Qing He was shocked by Lin Ruo Xi's words again, and her face gradually turned ashen. But she was not stupid either. She quickly kneeled down and said to Lin Ruo Xi: "Miss, since Qing He followed you since young, she has always been a part of Miss. He must die a ghost of Miss."

After Lin Ruo Xi heard this, she was very satisfied, but she still told her with a straight face: "If that's the case, then you should train your courage properly. Go, throw this mouse away. "

After Qing He heard this, she was about to leave while carrying the cage.

"Miss..." Qing He did not dare, but seeing Lin Ruo Xi's expression, which showed that there was no room for discussion, she braced herself and closed her eyes, using two fingers to pinch the mouse. She endured the wave of nausea and quickly ran out of the room.

Lin Ruo Xi looked at Qing He's figure and laughed disdainfully, then turned to study the pomegranate again.

When Xiao Bei heard that someone was about to come out from inside, he immediately hid in the shadows. It was only until Qing He ran out of the courtyard that he discovered herself. Regarding everything he had just heard, he felt that what he had heard was the most venomous of women. This Lin Ruo Xi had truly lost all humanity.

Xiao Bei who knew everything couldn't pretend that he knew nothing, and immediately ran back into Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard, coincidentally running into Lin Ruo Yin who was greeting him on her way back from Grand Lady. Without caring about anything else, he went forward to block her path.

"How dare you block Third Miss's way?" Because the sky was too dark, Hong Mei did not see the person clearly, so he scolded loudly.

"Third Miss, please forgive Xiao Bei for his rudeness. It's just that I really have something urgent to discuss with Miss." Xiao Bei respectfully bowed, but his eyes were still neither servile nor overbearing.

Lin Ruo Yin thought back to how he had been rescued by Yue Yang several times before, and felt grateful in his heart. However, when she thought about how he treated her in the pavilion last time, and her attitude towards her, she didn't know why, but she felt uncomfortable in her heart. But she did not act on impulse and allowed Lv Yu and Hong Mei to leave first, while she stayed behind at the courtyard entrance.

"What is it? "Why aren't you avoiding me tonight?" Lin Ruo Yin's words were sharp, even though she didn't understand why she was doing this.

Xiao Bei was obviously stunned by her words, he quickly reacted and said: "Miss is joking, Xiao Bei is a servant of University Hall, how can he have the ability to hide from Miss?"

"You ?" Did he say she was making trouble for no reason?

However, Xiao Bei really didn't have that intention. Seeing that he had angered the Miss again, Xiao Bei frowned, and stood at the same place without moving.

Lin Ruo Yin quickly adjusted herself, she was clueless about her strange temper, seeing that he was standing motionlessly, she slightly turned her body and did not look at him, and asked: "It's so late, why are you looking for me?"

Xiao Bei remembered his main purpose, but he could not say it explicitly. He turned to Lin Ruo Yin and said, "Miss, I heard that Grand Lady is going to visit the temple in two days, isn't Miss having a lot of trouble recently? Why not go with Grand Lady and stay for a few days? It will definitely benefit Miss greatly. "

He didn't rest at night because he wanted to talk to me about this? Lin Ruo Yin turned and stared at him, she really could not understand what he meant, and waved his hand, "You do not have the right to meddle in my matters, go on."

Xiao Bei frowned, seeing that Lin Ruo Yin was about to enter, he quickly added, "Miss, please consider carefully."

Lin Ruo Yin ignored him and entered the room. Xiao Bei saw that she was ignoring his suggestion, and was annoyed. However, that was all he could do. As for whether she could understand it or not, that was another matter. Thinking about it this way, Xiao Bei also relaxed a lot as she turned around and left.

"Miss, what did Xiao Bei say to you?" Lv Yu asked curiously when she saw Lin Ruo Yin return.

However, Lin Ruo Yin did not have any thoughts, she just shook her head, and allowed them to help him bathe. She laid on the bed and thought about what Xiao Bei had said.

He wouldn't come over and tell her these things for no reason at all. Based on the past few times, did he know something? But was it hard to say clearly, so he used such a method to remind her?

Going to the monastery with the Grand Lady to enjoy the fragrance, why? Lin Ruo Yin thought back to the time when Lin Ruo Yun poisoned him, and an idea suddenly popped up in her mind. Could it be that someone in the Palace was trying to harm her? And Xiao Bei came to remind her because he knew?

Thinking up to here, Lin Ruo Yin once again felt that the attitude she had towards him just now, was really too inappropriate. He had come to tell her in good faith, but she had treated him as a donkey's womb.

"Miss, what are you thinking about?" Looking at the happy and worried Miss, Lv Yu could not help but to ask.

Even Hong Mei wanted to know, so she put down what she was doing and walked over to Lv Yu's side and stood still.

Being interrupted by Lv Yu, Lin Ruo Yin stopped thinking about Xiao Bei, and focused entirely on the matter of his. She said to Hong Mei He Lv Yu: "The two of you help me clean up a bit, I want to follow Grand Lady to the monastery."

"Miss, why do you suddenly want to go to the monastery?" Hong Mei felt that this matter was not simple. Otherwise, why would Miss suddenly make such a decision, was it related to the servant from earlier? Although Hong Mei had her own thoughts, she was very smart and didn't ask about it.

Lin Ruo Yin didn't want to say too much and only instructed: "You two don't need to ask too much. Just do what I have to tell you. "Also, you must take extra care in the next two days. Don't let down your guard."

"Yes." Seeing that the Miss did not allow him to ask any further, the two maids tactfully shut their mouths.

Lin Ruo Yin was very satisfied with the two maids and said: "You two clean up too, come with me."

When Lv Yu heard that she could go out, she became very happy. She pulled Hong Mei's arm and said: "That's great, Sister Hong Mei, ever since I came to University Hall, I have not gone out much. Now that's good, I can go out and take a look."

Seeing her excited look, Hong Mei was also infected. To be honest, although she was two years older than Lv Yu, she had never gone out much. He had seen a lot of new things along the way when he followed the Miss to the monastery.

"Well, isn't it just going out? To be so happy? It's getting late, let's hurry back and rest. " Lin Ruo Yin usually did not allow them to stand guard, but seeing that it was already late, she sent them off.

The next two days were fairly peaceful. Lin Ruo Xi and Lin Ruo Yun had never come to look for trouble, Lin Ruo Yin had already told her that she wanted to go with her to the monastery to pray for her father and mother's blessings. When Grand Lady heard this, she thought of her filial piety and agreed.

So when Lin Ruo Xi saw Lin Ruo Yin coming out with her luggage, she could not help but ask: "Where are you going, little sister?"

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