Hearing Lin Ruo Yin's words, the Grand Lady laughed even harder, "This is my secret recipe, if you want to learn, you have to become my little nun."

"little nun?" Lin Ruo Yin thought for a moment, then said with a smile: "That's not bad, there is no need to worry so much about the secular world.

The person who said it didn't mean it, but the person who heard it did. Grand Lady thought about what happened back at the palace. Too many things had happened after she went back and forth from home, so she hadn't talked about it with Lin Ruo Yin in detail.

"Ruoyin ah, Ancestor Grandmother has something to ask you, you must answer me honestly." Grand Lady's face was solemn, causing Lin Ruo Yin to stop eating and look at her seriously as she nodded.

Grand Lady hesitated for a moment, not knowing what to ask, so she asked, "Ruoyin, have you thought about marrying Crown Prince?"

"Ancestor Grandmother, you're thinking too much. Ruo Yin doesn't want to marry into Crown Prince." Lin Ruo Yin rejected him without even thinking.

"Why?" Grand Lady could not help but feel suspicious when she saw Lin Ruo Yin reject him so quickly, "Among all the women in this world, who doesn't want to marry Crown Prince? Why are you so unwilling? "

Lin Ruo Yin thought for a while, then said: "Ancestor Grandmother, what's so good about being the Crown Prince's concubine? To put it bluntly, the so-called Crown Prince Concubine was like a caged canary. Although they appeared extravagant on the surface, they lost their freedom. Once they entered the Imperial Palace, which was as deep as the sea, the title of Crown Prince's Consort would not be an easy title to take, only Ruo Yin would not want it. "

These words were said by Lin Ruo Yin intentionally, causing the Grand Lady to believe what she had said even more deeply. Grand Lady also believed her words, nodding her head, she continued to ask: "Then what about Third Prince?"

Nan Gong Jin? Hmph, he is my number one enemy. I can't kill him in time, so how can I marry him?

"Return to the Ancestor Grandmother, Ruo Yin isn't willing to marry him either." Lin Ruo Yin said.


Lin Ruo Yin thought about what happened in her previous life, how she had faced the warmth of Grand Lady, and how she had been touched several times and wanted to tell her about what had happened in the past. But she knew she couldn't. These things could only be buried deep in her heart. This was because no one would believe that she was someone who had been resurrected from the dead, and they might even treat her as a strange person. At that time, even the tender affection of the Grand Lady would be lost.

"Ancestor Grandmother, if possible, your granddaughter doesn't want to get involved with the people of the imperial family. However, this was something that my father had decided upon. As the saying goes, 'Parents' and 'matchmakers', I have no other choice. '[Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Actually, as long as Ruoyin could stay by Ancestor Grandmother's side forever and be as carefree and happy as she is today, she would be satisfied for the rest of her life. " Lin Ruo Yin could only say this since she could not speak the truth.

Grand Lady looked at the pair of eyes that had lost its luster, and felt sorry for Lin Ruo Xi, hence she laughed and said: "Silly child, I never thought that you would still have so many things hidden in your heart."

Lin Ruo Yin laughed awkwardly, but did not reply.

"Child, you are too tired from living. These things are pressing down on your heart. If this goes on, I'm afraid you will get sick." The Grand Lady smiled dotingly.

Yet Lin Ruo Yin felt as if she was sitting on pins and needles. She spoke too much today, and started to regret being caught up in the gentleness of the Grand Lady, to the point where she even said things that she shouldn't have said. If she really went back to tell Lin Fu Cheng about this, it would become a huge issue.

"What's wrong?" Grand Lady naturally knew that Lin Ruo Yin was worried that she would make a mistake, so she smiled and comforted him, "Alright, living such a careful life, it makes my heart ache even when I look at you. In the past few days here, I have forgotten about all these matters and have come here to relax. "

"Yes, Ruoyin remembered it." Lin Ruo Yin replied warmly as she watched Grand Lady leave.

Coming out of the cafeteria, the sky had already darkened. Lin Ruo Yin slowly walked back to her room, she saw a big tree with a red ribbon on it, and walked over.

"This is for pilgrims to pray for." An unfamiliar voice sounded from behind him. Lin Ruo Yin turned around, and it was actually the abbot she had met once before.

"Abbot." Lin Ruo Yin slightly lowered his head, treating it as a form of greeting.

The abbot slowly walked in front of Lin Ruo Yin, raised his head and glanced at the large tree, then asked: "I wonder if Miss Lin has any wishes? You can also write it down and hang it on a tree. "

"May I ask Abbot if it can be accomplished?" Lin Ruo Yin asked politely, but he could still hear the provocation in her words.

The abbot teacher master lowered his eyes, placed his palms together, and said: "Amitabha, is Miss Lin not afraid of offending the gods when she says such words in this hall?"

Lin Ruo Yin chuckled, she knew in her heart that teacher master must have realized something, hence she no longer hid her gloomy and cold expression. After being beaten into the cold palace in her previous life, she had prayed day and night for Nan Gong Jin to return as soon as possible. But what did she wait for? What awaited him was the cruel removal of the tendons and muscles of his hands and feet. At that time, she thought that no matter what he did, he would treat her well. As long as she let go of their daughter, his daughter would already be dead.

"If writing down a wish is possible, then I must try." Lin Ruo Yin heard and seemed to be laughing, but when she lifted her face, her eyes were filled with tears.

"Amitabha, you have come to this pure land to dispel this evil fate and to give up on the devil in your heart. Since you are unwilling to let go, then why did Benefactor come here today? " The abbot was not affected by Lin Ruo Yin and was still very calm.

Why here? If it wasn't to protect her life, she wouldn't have come!

"Everything in the world has its own reasons, and there will always be results. Benefactor, your karmic sinflames are wrapped around you. If you don't put it down, I'm afraid you'll harm the people around you." After the abbot finished speaking, he raised his head and looked towards Lin Ruo Yin.

Someone close to him? Who else could be by her side? Hong Mei He Lv Yu?

"Benefactor, right now, perhaps you might not be able to feel it, but if that day really comes, when the person you love falls into hell because of you, I'm afraid it'll be too late." Initially, teacher master didn't want to say too much, but looking at the girl in front of him, it seemed as if evil thoughts were running through his body, and he couldn't help but want to give her a kind reminder.

"My beloved? The teacher master was probably joking. In this life, I do not have a person I love. " After Lin Ruo Yin finished speaking, for some reason, a person suddenly flashed before her eyes. It was a person whose appearance would cause her to be extremely shocked in the depths of her heart.

But even so, Lin Ruo Yin forced herself to calm down, and turned to leave.

"Amitabha, Miss Lin, there will be a day when you meet someone who is destined for you. At that time, I still hope that Miss Lin will cherish it, otherwise, one wrong step would mean death and separation. " If one was able to take that step, then they would be able to live a carefree life. teacher master didn't have the time to say the last sentence out loud, because Lin Ruo Yin's figure was already an hour in the darkness.

In this world, there were too many people who possessed determination. How could she possibly dispel it with just a few words? But even so, she couldn't help but want to talk him out of it.

"Amitabha." teacher master clasped his hands together, and chanted a Buddhist chant towards the direction Lin Ruo Yin left in, shaking her head and leaving.

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