"Scram!" The man roared and the seller hurried away.

Lin Ruo Xi had idolized heroes since she was young, and seeing that the person had easily chased him away, she felt that she was extremely powerful, so she immediately thanked him.

The man then turned to look at Lin Ruo Xi and Qing He, and chuckled: "So it's two little girls, don't you know that you have to pay for things with money?"

"Silver?" Lin Ruo Xi expressed her confusion.

That person took out some crushed silver from his sleeve and waved it in front of them. "This is it. You guys don't know?"

Lin Ruo Xi and Qing He looked at each other and shook their heads at the same time.

"So, this is your first time going out, right?" "How can I eat without money?" That person patted their heads in a kind manner, "I'll treat you guys to a meal."

Perhaps it was because this man had saved her, but in Lin Ruo Xi's heart, he was a good person. Thus, he nodded and agreed to follow him.

The two little girls followed the man into a restaurant. After eating a huge meal, they discovered that their heads were dizzy. Then, they saw the man opposite them smiling evilly at them.

"Qing He..." Before Lin Ruo Xi lost her consciousness, she called for the servant by her side, only to realize that the person beside him had already fainted.

When Lin Ruo Xi woke up, she found herself locked in a small room. Besides Qing He, there was another girl by her side.

"Where is this place?" "Who are you?" Lin Ruo Xi looked around and suddenly realized something. She quickly crawled up and tried to run out, but found that the door was locked from the outside. She ran to the window and found that it was also locked.

"Open the door! Open the door! Quickly open the door and let me out!" Lin Ruo Xi slapped on the door and windows with all her might, but no one paid attention to her.

At this time, the strange girl weakly said, "It's useless. We have already been sold in. They won't let us go."

"Selling? "What do you mean?" Qing He had also woken up, and hearing these words, she was extremely shocked. Raising her head to look at her own Miss, he asked fearfully, "Miss, what does she mean by that?"

Lin Ruo Xi did not know either, so she asked the little girl to clarify with her.

"I was tricked by a man and then sold in here. It has already been two days, and today I saw him bring you two here. I'm afraid you guys were also tricked and then sold in here." the girl whispered.

Lin Ruo Xi was suddenly furious, but she knew that it was useless to be angry now. At this time, a woman came in from the outside. She was dressed beautifully as she looked at the three girls and said, "Not bad, they are all pretty good. They will sell for a lot when they are properly groomed."

"Who are you? Do you know who my father is? If he knew that you had locked me up, he would definitely not easily bypass you. " Lin Ruo Xi felt that it was very dangerous, regardless of whether or not he escaped, if his father found out, he would definitely be punished, and he wanted to reveal his identity.

"I don't care who your father is, I'm not your mother. At this point, you should listen to me. " The woman walked away, leaving a few of the burly men to watch them.

Lin Ruo Xi wanted to rush out, but she was stopped. Later on, she realized that they had been sold to a brothel and had tried everything they could to escape. In the end, they had all been caught and beaten half to death.

"It was from that time on that I said to myself that I must be strong enough, that I must have the power to protect myself." Lin Ruo Xi pulled back from her memories and looked at Cui Ping, "Do you still remember how we escaped?"

Cui Ping naturally remembered, if not for Lin Ruo Xi, she would have died a long time ago.

"I, Cui Ping, will engrave the great kindness that the Eldest Miss has shown in my heart. Back then, if not for Eldest Miss hiding the crime of murder for me, I m afraid that Cui Ping would already be dead. " Yes, that year when they were escaping, Cui Ping killed a person with a vase in her panic, while the authorities were still holding him accountable. Lin Ruo Xi had perjured her and saved her life. She even brought her home and named her Cui Ping.

Lin Ruo Xi raised her eyebrows slightly, "Don't tell me you still remember."

"No, Cui Ping has always remembered the kindness of the Eldest Miss, and will be used by him all her life." Cui Ping quickly kneeled on the ground to show her loyalty.

Lin Ruo Xi wanted to hear these exact words, so she pointed out the two pomegranates Qing He had prepared earlier, "The one on the left is non-toxic, the one on the right is poisonous. I want you to send it to Shuiyue Temple, do you understand what I mean?"

Cui Ping was not stupid, furthermore, she had been by Lin Ruo Xi's side ever since she had entered the University Hall. After that, Lin Ruo Xi sent her to her side to be a spy, so she knew that Lin Ruo Xi's ambitions were huge.

"Don't worry Eldest Miss, Cui Ping understands." Cui Ping swept a glance over the pomegranate. After remembering which one was poisonous and which was not, she lowered her head.

Seeing her calm expression, Lin Ruo Xi felt it was a little strange. Without beating around the bush, he directly asked, "Logically speaking, if this kind of thing were to be discovered, it would be a death sentence. Why can't you agree to it without thinking, could it be that you're not afraid of death?"

Cui Ping naturally knew that Lin Ruo Xi would not easily believe her, so when she asked that question, Cui Ping immediately raised her head and looked straight into Lin Ruo Xi's eyes, and said without the slightest hesitation: "Has Eldest Miss forgotten? Thirteen years ago, Cui Ping was already a dead man, so to Cui Ping, if she died, it would only make thirteen more years. "

Lin Ruo Xi knew that she was not lying and looked at her with praise. "Then, you can go.

Cui Ping then picked up the tray and slowly retreated.

Shuiyue Temple wasn't too far away from University Hall, so it was already time for Cui Ping to announce her arrival. Coincidentally, Grand Lady woke up after taking an afternoon nap, so there was still some time until dinner.

After Cui Ping entered the Shuiyue Temple, she gave the poisonous pomegranate to one of the little nun and requested very amiably: "Young master, there are two pomegranates here, they are for our Grand Lady and our family, but I'm afraid that it won't feel good if I delay it any further. Can you help me send them over to our Third Miss?"

This little nun was indeed the little nun that she had met before. When she heard that they were going to find Lin Ruo Yin, she very happily agreed to it, "Benefactor, please rest assured that I will definitely deliver it."

"Then thank you, Young Master. Quickly send it over, don't make my Third Miss anxious." After Cui Ping finished speaking, he slightly nodded his head in thanks.

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