Hearing that, Lin Ruo Yun was not joking around, she quickly threw away the powder and anxiously said: "Elder sister, no, how can you do such a thing? I... "I won't go."

Lin Ruo Yun's rejection angered Lin Ruo Xi, but she was still coaxing him: "This isn't some strong medicinal powder, it only makes Lin Ruo Yin uncomfortable for a few days, you can rest assured."

This time, Lin Ruo Yun was not stupid, she said to Lin Ruo Xi: "If that's the case, why don't Big Sis go?"

"Didn't we already have a falling out? She'll be on her guard if I go, but not you. "Good little sister, can you just help big sister this once?" Lin Ruo Xi roared.

However, Lin Ruo Yun was determined not to do so. This was not a joke, what if she was discovered? She would be done for, and her mother would definitely suffer as well. She didn't want to be locked in the woodshed and have her mother kneel in front of the Grand Lady's courtyard.

No matter how he thought about it, Lin Ruo Yun still shook his head and refused. Lin Ruo Xi, however, did not have the patience to deal with her anymore.

"You're not going? Lin Ruo Yun, do you still want to marry to the son of the Assistant Minister of the Department of Revenue? " Lin Ruo Xi's face suddenly changed.

Lin Ruo Yun had never seen someone like this before, she was momentarily unable to react. She just sat there in a daze, and when she thought back to what she had just said, she immediately asked: "You ?. What do you mean? "

Lin Ruo Xi laughed disdainfully, laughing at Lin Ruo Yun's stupidity in her heart, but she also explained in a kind tone: "Why do you think that vice minister's son married you? Is it really because I like you? I will tell you the truth. It was because I told Father about this that you were able to get married. Otherwise, do you think it's your turn? "

Lin Ruo Yun, however, did not believe him, "You're spouting nonsense. No matter what, I'm a Miss of the University Hall.

"Yes, you are indeed, but you are born from a concubine, my dear sister. Who would be willing to have a son of their own marry a daughter born from a concubine? Wasn't it your sister who spent so much effort to find such a good marriage for you? "But you're good, you aren't even willing to help big sister with such a small matter." Lin Ruo Xi said, and even looked sad.

Seeing that Lin Ruo Yun did not say anything, Lin Ruo Xi held her hand and said: "Little sister, big sister did not mean to throw a tantrum at you. You know, in your sister's heart, you are her most beloved sister. The reason why I have done this, is simply to let Lin Ruo Yin know what kind of thing she is, to actually dare to oppose an elder daughter like me, and even steal my Crown Prince. " Lin Ruo Xi stopped and looked at Lin Ruo Yun, seeing that she was a little relaxed, she continued to speak with even more vigor.

"Also, think about it, if she really gets the Crown Prince's appreciation and becomes his concubine, will she let the two of us go? But if it's your sister, she'll definitely protect you. When you get married, none of them will dare to bully you. "

Lin Ruo Xi learned about what had happened in the palace from Cui Ping, including the scene of Lin Ruo Yun being humiliated by him. She had purposely said those last words for Lin Ruo Yun to hear.

No one dares to bully me! Lin Ruo Yun did not even have the least bit of respect for her, let alone when she was her future sister-in-law. If it was really as elder sister said, wouldn't she be afraid of them when she had her elder sister's support?

"Will this powder really only make Lin Ruo Yin uncomfortable for a few days?" Lin Ruo Yun picked up the powder again.

Lin Ruo Xi knew that she had agreed and quickly said, "Really, it's not like big sister wants to cause someone's death, it's just that she wants to teach her a lesson."

Lin Ruo Yun nodded her head, and held the powder in her hand.

After Lin Ruo Xi left, Lin Ruo Yun's entire heart had never felt at peace, and had not been able to make up her mind on several occasions to go look for Lin Ruo Yin. Cui Ping, who was watching from the side, became anxious, and came forward to say: "Miss, what are you thinking? Eldest Miss has already said everything. If you don't go, she won't let you marry any more. At that time, you will be annulled, so how can you get married in the future? "

Cui Ping's words were undoubtedly like a thunderbolt, making him completely determined to do this. After letting Cui Ping change her clothes, she headed towards Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard.

"Miss, Second Miss is here." Seeing Lin Ruo Yun here, Lv Yu didn't welcome her very much, but she couldn't show it either, so she could only go and report to her.

Lin Ruo Yin heard that it was actually Lin Ruo Yun who came. After coming back from the palace, they had never interacted with each other. Lin Ruo Yin left some thoughts and got Lv Yu to invite people in.

"Little sister ?" Once Lin Ruo Yun entered the house, she walked over enthusiastically.

Lin Ruo Yin felt that she was too passionate. After all, the two of them weren't that familiar with each other, and they didn't have such good feelings towards each other. But she still smiled and said to Lin Ruo Yun: "Why has Second Sister come to my place today?"

"It's not that he was taken away by the Ancestor Grandmother the moment he returned to the manor, and has not been free all this time. Otherwise, he would have come long ago." Because of the things that he had to do, Lin Ruo Yun did not have the heart to think about other things. Although his expression was a little absent-minded, when he spoke, he didn't give others the feeling that he was speaking in a disingenuous manner.

Lin Ruo Yin thought it was strange, but she did not say anything. She just invited her to sit down and have Hong Mei make some tea.

"Wait." However, Lin Ruo Yun called out to him, and said to Lin Ruo Yin: "Little sister, you haven't drank the tea that I made, right? How about letting my sister try out my craftsmanship today? "

"Oh? Second Sister can make tea? " Lin Ruo Yin thought about it, although she did not discover this in her previous life, she became somewhat interested in it.

Lin Ruo Yun smiled and nodded, then told Cui Ping to put her tea set aside. Then, she took out the Dragon Well that she had brought.

Lin Ruo Yin had always been interested in the tea ceremony and had temporarily forgotten about the conflict between him and Lin Ruo Yun.

Lin Ruo Yun boiled the mountain spring water that she had brought along then put it to the side to cool it. After a certain temperature was applied, she poured the water into a teacup. Seeing that the teacup had warmed up and then poured the water away, Lin Ruo Yin was puzzled.

"This is a warm cup. Firstly, it is used to clean the cup, and secondly, it is used to warm the cold cup. The purpose of the warm cup is to prevent the cup from absorbing the heat of the water and affecting the taste of the tea." Lin Ruo Yun saw through Lin Ruo Yin's confusion and explained.

Lin Ruo Yin nodded her head to show that she understood, then saw Lin Ruo Yun put the tea leaves into the cup, and then placed the cup under Lin Ruo Yin's nose, "Do you smell it, does it smell good?"

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