"Mother, what are you talking about? The daughter has never seen it. " Lin Ruo Xi feigned ignorance, thinking that since she did not manage to poison them successfully, she could just treat it as nothing.

First Lady did not think she would let this matter go so easily. She threw her makeup on the ground and shouted angrily, "You think I don't know? Last night, you were the only one who came by and touched the things on my dressing table. If you want Mother to believe you, then you must tell Mother the truth. "

This morning, she noticed that the powder in her makeup had disappeared, and when she thought about her daughter's hesitation last night, she immediately understood, so she quickly had someone send someone to get her.

He had never seen his mother get so angry. The First Lady was always gentle in front of others, and would not be angry like this in private. Lin Ruo Xi felt that the situation was getting serious, and asked tentatively: "Mother, what exactly did you hide in this wallow?"

"Extremely poisonous!" First Lady shook off Lin Ruo Xi's hand, but she felt at ease because of her question, "Fortunately you haven't done anything yet, otherwise, this poison would have been easily discovered even though it is colourless and tasteless. At that time, Grand Lady will not let this go easily. We have already touched this powder before, if we were to investigate it now, there will be nowhere to run. "

After Lin Ruo Xi heard First Lady's words, she had another plan in her heart. But right now, he didn't give her time to think deeply about it, because First Lady extended her hand out to ask her for something, "Give me the powder."

"Mother, how many times do you want me to say it? I really didn't take that powder." Lin Ruo Xi still refused to admit it even if he was beaten to death. Since he could find the traces, wouldn't he still have Lin Ruo Yun, the scapegoat? Besides, wasn't Lin Ruo Yin fine now?

"Pah!" The First Lady was so angry that she directly slapped Lin Ruo Xi, "You're not telling the truth? Ruoxi, this is a matter of life and death, it's not a joke! "

"Mother!" Lin Ruo Xi, who had never been beaten by First Lady before, felt wronged. Her teary eyes looked straight at First Lady, causing him to feel a wave of guilt.

"Forget it, I will not pursue this matter any further. However, daughter, listen to mother's words of advice. You can't do this in the future." You are my mother's precious baby, nothing can happen to you. " First Lady walked up, caressing her red cheeks, and said softly.

Lin Ruo Xi nodded in agreement, but did not give up in the end. On the way back to his room, she had been thinking about what had just occurred to him in his room. Now, she could finally think about it.

This poison was so powerful, she remembered that there was only one pomegranate tree in Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard. Right now, it was the time for the pomegranate seed to bear fruit.

Thinking about it this way, Lin Ruo Xi instructed Qing He, "Tonight, help me go to Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard to secretly pick a pomegranate."

"Miss, you want to eat pomegranate?" Qing He asked suspiciously. She remembered that her Miss didn't really like eating pomegranates.

Lin Ruo Xi did not have time to explain, and continued: "When you have the time in the afternoon, go to the market to buy me another mouse."

This time, Qing He was even more unsure of what Miss was up to, but she still nodded her head in agreement.

The day passed by peacefully. At night, Qing He took advantage of Lin Ruo Yin to pay respects to the Grand Lady and sneaked into the courtyard. After picking a pomegranate, she quickly ran off.

"What are you doing here?" When Qing He who had just walked out of the courtyard heard that there was someone behind him, she initially wanted to ignore him but that person had suddenly appeared in front of her and blocked her path.

"What are you doing here?" The one who asked the question was Xiao Bei, he walked around every night out of habit, and in the past few days, he didn't know why, but he had always walked here. Perhaps it was because he had met him at this time, when she returned to the Grand Lady and her own courtyard.

But tonight, when he had just arrived, he saw a servant girl sneakily entering the courtyard. He was curious and decided to hide, wanting to see what she was up to.

Now that he stood face to face with her, he remembered that she was a servant from Eldest Miss's side, her name was Qing He. And because Qing He was guilty of being a thief, he did not dare to raise his head, so he did not recognize the person in front of him.

"Aren't you Miss Qing He, who was by Eldest Miss's side? Why are you here? " Xiao Bei tried his best to ask in a very relaxed tone. If he did not want to scare them away, he would not be able to find anything.

Seeing that he was recognized, Qing He tightened his grip on the pomegranate in his hand. An idea came to him, and he pretended to be very nervous as he said: "It's ?. It's my Miss, she suddenly wants to eat the pomegranate and wants me to buy it. However, it is already so late. The market outside has already closed up, where can I go to buy it? When I thought about how Third Miss would pick two pomegranate trees here, I guess Third Miss wouldn't mind either. "

Xiao Bei looked at the pomegranate in Qing He's hands, then said: "So that's how it is, then Miss Qing He, you should return quickly, so as to prevent Eldest Miss from waiting too long."

Hearing that, Qing He ran off without looking back.

Xiao Bei, on the other hand, fell into deep thought. What Qing He said might not be true, but it might not be the truth. After all, if Eldest Miss wanted to eat pomegranate, why would she take advantage of Third Miss's visit to pay respects to him before coming here? And sneakily? Even if there was a conflict between the two, shouldn't it be possible for them to snatch a single pomegranate?

Could it be ? Xiao Bei's eyes opened wide, thinking of a certain possibility, he quietly followed Qing He.

Qing He ran all the way back to the courtyard. Because Xiao Bei was familiar with the road, there was no need to follow closely, so she did not notice at all. So when Lin Ruo Xi asked if he was known, Qing He shook her head and decided not to tell.

Lin Ruo Xi nodded, looking at the pomegranate that Qing He brought back, she took a small knife and cut open the fruit, the flesh inside sparkling and translucent, it was extremely beautiful.

"Qing He, go bring the mouse that you bought this afternoon." Lin Ruo Xi said casually. Looking at the pomegranate's flesh, she really couldn't help but taste it.

Qing He obediently brought the mouse over, and Lin Ruo Xi peeled off a lot of small fruits and placed them in front of the mouse. The mouse obviously wouldn't eat the pomegranate, so Lin Ruo Xi let Qing He hold down the mouse and unyieldingly fed it to Yue Yang.

"Miss, what are you doing?" Qing He asked puzzledly, thinking, could it be that Miss did not want to eat it?

Lin Ruo Xi looked at the mouse and said softly, "You'll know soon enough."

Who knew, just as Lin Ruo Xi finished speaking, the mouse would suddenly roll over and fall to the ground, its mouth still spitting white foam. Lin Ruo Xi touched it and found that its body had become stiff.

Facing such a scene, Qing He was rather frightened, and asked stutteringly: "Miss, it ? How could it. "Dead?"

"Now we have to ask Lin Ruo Yin." Lin Ruo Xi picked up half of the pomegranate as a sinister smile appeared on his face. She looked towards Qing He and discovered that her face was pale white. In order to achieve this goal, I can do anything I want. Since you have followed me since you were young, I will give you two choices. One, be my trusted aide, and two, be a servant girl that will never speak. "

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