Lin Ruo Yin stood in place, she did not know whether she should or not. Xiao Bei was a little confused, she raised her head up slightly to take a look, what she saw was Lin Ruo Yin's confused look.

Xiao Bei was startled, and immediately turned around to leave. He did not expect that at this time, Lin Ruo Yin actually opened her mouth, "That night, thank you for specially coming to remind me."

Yes, ever since Lin Ruo Yin found out about his good intentions, she had always been looking for an opportunity to personally thank him. But she couldn't find him in the kitchen, nor could she brazenly go to the servants' room to find him. Seeing him here today, although he felt it was strange, she also felt that it was natural like this.

However, looking at the person standing in the yard with his head lowered, she had a feeling that she had never seen through him. When she saved him, she already felt that he was very mysterious and felt that his face was as if he was wearing a mask.

Time after time, he saved her, letting her know that he was truly not a simple person. Furthermore, she felt that he, who was bowing and scraping, was not the real him. What exactly are you hiding?

"Third Miss has truly saved this little one's life. This little one said that Third Miss was this little one's savior, so ?" Before Xiao Bei could finish his words, he was interrupted by Lin Ruo Yin.

"So you did all this just to repay the debt of gratitude?" Lin Ruo Yin continued from his point of view and asked coldly.

"Yes." A gust of wind blew by, and the hair behind Xiao Bei fluttered in the wind, while his slightly frail body seemed as if it would fall in the next moment. However, he didn't mind at all as he stood resolutely in the wind.

Lin Ruo Yin was not satisfied with Xiao Bei's answer, but she could not pinpoint where she was dissatisfied. However, the faint words that came out of her mouth made her feel a little apprehensive.

"Will you keep doing this?" The moment the words left his mouth, even Lin Ruo Yin herself was shocked. Just what happened?

Xiao Bei also slightly frowned at a place that she couldn't see, and said without changing his tone: "Third Miss is my little mistress, it is perfectly justified for my master to do things."

After hearing that, Lin Ruo Yin laughed, "Since that's the case, you must remember what you said today."

"Xiao Bei will naturally remember this." He raised his head and saw the man's back as he entered the room. His clothes were fluttering in the wind.

After Lin Ruo Yin returned to the house, not long after, the little nun came to report to him that she could go to the cafeteria to enjoy the Su Sai. Lin Ruo Yin also clasped her hands together, politely saluted back and followed little nun's footsteps.

The Main Hall was very quiet, even the rows and rows of little nun s that passed by would not make a sound, allowing Lin Ruo Yin's Heart Mirror of Tranquil Water to calm down a lot. Arriving at the dining hall, she immediately saw the Grand Lady sitting together with the abbot. It was obvious that Grand Lady saw her and called her over.

"Ruoyin greets Grand Lady,." Lin Ruo Yin bowed politely, then sat beside Grand Lady.

teacher master bowed in return, and then he heard Grand Lady say: "teacher master, this is the child that I told you about earlier. How about teacher master take a look at this child?"

Hearing that, the teacher master recited a Buddhist chant, and raised his head to look at Lin Ruo Yin.

Not knowing why, from the moment teacher master raised his head to look at him, Lin Ruo Yin felt that his entire body was uncomfortable, but he didn't know why. After secretly exchanging a glance with teacher master, Lin Ruo Yin turned his gaze away in fear. He felt that teacher master's gaze seemed to be able to see through her, so he couldn't help but lower his head.

"teacher master, how is it?" Seeing that the teacher master did not speak for a long time, the Grand Lady asked somewhat anxiously.

teacher master finally retracted his gaze from Lin Ruo Yin's body. With an amiable expression, he spoke as if he had something in his words, "Amitabha, this old one only gave Miss a sentence. Put down what you should."

After Lin Ruo Yin heard the teacher master's words, his heart was shocked. When she raised her head to face the calm eyes of the teacher master, his heart actually beat wildly, as if someone had found out a secret she was trying to protect with all her might.

However, how could he let it go so easily? How could someone who hadn't experienced it know her pain? The scenes from her previous life were like endless nightmares. Night after night, wandering around her midnight, waking her up from her dream. The only things left were her shame towards her own flesh and blood, and her hatred towards her enemy.

How could she bear to let go of all this?

Lin Ruo Yin, who had unknowingly fallen into the memories of her past life, clenched her fists at her sides. In the eyes of everyone present, an unprecedented hatred burst forth.

"What does teacher master mean by this? Ruoyin, what do you have that you can't let go of? " Grand Lady was clearly interested in what teacher master was saying, and when he turned around, he saw Lin Ruo Yin with her head lowered.

After hearing Grand Lady's words, Lin Ruo Yin lifted her head. In just an instant, she had already suppressed all the thoughts in her heart, and her eyes became gentle again as she smiled and said: "Ancestor Grandmother, teacher master's meaning is that I'm afraid that I haven't put down the cause of my mother's death yet, don't you think so? teacher master? "

This time, Lin Ruo Yin decided to directly meet the teacher master's gaze. Since she had already made up her mind, she would return the humiliation she had suffered in this life. What was there to worry about? She was just a teacher master who could see through everything, that's all. She could not stop the resentment in her heart.

Seemingly sensing Lin Ruo Yin's decisiveness, teacher master sighed in his heart, but he still smiled slightly on the surface. He then turned around and said to Grand Lady, "Miss is right."

Only then did Lin Ruo Yin become completely at ease, and said to Grand Lady gently: "Ancestor Grandmother, don't worry, this grandson only misses mother, I will put it down after a while."

I, Grand Lady, deeply lamented the hardships Lin Ruo Yin had endured since she was young. She patted her hand and said in an amiable manner, "Ruoyin, don't worry. As long as there's a day in Lin Family, no one can hurt you."

This was not the first time Lin Ruo Yin heard this sentence, but every time she heard it, she felt incomparably warm. She slightly leaned into Grand Lady's embrace. Lin Ruo Yin nodded lightly, but closed her eyes in pain.

Lin Family, she will not let you off! Ancestor Grandmother, I'm sorry!

"Amitabha, please enjoy." When the teacher master saw that Su Zai had already been served, he stood up and did not disturb his grandfather and grandson.

When Lin Ruo Yin opened her eyes, she saw that there was already a Su Sai placed on the table. Recalling what Lv Yu had said, she straightened up and asked, "Ancestor Grandmother, I heard that the Su Sai of the Shuiyue Temple is very delicious, is that true?"

"Of course it's real. Try it, if you like it, then eat more." Grand Lady looked at Lin Ruo Yin's innocent appearance, her eyes filled with love.

Hearing that, Lin Ruo Yin really started to eat without restraint. She tasted a little of every dish and felt that every dish had its own special characteristics. She could not help but praise: "Ancestor Grandmother, why are the tofu they made so delicious? I have to go ask them, and when I get back, I'll make it for Ancestor Grandmother. "

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