Originally, he came because he heard about her performance in the palace. Looking at it now, it was not a coincidence that this woman could get the appreciation of both Queen and herself. It seemed that he had married the right person this time, and he had to have a good grasp of her.

Originally, Nan Gong Jin was dissatisfied with this marriage, but now, he was satisfied. To him, there was still a lot of time to come, and he was her legitimate fianc? so he had plenty of opportunities to meet his.

Other than accompanying the old lady, Lin Ruo Yin also read books in her room. She would occasionally go out for a walk with Hong Mei and Lv Yu and unknowingly, three days had already passed.

"Miss, this is so boring." Lv Yu pouted and started to complain. In fact, she felt that it was quite fresh when she first came, and would often run over to play with Xiao Bei. However, after getting along with him, she realised that Xiao Bei was just too bored, so she quickly dispelled the idea of looking for him.

"Aren't you excited when you know you're coming? You're the one who's calling me bored. " Hong Mei liked to go against Lv Yu, and liked to watch her especially anxiously. But there was no way to explain it.

Sure enough, Lv Yu became anxious and complained to Hong Mei in a low voice: "Isn't that what people thought they could go to the market. Who knew that ever since we came, we have always lived in this hall. The people we see the most are incense sticks and people."

Lin Ruo Yin turned the book to another page, seemingly not listening to the two of them speak at all. However, the smile on her face, seemed to not be like that. Lv Yu looked at Lin Ruo Yin who was immersed in reading and sighed, as if she was resigned to her fate. She said to Lin Ruo Yin: "Miss, there's no tea left, I will go and make another pot for you."

As soon as he finished speaking, he had already disappeared from sight, leaving Lv Yu with no choice but to look at the book in her hands.

Lv Yu originally wanted to go out and see if there were any interesting little things for sale, but just as she stepped out of the room, she bumped into someone.

Because she bumped into someone, she was so scared that she did not dare to raise her head. She put her hands together and said, "Ah ? Amitabha, you have offended Benefactor. I am truly sorry. "

"Ah, it's fine, it's fine. You don't have to be like this, I was the one who didn't see the road." Lv Yu immediately shook his head and said, seeing that she was still feeling nervous, he changed the topic: "Are you looking for my Miss?"

"Exactly." The little nun lowered her head and asked: "May I ask if Third Miss is here?"

Once Lv Yu heard that she was here to look for her Miss, she quickly went inside to report in. Then, he led her little nun into the house.

After Lin Ruo Yin, who was in the room, heard what Lv Yu had said, she put down the book and walked out.

The little nun bowed towards Lin Ruo Yin, then said: "There is someone outside looking for Miss Lin Ruo Yin."

Looking for me? Lin Ruo Yin really couldn't think of anyone who would come here to find her. She then asked, "Did he say who it was?"

Hearing Lin Ruo Yin's question, little nun's face turned slightly red, which confused the other three. Lv Yu couldn't help but ask: "Young Master, why are you blushing? My Miss is asking you a question. "

"This... That Almsgiver ? "Speak..." The little nun suddenly closed her eyes and chanted a Buddhist mantra, then continued: "Then Benefactor said that he was Miss's fianc?, and said that no matter what, I must meet him today ? to meet the Miss. "

Fianc?? Lin Ruo Yin unhappily frowned when she heard the little nun's words. This Nan Gong Jin, in these past three days, she had rejected him with illness every single time. Why was she still pestering him?

"Hong Mei, follow the young master and tell the third prince that I have not recovered from my illness and that it is not appropriate for me to meet him." After Lin Ruo Yin finished speaking, she entered the room and continued to read her books.

Hong Mei gestured a "please" to little nun and the two of them went out of the house together. Lv Yu looked at his surroundings, and realized that she was the only one who was still standing there foolishly in her original position. She thought for a moment, but still followed her into the room.

Without the existence of Lin Ruo Yin, the University Hall seemed to be much calmer, but under this appearance of peace, an even bigger conspiracy was quietly occurring.

"How many days has Grand Lady been there?" Lin Ruo Xi and Qing He were walking in the garden, seemingly asking casually, but in truth, they already had a plan.

Qing He calculated the date and then answered: "Three days have already passed since they returned to Miss. This is the fourth day."

Lin Ruo Xi exclaimed in her heart, looks like my plan is about to begin. Thinking about this, Lin Ruo Xi told Qing He to find Lin Ruo Yun's personal maid, Cui Ping, and she went back to her room first.

Not long after, Qing He returned with Cui Ping. When Cui Ping saw Lin Ruo Xi, he immediately knelt down, "Cui Ping greets Eldest Miss."

Lin Ruo Xi did not answer immediately, but raised the cup of tea, opened the lid and touched the tea leaves in the cup, after drinking a mouthful, she looked at the person kneeling at her feet and asked: Cui Ping, how long have you been in University Hall?

Cui Ping didn't look up, and replied softly. "It has already been thirteen years since I returned to the Eldest Miss."

Thirteen years? Has it been so long? Lin Ruo Xi silently asked herself in her heart. That's right, she was no longer that little girl from back then, and everything had changed. She only hoped that this Cui Ping who was in front of him hadn't changed.

"Cui Ping, do you still remember how you entered the Palace all those years ago?" Lin Ruo Xi bent down and helped her up so she could stand and talk.

Cui Ping nodded, thinking back to the past, she could not hold back her tears, and looked at Lin Ruo Xi gratefully.

Thirteen years ago, Lin Ruo Xi was still an innocent little girl, but she and Qing He had grown up together, and they were as intimate as sisters. When Lin Ruo Xi was young, she was extremely fond of fun, and had always wanted to go out. In the end, when it was finally the day Lin Fu Cheng went to work somewhere else, she brought Qing He out of the house through a wall and onto the main street.

The two girls had never been out on the streets before, so they were naturally very curious about everything. They didn't know that shopping was about paying, and they didn't have a single cent on them.

"What are you doing?" Let me go! " Lin Ruo Xi said loudly to the man who suddenly grabbed him. This person actually dared to use such a dirty hand to touch her. How disgusting.

He pointed at Lin Ruo Xi and Qing He, and said sinisterly: "I really did not think that you two little girls, who are dressed in all aspects, would actually buy things and not pay."

"What money?" Let go of me. Be careful that I don't tell my father ? "Ahhh!" Before Lin Ruo Xi could finish his words, he was pulled back by him and was about to get hit with his other hand.

Lin Ruo Xi knew what was going to happen next, so she simply closed her eyes. However, the anticipated pain did not come, and when she opened her eyes, she saw a man grabbing onto the hand that was held up high, and with a slight force, he released the hand that was holding Lin Ruo Xi. She immediately pulled Qing He and hid behind the man.

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