Why did she want little nun to send her off instead of going there personally? It was because she was a servant by Lin Ruo Yun's side that they would be suspicious and refuse to eat her. Furthermore, the little nun did not know who she was. Even if they asked, they would only say that she was a servant of the University Hall, and would not guess that she was the culprit, so the possibility of them eating him was higher.

Cui Ping thought as she slowly walked into the room of the Grand Lady.

"Senior Lan Xiu, my Miss has sent a servant to send you a pomegranate." Cui Ping walked into the courtyard of the Grand Lady and said with his head lowered when he saw Lan Xiu guarding outside the door.

Lan Xiu looked at the pomegranate in Cui Ping's hand and thought that Grand Lady indeed liked it, but since this was the freshest time of the pomegranate, she decided to give the news.

Not long after, Lan Xiu came out and led Cui Ping into the house.

"This servant greets Grand Lady." Cui Ping held the pomegranate body, looking extremely respectful.

Grand Lady saw the pomegranate that was already opened, the fruit inside was sparkling and translucent, her mood was extremely good, she got Cui Ping to stand up and said: "Your Miss is interested."

"Grand Lady has always doted on you. "Knowing that you like to eat, I picked up this pomegranate and sent a servant here to deliver it to you." Cui Ping then placed the pomegranate on the table and retreated to the back.

When the Grand Lady heard Cui Ping's words, her heart felt even sweeter than if she had eaten a pomegranate. Thinking that Lin Ruo Yin was also in the monastery, she took out half of the fruit and said to Lan Xiu, "Go and send it over to Ruoyin."

"Grand Lady, you have always liked pomegranates. Why don't you keep them and eat them yourself? There will always be a chance when we return to the manor." Lan Xiu said.

She knew how much Grand Lady liked eating pomegranates, but to think that she would have to save half of it. It was enough to tell that she truly liked Third Miss.

"It's precisely because we still have more to go back to the mansion that I got you to send them to her." The Grand Lady said, and gave the other half pomegranate to Yue Yang, wanting her to go quickly, lest he regretted it.

Cui Ping interrupted and said: "Reporting to Grand Lady, Miss has also prepared a copy for you, I have already asked the little master in the temple to send it over."

"Oh?" With regards to this point, Grand Lady was slightly surprised. The two of them were incompatible like water and fire, Ruoyun was actually able to think of Ruoyin?

Cui Ping nodded as she explained, "Miss said that she's already realized her previous mistakes. As a big sister, she shouldn't be making trouble for her little sister, she should be taking good care of her little sister. Miss has also said that she hopes Grand Lady can act as a mediator and make peace with Third Miss through this matter. "

These words really reached the heart of Grand Lady, and she could not help but smile, and said to Cui Ping and Lan Xiu: "Alright, now this is the demeanor that Lin Family should have."

"That's because Grand Lady taught us well." Lan Xiu hurriedly added, to the point that Grand Lady was once again beaming with joy.

Only then did Grand Lady pick up half a pomegranate in one hand, her other hand was about to peel a fruit, but she suddenly seemed to have thought of something, and said to Lan Xiu: "Why aren't the pastries ready? "Hurry up and hurry up, this pomegranate with cake is the most delicious."

Lan Xiu nodded, then turned and left. Not long after walking out of the courtyard, she met Xiao Bei who had come to deliver the pastries. She could not help but urge: "Hurry up, Grand Lady is waiting for the pastries with the pomegranate."

Pomegranate? When Xiao Bei heard these two words, he couldn't help but think of the mouse that Lin Ruo Xi saw before. He was a little worried, so he asked, "May I ask where Senior Lan Xiu got the pomegranate from?"

Lan Xiu thought that Xiao Bei was just curious and did not really care, so she said: "The Second Family sent this here by a servant who was lacking a lot."

After Xiao Bei finished listening, he frowned in thought. Why was it the Second Miss, not the Eldest Miss? Then, thinking about it, he suddenly understood. He was extremely worried and asked: "Grandma Lan Xiu, did you only send that servant girl over to Grand Lady?"

"Of course there's still the Third Miss. That girl said that the Second Miss wants to use this matter to get the Grand Lady to act as a middleman so that they can reconcile. You don't know how happy Grand Lady was after hearing it. Hey, Xiao Bei, you ? " Lan Xiu looked at Xiao Bei who had suddenly stuffed the pastries back to him, and quickly ran forward, puzzled.

What was going on? What was so urgent? Thinking that something was going to happen, he quickly chased after them.

Xiao Bei ran all the way into the courtyard of Grand Lady, without waiting for the time to notify anyone, he rushed inside, forcefully pushing open the door, seeing that Grand Lady was about to eat the pomegranate, he anxiously shouted: "Grand Lady, please wait!"

Hearing the voice, the Grand Lady looked up in displeasure. Seeing that Xiao Bei had suddenly barged in without any manners, he immediately scolded: "Xiao Bei, you are too disrespectful, too presumptuous!"

Xiao Bei acted as if he did not hear Grand Lady's words, and ran over to snatch the pomegranate from Grand Lady's hands, and said anxiously: "Grand Lady, this pomegranate cannot be eaten, it is poisonous."

When these words came out, Grand Lady and Cui Ping were stunned. Grand Lady was shocked by his words, but how did Cui Ping know that the pomegranate was poisonous? But when she thought about it again, there was no poison in Grand Lady's pomegranate, so she calmed down.

"How can you speak nonsense? My Miss kindly gave my Grand Lady a pomegranate. How can you say that it is poisonous? This has ruined my Miss's reputation, can you even take responsibility for it? " Cui Ping pointed at Xiao Bei and said sternly, with a sense of injustice for his own Miss.

After Cui Ping's reminder, Grand Lady also reacted, this was a slander! Although she knew that Xiao Bei was not that kind of person, she believed that Lin Ruo Yun was not that bold to actually come and poison her, and so she called for the people outside, "Capture Xiao Bei for me."

Xiao Bei saw that the person who had entered had caught himself, and did not try to resist. Instead, he took the opportunity to kneel down, and anxiously said to Grand Lady: "Grand Lady, I know that you will not believe what this lowly one has said, but I hope that you can go and take a look at Third Miss. If you are too late, it will be too late."

When the Grand Lady heard him say Lin Ruo Yin, she immediately stopped and asked: "What do you mean by that? "Tell me clearly."

"Grand Lady, this person is simply anxious and kind, you can't listen to his nonsense." Cui Ping also knelt down, she felt that this man must know something, the moment he speaks, Eldest Miss's plan would be over.

However, Grand Lady extended her hand out to stop Cui Ping, and said to Xiao Bei: "Tell me, I want to hear what you have to say."

The person released Xiao Bei and was chased out of the Grand Lady. Xiao Bei saw that there was only Grand Lady in the room and that he still had a servant girl, so he started to speak: "I saw someone pick the pomegranate in Third Miss's courtyard and feed it to the mouse, then the mouse died from spitting white foam. When this lowly one found out that the Second Miss had found someone to send a pomegranate to him, I felt that it was strange. For the sake of safety, I ask the Grand Lady to believe this lowly one's words. "

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