"It really smells good." Lin Ruo Yin looked at Lin Ruo Yun in surprise.

Lin Ruo Yun started to explain, "Because the cup was already warm just now, the inside of the cup is already warm. When you put in the tea now, the fragrance of the tea would seep out from the bottom of the cup, which was why you could smell the fragrance of the tea. At the same time, this was also the time to distinguish between good and bad tea. The good Longjing fragrance is refreshing, has the destiny to be warm for a long time, the bad tea aroma is weird, sometimes even rushed to the nose. "

"There's still so much to learn, I don't even know." Lin Ruo Yin had never pretended to understand things that he didn't understand, so she would never pretend to understand these things that she didn't understand.

After that, Lin Ruo Yun used the water that had cooled down before and poured it into a teacup. Only about a third of the teacup was filled, and then the short duration cup lightly swayed and passed it to Lin Ruo Yin again, "You can drink now."

Lin Ruo Yin accepted the teacup, and just as she was about to drink it, she saw Lin Ruo Yun's eyes filled with anticipation. She felt that something was wrong, so she pretended to take a sip and said, "Yes, it is indeed a good tea."

Hearing that, Lin Ruo Yun thought that she had really drunk it, and started to panic, but suddenly said: "Look at my memory, I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first."

"Second Sister, wait." Lin Ruo Yin suddenly called out to her.

Lin Ruo Yun felt guilty, she did not dare to stay any longer, and turned to ask: "What's wrong?"

Seeing her expression, Lin Ruo Yin guessed that she must have been asked by someone else to do something. There was no need to guess who this person was. Seeing that she was about to leave, Lin Ruo Yin did not keep her any longer, and said: "Since big sister is in such a hurry, then wait for little sister to finish drinking the tea set and have someone send it over."

"That's good." Lin Ruo Yun left quickly.

After Lin Ruo Yun left, Lin Ruo Yin quickly made Hong Mei take out the silver needles. Hong Mei did not dare delay any further, and immediately took out a silver needle and placed it in the teacup. When she took it out, the entire needle had turned black.

"There really is poison!" Lv Yu exclaimed.

Lin Ruo Yin frowned. She poured all the tea in her teacup into the teapot, then carried the teapot out of the room and splashed it onto a large tree in the courtyard.

"Hong Mei, bring the tea set back to Lin Ruo Yun." This time, Lin Ruo Yin was truly angry, she never thought that she would really be poisoned, this group of people was truly too excessive.

Hong Mei packed up her tea set and rushed to Second Miss's room.

"Miss, we can't just let this matter go like this. Let's go find the Grand Lady to help you seek justice." Lv Yu's face was also filled with anger. When she thought about how Miss almost drank her tea just now, she felt a burst of fear.

Lin Ruo Yin did not plan to tell Grand Lady about this. Firstly, this matter of Lin Ruo Yun poisoning must not be her idea, and even if she did inform him, Lin Ruo Xi would definitely be able to explain it with her clever mouth. This was not what she wanted, and secondly, she did not want to alert him.

"No one is allowed to bring up this matter again." Lin Ruo Yin looked in the direction of Lin Ruo Xi's courtyard. Seems like she was anxious to get rid of him.

Hong Mei came to Lin Ruo Yun's courtyard carrying a tea set. Coincidentally, Lin Ruo Xi was also there, she looked at Hong Mei's calm and composed appearance, and became suspicious. Could it be that the packet of medicinal powder was really not poison?

"My Miss has specifically ordered me to return the tea set. Thank you for your hospitality." Hong Mei took a step back and said as he handed the tea set to Cui Ping.

"Is your Miss doing well?" Lin Ruo Xi still could not hold it in and asked.

Hong Mei pretended not to understand what Lin Ruo Xi was saying, and blinked her eyes and asked: "What does Eldest Miss mean by that?"

It seemed that Lin Ruo Yin was really alright. In her heart, Lin Ruo Xi was thoroughly disappointed, but her face still carried a smile as she said to Hong Mei: "Nothing, I was just asking."

"This servant thanks Eldest Miss on behalf of my family's Miss. My family's Miss is very good. I still have to go back and serve them, so I'll take my leave first. " After Hong Mei finished speaking, she left.

After Hong Mei left, Lin Ruo Xi turned around and asked Lin Ruo Yun, "Are you sure you haven't been discovered?"

Lin Ruo Yun carefully thought back to it and shook her head, "I had already mixed the medicinal powder into the tea leaves earlier and brought them along with me. There were actually no flaws during the entire process of brewing the tea. I even saw her drink tea. How can that be? "

Actually, at that time, Lin Ruo Yun did not see it clearly because she was feeling guilty. After Lin Ruo Yin finished drinking the tea, she had not put down the teacup at all and had been holding it in her hands the entire time. That was because the cup of tea had not been touched at all.

"Miss, Miss, not good." Qing He shouted from outside as she ran in.

Lin Ruo Xi stopped her, "What happened, in such a hurry?"

Qing He stood in front of Lin Ruo Xi, took a deep breath, and waited for him to calm down before saying: "Miss, Third Miss didn't even drink tea, she poured the entire pot of tea on a large tree."

"What?" Lin Ruo Xi's face became gloomy, as though she was furious and glared at Lin Ruo Yun. In her heart, she understood that this Lin Ruo Yin probably knew about the poison in the tea, but how did she know about it? She even specifically asked Hong Mei to come and return the tea set. What was she planning?

Just as Lin Ruo Xi was at a loss for words, a mama came over from First Lady's side. After seeing Lin Ruo Xi, she smiled slightly and said, "Eldest Miss, Madam has invited you."

Lin Ruo Xi was currently fuming, waiting for his mother to find her, she casually asked, "What does his mother mean? If it's not something important, we'll talk about it later. "

"Madam has said that this matter is extremely urgent, so I hope that Eldest Miss will make a trip there immediately." The mama lowered her head, but her tone was unquestionable.

Panic? Lin Ruo Xi seemed to have thought of something, could it be ? Not daring to delay any further, Lin Ruo Xi hurriedly followed the mama.

After Lin Ruo Yun sent away the great Buddha, she finally relaxed and felt her entire body becoming soft. Fortunately, sshe was supported by Cui Ping so he didn't fall to the ground. Looking at the tea set, Lin Ruo Yun's heart palpitated. "Immediately throw the tea set away."

He could not see, nor could he think about peace.

Lin Ruo Xi followed the mama and quickly arrived at First Lady's courtyard. She entered the room without reporting anything. Upon entering, he saw First Lady pacing around the room, looking anxious and worried.

"Mother, your daughter is here." Lin Ruo Xi stepped forward and bowed.

First Lady stopped in her tracks and turned back to look at Lin Ruo Xi. She was about to speak when she glanced at the mama behind her and said: "All of you get down, you are not allowed to enter until you have been summoned."

"Yes." The mama even brought the little person away, not forgetting to close the door behind her.

When the two of them were the only ones left in the room, First Lady did not beat around the bush anymore and took out her makeup and asked: "Did you take the powder inside?"

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