Was this a dream? Or was it real? Lin Ruo Yin felt waves of pain in her head as though it was going to explode. She got up and washed her face, finally being conscious, but she couldn't help but laugh at herself. This is not a dream, this is reality ?

The man he loved the most and the elder sister she trusted the most had gone together when she was pregnant, but she had always been kept in the dark, taking care of the child for him, sharing his country's affairs, and stupidly asking when he would give her a successor. She had never thought that the facts would be so bloody.

Lin Ruo Yin closed her eyes and endured the pain in her eyes. She gritted her teeth so hard, not a single tear fell from her eyes. This kind of person was not worthy of her shedding a single tear for him.

Suddenly, a knock on the door sounded out, disrupting Lin Ruo Yin's thoughts. She got up to open the door, and saw that the person was the coarser girl who came with Steward Mammy.

"Miss, did you sleep well last night? Senior Mother had been thinking about Miss for the entire night. Thus, she sent a servant to visit right after dawn this morning. the girl asked cautiously.

"It's been hard on you. I'm fine. Come in and rest for a while. When I'm rested, I'll come with you." Lin Ruo Yin looked at the nervous little girl and couldn't help but laugh. Steward Mammy was afraid that she would use this method to lure the tiger out of the mountain, so he quickly sent people to check on her situation.

Lin Ruo Yin thought that since she had already done what she needed to do, she might as well return with Steward Mammy first. After she finished speaking, she turned around and entered the house, starting to pack up her things.

Lin Ruo Yin had already packed all the things in the time it took for an incense stick to burn. She had burned all the so-called fine and soft clothes to burn to her mother, and she had only picked up a small bundle of the remaining items.

When Lin Ruo Yin got on the carriage, she heard some people discussing what happened yesterday. In fact, in such a simple and unsophisticated village, Widow Liu naturally could not escape the fate of soaking in pigs, this was already decided when she decided to commit adultery with Wang Yong Xiang, and the old king's spine had probably been exposed by his predecessors. The rumours were already enough to drown him, so there was no place for him in this village.

Lin Ruo Yin didn't have the slightest bit of sympathy for them. In this world, there wasn't any wall that couldn't be blown. All she did was dig a hole in the wall ahead of time.

It had already been three days since she had followed Steward Mammy to the Imperial City. According to the memories of her previous life, she needed to be taken to the capital city to teach etiquette.

She was cautious and afraid that the people around her would abandon her because of her poor performance, so she put in a lot of effort to learn etiquette. However, in the end, she discovered that if it was something that was destined from the start, no matter how hard she tried, there wouldn't be a single change.

However, in this life, she was no longer that country girl who was bullied by others without the strength to resist. She would definitely reverse her fate and overturn the universe with her hands, rewriting her fate!

Lin Ruo Yin followed Steward Mammy to the side courtyard and knew that the test had already begun.

Steward Mammy had already gotten off the carriage, but Lin Ruo Yin did not foolishly followed along. She quietly waited for a moment, and not long after, a little girl came forward and pulled the curtains for her. She then smiled and slowly got out of the carriage.

It had to be known that in her previous life, her first joke had been about this carriage. Lin Ruo Yin lowered his head and laughed silently, but he understood the reason behind it. It was probably because of the action that she had deliberately waited for just now, that they did not dare to show her any more strength.

Lin Ruo Yin got off the carriage and intentionally looked at the Steward Mammy with suspicion, as she asked softly, but there was an indescribable dignity in her voice, "I wonder why this mama brought me here? Since I am a Third Miss of the University Hall, I will not return to the main house this time, but to this courtyard.

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