In reply to big sister, Ruoyin mentioned to Ancestor Grandmother two days ago that she wanted to pray for father and mother's blessings. That's why she wanted to follow Ancestor Grandmother to the monastery. When Lin Ruo Yin spoke, she had a gentle and obedient expression, and the words she said out made sense. She had even moved Lin Fu Cheng, who was standing by the side.

"Ruoyin, it's been hard on you." Lin Fu Cheng walked in front of Lin Ruo Yin and held her hand.

Lin Ruo Yin laughed and shook her head, then said: "Father, this is what a daughter should do, how could I dare to say it's hard work."

Grand Lady and Lin Ruo Yin had already departed for the monastery, where Lin Ruo Xi stood by the door and watched as they left in their palanquins, feeling extremely unreconciled. Originally, the Grand Lady was not inside the palace, so it was a great opportunity for him to make a move. But now, she did not expect Lin Ruo Yin to follow him to the temple.

No, she wouldn't give up just like that! Lin Ruo Xi thought like this as she angrily turned around and left.

When they left for the monastery, Xiao Bei followed along as his follower. He had originally thought that such a thing wouldn't even happen to him. However, he never expected that he would actually enter the eyes of the Grand Lady and personally order them. This caused the unwilling old cook to have no other choice.

Looking at Lin Ruo Yin's palanquin in front of him, Xiao Bei felt relieved. Fortunately she understood her words and had really followed the Grand Lady out.

"Hey, I didn't expect you to come too." Lv Yu had met Xiao Bei once, and they had even helped her before, and now that they saw him in the same group, they started to get close to him.

Xiao Bei turned his head to look at her, nodded, and did not say a word.

Lv Yu felt that this person was really uninteresting and curled his lips. Recalling that night when she came to find her Miss, she asked curiously, "What did you say that night when you came to my Miss? Is it something about you going to travel together? "

Seeing that the convoy had left, Xiao Bei indicated for Lv Yu, "Aren't you going to take care of your Miss?"

Only now did he realize that he had fallen behind the rest. Lv Yu quickly ran forward, not forgetting to turn and say to Xiao Bei, "Hey, wait in the temple. I'll come and play with you."

Xiao Bei secretly sighed, and did not respond. However, a follower that came along with his covered his mouth and laughed when he saw that. "This little girl looks pretty good."

"What nonsense are you talking about!" Xiao Bei pushed him, minding his own business and walked forward. The follower only thought he was embarrassed and didn't say anything else.

Not long after, they arrived at their destination. Lin Ruo Yin was originally resting with her eyes closed in the palanquin, and when she felt the palanquin stop, she opened the curtain and asked: "What happened?"

"Miss, we're here." Hong Mei bent her body and leaned towards Lin Ruo Yin and said.

Just as Hong Mei's words fell, Lin Ruo Yin raised her head to take a look. It seemed like she was about to walk up a large hall. Retracting her gaze and arranging her appearance, Lin Ruo Yin got off the palanquin.

"Ancestor Grandmother." The moment Lin Ruo Yin came down, she quickly walked to the front and helped the Grand Lady who had already alighted from the palanquin.

Grand Lady turned her head to look at Lin Ruo Yin, then smiled at her and said: "This Shuiyue Temple and I have been friends for many years, and have a deep understanding of Buddhism. Follow me this time, and listen to it as well."

"Yes, Ancestor Grandmother." Lin Ruo Yin responded softly. Just as she was about to support Grand Lady to walk over, Lan Xiu stopped her. Lin Ruo Yin looked at her doubtfully, and asked: "Senior Sister Lan Xiu, what's wrong?"

"Third Miss, the mountain path is steep, it would be better if I help support Grand Lady, you just need to take care of yourself." As he said that, he took the Grand Lady from Lin Ruo Yin's hands.

Lin Ruo Yin watched the two's figures in a daze, and only when Hong Mei He Lv Yu walked over with a backpack, did she come back to her senses, "Let's go up too."

The mountain road was as steep as Lan Xiu had said it was. Lin Ruo Yin was already panting a little after climbing up the hill, but Grand Lady still looked as calm and composed as ever, causing her face to flush even more red.

"Look at you, you've only walked so little and you're already this tired?" If you had insisted on supporting me, I'm afraid it would have been this old woman who would have taken care of you. " Grand Lady said with a smile as she looked at the Lin Ruo Yin in front of him who had yet to catch her breath.

Lin Ruo Yin felt her face grow hot, and lowered her head to say: "Ancestor Grandmother is right, Ruoyin should train more in the future."

The Grand Lady nodded in satisfaction. At this time, a group of nuns came out from the monastery, led by the head of the hall, the good friends mentioned by the Grand Lady. The other two were her juniors.

"Welcome, Old Madam Lin." The three teacher master s led a group of nuns who clasped their hands together and bowed to welcome him.

Grand Lady smiled and went to help the abbot up, "teacher master doesn't need to be so courteous, I am here to bother you again."

"Amitabha, the guest rooms have been arranged. Please go and rest for a moment. When Sutang is ready, we will go inform everyone. As for the paying respects, it's late today. We'll wait until tomorrow." After teacher master finished speaking, he raised his head and looked at Grand Lady, as if asking her about the arrangements.

The Grand Lady was very satisfied, she nodded and followed them into the Enchantment Hall.

Lv Yu who was walking at the back suddenly walked forward quickly and whispered to Lin Ruo Yin: "Miss, Lv Yu heard that Shuiyue Temple's Sakai is delicious, you have to eat more later."

"What else do you know other than eating?" Lin Ruo Yin poked Lv Yu's head and said with a smile.

Behind Lin Ruo Yin were over 10 servants and followers, all of whom were there to serve this time. When everyone had entered the main hall, little nun took them to their respective rooms.

The Grand Lady lived next to the abbot teacher master, and the rest of them stayed in a room on the other side. Coincidentally, the person who lived next to Lin Ruo Yin was Xiao Bei.

When they left, Xiao Bei was packing up, so he did not see him. Now that she saw him, he was somewhat surprised and asked, "Why are you here too?"

"Miss, you don't know, right? I just saw him. I heard that he was ordered by the Grand Lady. " Lv Yu had already answered for him before Xiao Bei could do anything.

Lin Ruo Yin was slightly dissatisfied with this. She indifferently glanced at Lv Yu, but didn't say anything. However, Hong Mei was the one who noticed the inkling, and pulled Lv Yu inside, "If you have time to chat, quickly take out the Miss items and tidy them up."

"Understood, you're so fierce!" Lv Yu unwillingly packed his things, but in his heart, he was still thinking about the Miss and Xiao Bei outside. What were they talking about?

Outside the room, Xiao Bei was standing three steps away from Lin Ruo Yin with his head lowered. Seeing that the person in front of him had nothing to say, he cupped his hands and asked: "If Third Miss has nothing else to say, I'll go pack up."

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