Steward Mammy naturally did not expect Lin Ruo Yin to make such a move, and after a moment of silence, she followed First Lady's instructions and sent Lin Ruo Yin here to practice his etiquette.

To put it nicely, it was to let Lin Ruo Yin understand the etiquette. However, in reality, she was just a wild girl who came from the countryside, she definitely did not have any manners. She was afraid that she would embarrass University Hall, not to mention that First Lady had thoughts of punishing her.

But if these Steward Mammy knew, how could they say? Lin Ruo Yin was still a Miss no matter how unfavoured she was, even if she was only a beggar girl who had been thrown into the countryside since she was young.

She could only take a step back and said anxiously, "Miss is overthinking things, but there are many ways to be polite to the imperial city, and First Lady's actions are also just to make the Miss more used to life in the imperial city."

This kind of words might have some effect on Lin Ruo Yin in her previous life, but once upon a time, she was only a step away from standing at the peak of the imperial harem, she was just a dignified beautiful words for Lin Ruo Yin who wielded the Phoenix Seal.

Lin Ruo Yin slightly nodded her head, and a gentle and beautiful smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, "What mama said is, Ruoyin was reckless. Since it was requested by the First Lady, Ruoyin can just do it."

Hearing Lin Ruo Yin's words, Steward Mammy didn't know what Lin Ruo Yin wanted to do for a moment, so she could only nod her head and agree as she led Lin Ruo Yin into the courtyard.

The moment Lin Ruo Yin stepped into the courtyard, he couldn't help but sneer in her heart. This courtyard was the most beautiful one outside of University Hall, it was enough to make a country bumpkin girl dumbstruck. First Lady's actions were just to scare her.

Lin Ruo Yin, on the other hand, merely gave a meaningful look. There was not a single trace of amazement in her eyes, and as she continued to assist Nan Gong Jin in walking towards the throne, her status naturally became higher and higher. Moreover, this was not her first time here.

When Steward Mammy saw Lin Ruo Yin's expression, his heart shivered, but what was even more surprised was actually some of the servants in the courtyard. Although Lin Ruo Yin had followed Steward Mammy in, her posture was extremely elegant, even though she was wearing coarse hemp clothes that even normal maids would not look at, the noble aura that came out from his bones was enough to frighten everyone.

"Is this the Third Miss? She's really pretty. Although she grew up in the countryside, the temperament of her bones really has the air of a Miss. "

"Yeah, this Miss is just a Miss. The noble energy in her bones can't be stopped, it's just that she's a bit too thin ?"

"This body looks pretty good, but compared to the Eldest Miss, it's far inferior!" At this moment, a more experienced wet nurse started to boast about Lin Ruo Xi, afraid that others would not know that she had been transferred here from the main house.

"Third Miss just came back ?" A few servant girls who had never been to the main house could not help but agree softly, but did not dare to refute. After all, Lin Ruo Xi had always been a beautiful woman.

Lin Ruo Yin listened quietly but did not say a word. She thought that in her previous life, when she was walking down this long corridor, she had also received a lot of ridicule and ridicule. She might even feel sad about this.

With Lin Ruo Yin's standard of etiquette, a mere mama from a mere academic palace naturally didn't have anything to teach her. This was equivalent to giving the First Lady a ruthless slap on the face.

And at this time, Steward Mammy also understood the meaning behind Lin Ruo Yin's question before she entered the courtyard. If Lin Ruo Yin was truly vulgar and did not allow others to see him, this teaching was reasonable, but Lin Ruo Yin's manners were even more standard than that of a courtesy mama. This was rather unjustifiable, no matter how you looked at it, it seemed like was deliberately making things difficult for them.

If word of this got out, the dignified lady of the Scholar's Manor would actually make things difficult for the Shu girl ? The Steward Mammy became anxious and hurriedly got ready to take Lin Ruo Yin back to the main house after the nanny said goodbye.

Even though she was teaching him, she had the feeling of being taught a lesson. Furthermore, even if she made a small mistake, Lin Ruo Yin would very politely point it out, and this would cause her to feel embarrassed.

However, Lin Ruo Yin still smiled indifferently, and said with an earnest expression on her face, "Ruoyin needs to practice more if she feels that she's lacking. If mama is anxious, please head back to the main house."

When the Steward Mammy heard his, he knew that it was bad. This Lin Ruo Yin had made up his mind to let the people of the imperial city know that the First Lady was deliberately making things difficult for her.

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