In the morning of the second day, after eating breakfast, Grand Lady would begin to pay respects. Lin Ruo Yin naturally accompanied him on both sides.

"Ruoyin, you will follow me in later to pay your respects. Remember, you must sincerely listen to the three Buddhist scriptures that teacher master recited before you can stand up, understand?" Before the Grand Lady entered the Treasure Hall, she did not forget to remind Lin Ruo Yin that the Grand Lady believed in the Buddha and was deeply afraid that Lin Ruo Yin would be ignorant and offend the Buddha.

But if Grand Lady knew about her conversation with teacher master last night, she would probably die of anger on the spot. Lin Ruo Yin secretly thought, but she still nodded and agreed. Then, she entered with Grand Lady and knelt on the bed.

"Amitabha, please kowtow three times before putting your hands together and closing your eyes." The abbot looked after them softly from the side. After seeing them finish what she said, he walked over to the wooden fish and began to recite the Buddhist scriptures.

"No Amitabha in the south ?"

He couldn't help but open his eyes, which just so happened to meet the eyes of the Golden Body Buddha statue in front of him. For a moment, he was unable to endure it, he hurriedly looked away, and saw the two Arhats who had opened their eyes on both sides, and almost fell to the ground. Luckily, Hong Mei He Lv Yu had been following behind her the entire time.

"Miss, what's wrong?" Hong Mei He Lv Yu quickly supported her up and asked with a mosquito-like voice, not disturbing the others.

Lin Ruo Yin did not hear their words, she only stared at the two of them in a daze, and suddenly remembered what teacher master said to him last night.

"Everything in the world has its own reasons, and there will always be results. Benefactor, your karmic sinflames are wrapped around you. If you don't put it down, I'm afraid you'll harm the people around you."

The people around him! As if he was frightened, Lin Ruo Yin held both of Hong Mei He Lv Yu's hands tightly, and turned around just in time to see teacher master chanting the Buddha Scripture with closed eyes.

"However, if that day truly comes, when the person you love falls into hell because of you, I'm afraid that it would already be too late."

Fall into hell! Will it? Would anyone go to hell because of her? The person's figure seemed to flash in front of his eyes again, Lin Ruo Yin held onto his head, and was in extreme pain.

Why? Why was it that even though he didn't think much of it last night, he was still infinitely magnified here? Lin Ruo Yin couldn't understand. She was clearly the victim, why did he need her to let go?

She did not want to listen, did not want to listen, and did not want to listen. However, it was as if those Buddhist scriptures were deliberately drilling into her ears; no matter how she tried, she could not avoid them.

"Miss, Miss ?" Hong Mei He Lv Yu shouted anxiously. Fortunately, the sound of the scriptures blocked their voices so they did not disturb him.

Just when they didn't know what to do? The abbot suddenly walked to Lin Ruo Yin's side and said to her: "Raise your head and look forward."

Lin Ruo Yin struggled to straighten her body and raised her head. When her gaze met with the Golden Body Buddha statue's eyes, she wanted to escape once again, but teacher master's words rang beside her ears, "Look at Buddha, he is merciful. He will forgive you for all your crimes."

Lin Ruo Yin slowly raised her head and looked at the Buddha statue's eyes. It was no longer as terrifying as before, but looked around again.

"teacher master, was what you said last night true?" Lin Ruo Yin suddenly asked.

teacher master did not give her a definite answer, but instead gave her a mysterious smile, "Amitabha, whether it's true or false, right or wrong, right or wrong, who can say for sure? The poor Ni only hopes that the donor can face his own heart, everything is up to fate, everything is not demanding. Buddha Amitabha, there is no tree in Bodhi, and the mirror is not the mirror. Originally, there was nothing there, so how could there be dust? "

"Bodhi has no tree ?" Lin Ruo Yin followed the last sentence the teacher master read out, and lightly recited it. Although he did not really understand it, his body was not as uncomfortable as before.

Hong Mei He Lv Yu saw that her Miss was alright, she supported her and knelt down, then secretly retreated behind.

This visit lasted for two hours. By the time it was over, Lin Ruo Yin could feel that her knees had lost all feeling.

"How is it? Are you alright? " Grand Lady looked at her uncomfortable actions and asked kindly.

Lin Ruo Yin shook her head and turned to look at the teacher master, thanking him: "Thank you for your guidance, Ruoyin has received your guidance."

teacher master laughed lightly, "Amitabha, you are too kind."

The Grand Lady was puzzled, she looked at Ruoyin, "What happened?"

"I'm fine." Lin Ruo Yin shook his head and chuckled. She had put down some things, such as the unfair treatment in her previous life and the death of her daughter. However, this did not mean that she could let go of her hatred. Those who had hurt her before could not even dream of succeeding in this life.

Just as everyone was about to leave, someone hurried over to report, "Grand Lady, Third Miss, Third Prince has come. She wants to see Third Miss."

Lin Ruo Yin pointed to herself, and asked: "You want to see me?"

"Yes, wait outside now." The man replied.

Lin Ruo Yin couldn't help but frown. She had just mentioned him yesterday and he came today. It was just that she wasn't in the mood to see him right now.

She turned her head to look at the Grand Lady. Seeing that she did not have any intentions to participate, she could not help but guess what she was thinking. Would she tell Lin Fu Cheng that she did not want to marry Nan Gong Jin? Then wouldn't all the plans she had made be in vain?

Thinking about that, Lin Ruo Yin quietly looked back at the statues in the hall, and started to suspect, could it be that everything was fate?

"What's wrong? If you do not wish to see it, then forget it. " Seeing Lin Ruo Yin not saying a word for a long time, the Grand Lady knew what she was thinking and spoke out.

Lin Ruo Yin thought for a moment, then said to the man: "Go and tell Third Prince that I'm here to accompany Grand Lady to enjoy the incense, and this place is a secret hall, it doesn't seem appropriate for Third Prince to come, when he returns in the future, he will personally come to ask for forgiveness."

Nan Gong Jin, who was waiting outside for an answer from the servant, did not react at all. However, the guard who came with Nan Gong Jin was dissatisfied in his heart, and said to the servant: "Impudent, your Third Miss has eaten the guts of a leopard, you actually dare to reject our Third Prince?"

The servant had already been scared out of his wits a long time ago, so he quickly kneeled down and begged for forgiveness, "Don't be angry, third prince. Third Miss said that this is a hall, it's not convenient for third prince to come in.

"Did she really say that?" Nan Gong Jin blocked the guards who wanted to rush in immediately, and asked.

"Yes, everything this lowly one said is true." The attendant was so frightened that his head fell to the ground.

Looking at that servant, Nan Gong Jin thought in his heart. What Lin Ruo Yin had said already gave him enough face, even if he had wanted to barge in previously, it would be impossible.

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