was no smell. She asked curiously: "What is this?"

"Don't worry about it. You just need to put this in Lin Ruo Yin's glass of water." Lin Ruo Xi whispered to Lin Ruo Yun in her ear.

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